The Society

The Society

by G. J. Winters

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The Society by G. J. Winters

From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Soulyte, The Magaram Legends, Requiem for a Dream, The Night Sculptor, and Children of Time, now brings you, Children of Two Futures....

The adventure that is unravelling the mystery...

The mysterious organization, the prime mover behind many of the world's events, has been revealed as the Society for Social Advancement.

With time running out, Kenneth, Savannah and Unquill seek to discover the Society's true motives in the 73rd century. To do so, Unquill must come face to face with his own tragic past. Meanwhile, the mysterious man named Hinjo Junta, the man future history says will destroy the whole of humanity, makes his first appearance.

Events are coming to a head in Children of Two Futures Book 4: The Society.

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"...So far, they have tried to destabilize a number of areas throughout the world. They have been largely unsuccessful, thanks to you two.”

Kenneth then remembered what it had felt like to be stuck in the quarters of a submarine doing battle. He had felt helpless. He had never really known if it all was really over until someone came into the room to tell him so. He said to Daston, “They're gearing up for war, aren't they?”

“According to Kaloa's research into the Society, all they need is to do is to kill or capture you both, so as to limit your ability to change the future. This is what they have been trying to do ever since you left Alexandria. There was a failed abduction attempt at an airport, a failed plane hijacking, a bomb exploding in Heracleion, an attack upon your submarine. They'll try again, if they think the time is right. If they do manage to kill you, the original timeline will become the true one.

“I fear I must tell you something now which you may not wish to hear. They will come after you, and they will keep coming after you. They won't let up for a moment until they achieve their objective. All you need to do is survive...."

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About the Author

G.J. Winters “fell into” writing when a well-meaning teacher of his submitted his Creative Writing assignment for publication in the school paper. The local paper picked up the article and asked G.J. for publishing rights, to which the young G.J. agreed with some hesitation, as he felt “that wasn’t one of my best writings at the time.” The reality was that this article was written when G.J. was a junior in high school.
The article, which was a fictionalized version of a local myth surrounding a famous abandoned house near a swamp, was an assignment turned in as part of a mid-term exam. The teacher, Miss Mendez, thought G.J.’s writing was “exemplary” and showed “natural, raw writing talent for a person his age." The assignment called for “providing details to a local urban myth – provide background, using a local resident’s POV, and close with a vague hint of authenticity and realism."
The story, entitled “The Old Mansion by the Swamp,” appeared in the high school paper as a short story, but was later serialized in the local paper in 6 parts. G.J. added more characters and even a sub-story (which later became a story of its own, “I Was Shirley Massey” – a story which centered on a member of the fictional family who resided in the Massey Mansion in the late 70s and disappeared without a trace).
With the success of both of his original series, G.J. thought to venture into writing longer stories, this time with futuristic themes, as he has always been fascinated with travelling through time, future crimes, apocalyptic themes, and stories set in civilizations from the future.
G.J. identifies with sci-fi writers such as Isaac Asimov (“Kept me awake through most evenings in college.”) and Margaret Peterson Haddix (“My girlfriend at the time had fits of jealousy over my fanatical tendencies towards this author.”).
G.J. holds a degree in Chemistry, is an intern at the R&D division of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, and lives with girlfriend Deidre, a magazine editor.

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