The Sons Of Woodmyst

The Sons Of Woodmyst

by Robert E Kreig

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A small village is raided.
The wives and daughters are taken.
The husbands and sons are murdered.
A lone survivor reaches out to Woodmyst for help.

Tomas Warde leads a small band of men.
Their mission is to rescue the captured women and children.
But have they taken on more than they bargained for?

A dark power rises.
Fear grips the coastal regions as an evil overlord, THE SOVEREIGN, establishes authority over the land.

Battling the elements of the coldest season and creatures that simply cannot be, Tomas Warde and The Sons Of Woodmyst press onward, determined to see their quest through to the end.

No matter what.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781925442755
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Publication date: 03/08/2016
Series: Woodmyst Chronicles , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 330
File size: 459 KB

About the Author

Robert E Kreig was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia during 1974. He grew up in and around the suburbs of the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas near the famous Hunter Valley. In 2001, Robert embarked in a career in teaching, continuing to educate and challenge young minds to this day.

The Sons of Woodmyst is his third novel. It is the second in a high-octane series of books, The Chronicles of Woodmyst .

His decision to take a lifetime hobby of writing to the next step resulted in Long Valley, Robert’s first novel, which has been well received by avid readers around the world.

Robert currently resides in Sydney with his pet beefs and television.

