The Song Of My Father - Arario -: Beauty! Beautiful! Beautiful Place!

The Song Of My Father - Arario -: Beauty! Beautiful! Beautiful Place!

by Chang B. Woo


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*This script-novel is based on a true story!

In the year of 1943 when the WWII was going on, the young people of WWII-participating-nations faced the extreme situations of the war, whether it was one's own will or other's will.

What was the honor that they pursued?
"A Question of Honor"

The events that would not have occurred if there was no war: the young people had to kill their enemies for the benefits of their country and their lives.

What kinds of ideologies in this world can be more sublime than life?

*This novel is about 3,000 Korean men, who were forcefully dragged into River Kwai's construction site in Thailand, during the World War II; moreover, they were in charge of translating between the Japanese soldiers and the Allied Forces Prisoners of War. Also, they were supervising the prisoners. This supervision of the prisoners led them to be the war criminals after the war; therefore, there were 23 Korean men who were sentenced to death. This novel is based on these men's true stories while it is a dramatized Script-novel plot.

This book also contains "Comfort Women's stroy."
During World War II, over 200,000 Asian women were captured by Japanese army and tortured as sex slaves. We must tell the story. This is a true story.

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ISBN-13: 9781477694398
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/30/2012
Pages: 392
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About the Author

Chang B. Woo
•Work History: Commercial Film, Music Video, Film
•Job Categories: Film Producer, Director, Writer.
Performer Profile
•Gender: Male
•Date of birth: March, 18th, 1964
•LMI Pictures, Inc. (CEO)
California, USA
THE SONG OF MY FATHER (2013)-Director / Writer
Raibon(2014)-Director & Writer

•Seoul High School / Hankook University Of Foreign Studies, BA, Seoul, Korea, 1989

•Korea Broadcasting Advertising Committee Organiztion , Seoul, Korea, Planning & Directing , 1989
•FOCUS / Wooinbang Production / LUX MUNDI, INC. , Seoul, Korea / California, USA , Director & Writer

•89.3 FOCUS PRODUCTION Producer / Director 91~94 Debut: Commercial Film Director Established Woo-In-Bang Communication Inc. 94~2003 Awarded a copper medal in South Korean Industrial Video Prize Commercial Film Produced 100 Commercials 2003 Enrolled in Writer's Guild of America (WGA) Copyrighted regarding Raibon 2004 Founded a film production company, Lux mundi Inc. in America 2006 Enrolled in Writer's Guild of America (WGA) - Copyrighted regarding "Tears On The River Kwaii" 2009, 2012 Currently producing "The Song Of My Father - Arario -"
•Major Works (As Director) Hyundai: Commercial Films, including Tiburon, Avante, Grandeur, Pro Accent, and GETZ. Hankook Tire: Commercial Films, including Black Bird, Optimo Gold, and Nordic. Esquire: Commercial Films, inducing series of Young Age, featuring Park Sang Won. Cosmetic: Commercial Films, including series of Nice, featuring Yi Seung Yeun. Companies: PR (20 works), including SKC (3min) , Hynix Semiconductor (15min), DELCO Battery (15min), Hyundai Commercial Truck (12min), and Hyundai International Brand Promotion Video. O. SCRIPT (As Writer) Film Scripts :included Animation Film "Raibon" , "The Song Of My Father", "Spy from the North Korea", and "Old Man of Communism."

•Korean Industrial Film Prize, Commercial Film , The Bronze Prize , 2003

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