The Song of Songs: A Woman in Love

The Song of Songs: A Woman in Love

by Benjamin Segal


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ISBN-13: 9789652294456
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House
Publication date: 01/15/2010
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 9.30(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.70(d)

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The Song of Songs: A Woman in Love 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
JanesList on LibraryThing 7 months ago
I got a free copy of this through the early reviewers program. It is a beautiful book, with very extensive notes about the text of the song of songs. I did not realize when I requested it that it would be quite so extensive, and so did not find it to be a "read-through" book. But it does look like a great resource and I donated it to my church library.
PaulM on LibraryThing 7 months ago
The first thing that hits you is the striking beauty of the book itself - fitting for a Biblical book that celebrates beauty! As one who can read Biblical Hebrew I appreciate that the author includes the Hebrew text along with his own translation over his sections of commentary. As a commentary this is far, far better than many that are out there because this book does not fall into the trap of allegory. I am numbered among the most theologically conservative Christian ministers you can find but make no doubt about it, Song of Songs is an ancient-near-eastern erotic love poem. That's how the book ought to be read and interpreted and there's nothing unholy or un-Biblical about that.I might, as with any commentary, differ on some specific interpretations throughout the text but most of those occasions are minor. The only glaring omission is the result of the author being Jewish rather than Christian. In the book's last section he wisely notes "It is therefore natural that the inheritors of the biblical culture would adopt the greatest of human love poems, the Song of Songs, as a symbol for the divine love relationship." (Note that this is different than allegorizing!) This is an important point to make, but by ignoring God's love to his people expressed in the person of Christ, and Paul's use of marriage as a metaphor for the relationship between Christ and his Church, the author misses out on an even greater and more beautiful picture.
sheppardleo on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Beautifully written. This is a keeper. This book is beautiful on the inside and out. Can be read as a study help if you study your Bible, but also can be read on its own just an an enjoyable read. I really enjoyed the book and will keep it as my own instead of passing this one on.
Arctic-Stranger on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Very nice version, the size and graphics were good, and the text is..well it is the Bible. I would recommend this for people who have not read this book very deeply.