The Sons of Kohath: Tragedy, Travesty, Tapas and the Ark of God

The Sons of Kohath: Tragedy, Travesty, Tapas and the Ark of God

by Adam Green


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In April of 1974 - the penultimate year of Franco's rule over Spain - during an excavation at the Transito Synagogue in Toledo a mysterious structure is unearthed. It soon becomes apparent to medievalist Professor Alex Martinez that the structure had already been discovered just ten years earlier when its contents - the Ark of the Covenant - was looted under the authority of Franco himself. His subsequent enquiries into the mysterious affair expose a chain of violent and tragic events culminating in the deaths of hapless civil servant Miguel Garcia and his wife Loli, and the shocking revelation of Franco's plans to bury the Ark by his side at The Valley of the Fallen.

Internationally renowned genetic scientist and amateur Ark enthusiast Carlos Garcia -then tells Alex of the Ark's perilous and convoluted journey from Ethiopia to Spain during the 13th century under the secret protection of the Knights Templar and how, due to a dramatic historical twist of fate they were compelled to hand it over to the Jews of Toledo. Carlos then reveals Alex's own link to the Ark and the fabled house of Kohath - the biblical guardians of the Ark - through his 14th century Jewish ancestor, the magnificent Samuel Abulafia, royal treasurer to King Pedro the Cruel of Castile.

Aided by his three old Cambridge colleagues - debonair and reserved British Egyptologist, Malcolm Ericson and biblical archaeologists; eloquent and affable American, Ron Smith and gritty and charismatic Israeli, Omri Barkan - Alex learns of the Ark's ancient Egyptian beginnings in the time of Tutankhamen and its ambiguous role in the state cult of ancient Israel.

Following a hostile confrontation with the inherent racial prejudice of his nation's political establishment a disillusioned Alex decides to aid Omri in a covert operation to snatch the Ark from the Valley of the Fallen and return the ark to Israel. However, the Jewish religious authorities, realising the Ark's potential to fatally challenge the traditional story of the origins of Judaism pressurise the Israeli government into a drastic decision. Alex Martinez's seventeen year vigil over the fate of the Ark climaxes in the stark surroundings of a Tel Aviv airport shed.

Set mainly during Spain's tumultuous transition from a fascist dictatorship into a constitutional monarchy The Sons of Kohath describes how Alex - a principled, hot-headed, soccer-mad bon viveur and ale loving anglophile - supported by his beautiful and longsuffering wife Elena struggles to fulfil his Kohathite burden. At its heart The Sons of Kohath is a dramatic, provocative and witty human tale of the struggle between bigotry and reason.

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Following a degree in fine art at St. Martin's School of Art in London Green enjoyed a regular run of exhibitions both abroad and in the UK before embarking on a successful career in commercial illustration. In 2007 first book, King Saul, the True History of the First Messiah was published by the Lutterworth Press to critical acclaim. Following two years in Israel he currently divides his time between London, Oxford and his fruit farm in southern Spain where in addition to writing and painting he makes traditional Malaga wine.

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The Sons of Kohath: Tragedy, Travesty, Tapas and the Ark of God 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite In the vein of Indiana Jones, The Sons of Kohath: Tragedy, Travesty, Tapas and the Ark of God by Adam Green tells the tale of archaeologist Alex Martinez. This highly respected scientist is drawn into an incredible story involving one of the most significant relics of Judeo-Christian theology. Unfortunately, the political climate in Spain under General Franco caused the amazing find to be hidden under threat of destruction. With the help of several colleagues from around the world, Alex is able to investigate the find and learn about its appearance at a synagogue in Toledo, Spain, since the government has forbidden any mention of it. Through many years, even long after Franco's death, the relic must remain hidden for new political reasons. Instead of being able to reveal the truth, Alex must remain silent or face the fate a number of people already suffered - death. How can a man whose passion is to bring the past to life to explain who we are and where we came from keep such a secret from the world? The Sons of Kohath: Tragedy, Travesty, Tapas and the Ark of God by Adam Green is an excellent book that is full of thrilling action, terrific characters and intelligent dialogue. The in-depth scientific and religious explanations are down to earth so the background is easy to follow to flesh out the story and the importance of the historic relic. It is also a clear commentary on political life in Spain under the dictator Franco, as well as a social commentary on leaders of all groups maintaining the status quo, even in the face of overwhelming evidence pointing to new information. With so much to offer, this book appeals to a wide range of readers.