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The Sons Of Woodmyst 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Marta Tandori for Readers' Favorite The Sons of Woodmyst by Robert E. Kreig is a fantastical tale of demons, dragons, scarecrows, and an evil overlord called The Sovereign that’s sure to be a real treat for all fantasy lovers. It’s the dead of a harsh, cold winter when Antony Grenefeld, along with his dog, goes outside his hut. Within seconds his dog has been killed by an arrow, and within minutes his entire village is plundered by vicious marauders. The young girls and women are taken, the elderly and the young ones murdered, all livestock and food rations are stolen, and the village torched while Antony hides in fear. After the marauders leave with their bounty, the man watches his village burn to the ground in shocked disbelief before going to seek help from the nearby village of Woodmyst. Woodmyst had already undergone a plunder several years earlier and has slowly managed to rebuild under the guiding hands of the village elder and his young protégé, Tomas Warde. When Antony, half-frozen, stumbles into their village and tells his tragic story, Tomas, along with four strapping volunteers, goes after the marauders in hopes of saving the women and young girls. Shortly into their journey, they come across young Emily, Antony’s daughter, who has managed to escape from her captors after watching them execute her mother. An exhausted Emily is distraught over leaving her younger sister behind, but Tomas and his men assure her that they will stop at nothing until they rescue the women. Emily joins them in their quest. Kreig’s prose is polished and strong without having to resort to unnecessary adjectives to convey a sense of time and place. The vast terrain of forests blanketed by crisp white snow, and gutted bodies and simple huts set ablaze by marauding savages are most effectively conveyed by the author. The dialogue is simplistic yet showcases the true strength of Tomas and his crew of young men, barely out of adolescence and yet forced into the role of young warriors by tragic circumstance. The Sons of Woodmyst underscores the superstitions and misconceptions of a group of simplistic people whose quest for survival is only second to their belief in their gods. At its most basic, this is a story about good versus evil and about the good guys trying to prevail, despite circumstances that are beyond their understanding. There are several interesting twists to The Sons of Woodmyst, one which was totally unexpected, that add another interesting layer to an already entertaining story.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Janelle Fila for Readers' Favorite The Sons Of Woodmyst: Book Two Of The Woodmyst Chronicles by Robert E Kreig starts with the raiding of a small village. The men are all murdered, but the only survivor calls to Woodmyst for help. Tomas Warde leads the rescue party, a small group of men determined to find and release the captured women and children. But as they come closer to realizing their goal, they discover that there is more to this journey than meets the eye. A dark power is rising. Fear grips the lands as an evil overlord takes control. Called The Sovereign, this evil is terrorizing the coastal regions. Tomas and his men battle the elements and dark creatures that should not be, determined to finish their quest, no matter what the personal sacrifice. The Sons Of Woodmyst is a well-written fantasy story that mixes fantastical elements with good story writing, fleshed out characters, and great scenery description. I enjoyed the story line and think other readers will also want to follow Tomas on this journey. Robert E Kreig did an excellent job of writing an action filled story that keeps readers engaged. It is full of mystery and intrigue, and a darkness that seems very real and terrifying. This story will appeal to readers of fantasy, action stories, stories about sword fighting and bows and arrows, creatures dying, and daring captures and rescues. It is most definitely worth the time, and readers will not be disappointed.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite The Sons of Woodmyst, Book Two is a gripping fantasy from The Woodmyst Chronicles by Robert E. Kreig. When a survivor of a brutal raid relates the tragic horror to the residents of Woodmyst, Tomas Warde leads a small group of men to rescue the captured women and children. The men know they are up against a heartless band of men after seeing mutilated villagers along their route, and rescuing Emily, who managed to escape her captors. Tomas teams up with a seafaring captain to hunt the ruthless abductor known as The Sovereign. However, they soon learn that while they are hunting the enemy, they are being watched themselves, but by whom or what unseen entity in the unknown wilderness? The Sons of Woodmyst will not disappoint if you want a terrific dark fantasy to read. I did not get the chance to read Book One, but Robert E. Kreig included segments from it in this book since it is relevant to the sequence of events. It is very well written with a captivating beginning and suspense leading up to the ending. Black magic and sword fighting go hand in hand in this fast paced story. It contains a lot of drama which is often emotional and mildly graphic due to the nature of the plot. The characters are impressive ones who are not easily forgotten. The Sons of Woodmyst, Book Two is very engaging and, based on what I have read, The Woodmyst Chronicles could possibly be made into a movie.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite I liked everything about The Sons of Woodmyst: Book Two Of The Woodmyst Chronicles by Robert E. Kreig. I enjoy medieval type worlds with small villages surrounded by strong bad guys that think “might makes right” and they can simply take what they want. I also enjoy it when one or two men in a community of farmers insist on doing the right thing, even when it’s safer to cower in fear. Robert E. Kreig does a great job making the characters in The Sons of Woodmyst come alive. Peasants are often depicted in such an unattractive, stereotypical manner that I sometimes find myself cheering on the bad guys. But not in this book. Richard is an outstanding father figure. He has raised an entire village of orphaned children and they all love and respect him. His protégé, Tomas, is a born leader and hero. I couldn't help but care about this character right from the start and, as more friends and family are introduced into the story, I started caring about the whole community. I wanted them to rise up and meet the challenge. I wanted them to prove that "might for right" is the proper way for human beings to live. When Tomas and his small band set out to rescue a group of children they have no connection to, and refuse to give up despite the difficulties they face, it makes for a great and very satisfying adventure. Action lovers will relish The Sons of Woodmyst. This is the second book in the series, but it can stand alone. I plan to read the first book and follow this series.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite Robert E. Kreig’s The Sons of Woodmyst takes you into the realm of the unbelievable. A group of women and young girls is taken hostage. All the others in the village are violently murdered except for one old man, Antony, who escapes to find refuge with his neighbors in Woodmyst. A small band of brave men from Woodmyst sets out to rescue those taken by the evil marauders. Led by the fearless Tomas, the courageous riders head into the forest. Soon they encounter Emily, a young hostage who manages to escape. She joins the men to search out and rescue her sister who remains chained and bound by the ruthless barbarians. Together they begin their trek through the woods, facing mysterious forces that are hidden within the shadows. Dark, demonic beings haunt them and a mystic voice beckons them. Who will survive this grueling journey to defeat the Sovereign? Only those who remain strong and keep their wits about them. The Sons of Woodmyst is a thrilling journey into the unknown. Robert E. Kreig paints a dark tale full of fantastical adventure. The world is dark and mysterious. The cast of characters that surround the hero is strong and courageous and each has their own story to tell. The villain is a malevolent wicked soul who oozes violence. The protagonist is young, virile and headstrong. Kreig pens his story with finesse. The story unfolds with perpetual action; the reader is easily caught up in the action and adventure. The forest is eerie, the sea is tumultuous, and the battle scenes are engaging and captivating. Death is not forever, foreboding creatures simply refuse to die. It is a novel you want to crawl under a blanket with, pull it up to your nose, and at times cover your head in protection because the cold dark world of the Woodmyst sons is bitter and chilling. Kreig’s imagination is unique and spellbinding, the story is face paced, and the plot flows magically. The Sons of Woodmyst grabs you and doesn’t relent until the very end. Looking forward to seeing, feeling, and experiencing what happens next.