The Soft Edge of Midnight

The Soft Edge of Midnight

by Stella and Audra Price


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Karsten Morris is different. As a member of The Agency he's one of their most successful operatives, always claming its luck that brings him through.
It's true enough, as a stallion unicorn in full control of his powers, luck is the least of what he's got going for himself. An old race from The Glimmer,
he's been cut off from his realm and has lost all hope of ever going home,
or finding a mate, an elusive and possibly extinct mare unicorn.

Illori Swain is starting a new life. After a horrific ordeal in Africa, being the personal good luck charm for a rogue Fallen Angel, she's determined to put the past behind her and start over, even forget about her own nature if needed. As the last female unicorn left in the worlds, shes resigned herself to the fate her sisters choose. Until one fateful day in Glasgow.

Karsten recognizes the mate he thought he'd never find and Illori hopes for a future with foals and love. But nothing is ever cut and dry.

Sammael, a Fallen Angel and hunter for Lucifer, is charged with finding and dispensing with the Mare unicorn. Lucifer isn't so forgiving these days,
and Sammael is already on thin ice, but when the hunter finds out there's some competition coming from the bowels of hell, his plans have to change.

Nybras, Devil of the Maze and Keeper of the Pleasures of Hell is unsatisfied with his role in the mess of things below. When he hears of the new mission Sam is charged with, he takes action.

When Nybras gets his hands on Illori, Karsten and Sammael have to create an uneasy partnership in order to save the girl and neutralize the threat to their respective ways of life. It won't be easy, but when is anything ever worth it easy?

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ISBN-13: 9781515217060
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/15/2015
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.72(d)

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The Soft Edge Of Midnight [Keepers Of Twilight] 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
jjmachshev on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I was quickly swept up into the authors' world of unicorns, angels, devils, withces, fae, demons, hunters, and humans. There was lovemaking, sex, and F&*#ing. The good guys were good (but not too good), the bad guys were very bad, sorta bad, and maybe not quite so bad. There was the epic battle of good vs evil, love vs hate, and heaven vs hell. Who won? Well...for this round at least, the good guys (and gals). I gulped this book down in one sitting and at the end, I was ready to read more about some of the secondary characters and other characters that were only obliquely referred to throughout this book. I'll definately be looking for the next by these authors.Illori is a female unicorn. She spent the last thousand years as the captive of an evil one when all she wanted to do was find a way home to Glimmer, mate with a stallion unicorn, and have baby foals. There were already so few unicorns before she was captured and now she's sure she is the last one on Earth.Karsten is a stallion unicorn (and a hot one at that). He was trapped on this side of the Veil when Glimmer was separated from Earth. He never found a mate through his hundreds of years, and now he's sure he's the last unicorn on Earth.When these two meet, it's an instant attraction; and not just because they're the only two unicorns they know of. Is it possible they are true mates? Before they can find out, they'll have to battle the creatures of dark who would literally kill to have their own pet unicorn. My only criticism of this book is that I wish the authors' had a bit more on the hero/heroine relationship. The bad guys had way more sex than the lead characters. Does this mean sex is bad? The interaction between the romantic leads just needed a little more feeling and heat IMHO. Did it stop my enjoyment of the story? Heck no...I devoured this book and will be looking for the next. I can't wait to see what Sammael gets up to next!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I read The Soft Edge of Midnight, I had been looking for books that dont disappoint and that really gave me something new to sink my teeth into. I found it. I absolutely LOVE this book! Not even Mary Jo Putney can do Unicorns better, and I'm hard pressed to wait for the next one. Hopefully there is one. Sammael is a fantastic character that I can only hope the sisters have more in store for!