The Sodbreakers: People Who Lived and Died Settling the West

The Sodbreakers: People Who Lived and Died Settling the West


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ISBN-13: 9781974162338
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/07/2017
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 792,551
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About the Author

Edith Eudora Ammons Kohl is the talented author who wrote "Land of the Burnt Thigh," "The Sodbreakers," "Woman of the Cavalcade." "Denver's Historic Mansions," and "Denver's First Christmas." Make no mistake about it ... Edith Kohl's writings are truly priceless, historic documents.

Edith Kohl was a young, relatively small lady, slightly more than five feet tall. She was only 23, frail, and in poor health when she and her little sister, Ida Mary, set out by themselves to join other heroic men, women and children to help settle America's wild, unchartered West. What they expected to be a great, exciting adventure certainly was ... but what they encountered was much, much more than they could ever have imagined! They had no way of knowing the many, extreme hardships, challenges and dangers awaiting them and the other heroic homesteaders.
That is what Edith Kohl writes about so skillfully for us in each of the three books she wrote. In addition to her writing achievements, Edith Kohl was quite an extraordinary individual who accomplished several other notable things in her life. She was a "Homesteader" herself; a feature writer for the Denver Post from 1929 until 1954; established a number of U.S. Post Offices; started several newspapers in Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming; was instrumental in negotiating and settling several serious disputes among cattlemen, farmers and American Indians; and more. In fact, Edith was under contract with MGM for the movie rights to her first book, "Land of the Burnt Thigh" which was originally published by Funk and Wagnalls in 1938. With Edith's death in 1959, no movie was made.

As you can appreciate, Edith Eudora Ammons Kohl was quite a remarkable lady. She was highly-intelligent, courageous and hard-working, but it was her reputation for fairness and honesty that earned her the respect and admiration of all who encountered her ... including high-level government officials and politicians. Those who had the good fortune to meet Edith could never forget her ... and neither will you ... once you finish reading her books.

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