The Soul-Discovery Journalbook: An Intimate Journey into Self

The Soul-Discovery Journalbook: An Intimate Journey into Self

by Adriene Nicastro
The Soul-Discovery Journalbook: An Intimate Journey into Self

The Soul-Discovery Journalbook: An Intimate Journey into Self

by Adriene Nicastro


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Embark on a journey into you! In this beautifully authentic tapestry, Adriene Nicastro weaves decades of deep spiritual study and transformative, psycho-spiritual work with clients and students into a comprehensive, workbook-style guide. Throughout the The Soul-Discovery Journalbook, Adriene fills your backpack with invaluable supplies - psycho-spiritual, metaphysical, and mindfulness-based lessons, exercises, guided meditations, and practical tools - that take you on a unique path, transforming life's challenges into valuable gifts. The Soul-Discovery Journalbook's five distinct volumes, now combined in this hardback publication, offer the following:

Volume I: A Single Step prepares you for your journey, setting the stage for self-discovery, calling on Divine helpers, clarifying intent, and starting the process of unearthing who you are.

Volume II: Constant Companions dives into practices designed for life-long exploration and use through fundamental mindfulness tools to lower stress and cultivate happiness from within.

Volume III: Metaphysical Musings holds foundational metaphysical and psycho-spiritual teachings - precious tools for understanding self, Self, and a world beyond the five senses.

Volume IV: A Deeper Gaze, a guide through subterranean and multi-layered landscapes, aids the release of pain-filled thoughts, emotions, and self-sabotaging behaviors that hold you back from living in Union with all of life.

Volume V: Hip Boots and Waders introduces your inner child, investigates new perspectives on drama, addresses old hurts, uncovers influential life-messages, explores the power of belief, and more.

Do you long to navigate our complicated world with wisdom, higher vision, and lasting inner peace? Do you desire to become acquainted with yourself in a new way that honors your strengths and helps transform your shadow side? The Soul-Discovery Journalbook illuminates this path, offering companionship for your journey as a part of the life adventure to embrace your true Self.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781735855813
Publisher: Pathways to Freedom Press
Publication date: 03/18/2021
Pages: 612
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.31(d)

About the Author

Adriene Nicastro is an intuitive, psycho-spiritual therapist, ordained minister, healer, teacher, and author. In 1993 she graduated from Hahnemann University with a Master of Science in Group Process and Group Psychotherapy. Adriene began studying the teachings of Sacred Garden Fellowship (SGF) in 2008 and subsequently embarked on a journey to share them with local groups. Through a blend of metaphysics, psychotherapeutic techniques, and spiritual healing, she guides individuals through deep levels of transformation that integrate spiritual development and personal growth. Adriene privately holds sessions, workshops, and groups locally and internationally. For more information on sessions, classes, workshops, and other materials, please visit

Table of Contents

Volume I: A Single Step

Setting the Stage

Beautiful World

Journaling Suggestions

Using Guided Meditations

Our Sacred Space


We Are Guided

Setting Your Intent

First Glance


Scribbled Reflections

Through the Looking Glass

Our Internal Climate

That's What I Like


(and more...)

Volume II: Constant Companions

Attitude of Gratitude


Wise Baby Vision

Quieting Our Mind

Thankfulness Tree

Spiritual Chutzpah

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Here and Now


Mindfulness and Gratitude

(and more...)

Volume III: Metaphysical Musings

Our Energy

Beautiful World

The World Sings with You

From Consciousness into Awareness

You Are So Loved

There Is Order

Moon Moods

In the Heart of the Jungle


(and more...)

Volume IV: A Deeper Gaze

Love Your Spots

Letting Go

Remembering the Love

The Mysteries of La-La Land

Letter of Love

Joy and Happiness

Shedding Perceived Failures

The Final Frontier


(and more...)

Volume V: Hip Boots and Waders

Meeting Peter Pan

Transforming Drama

The Letter That Won't Be Sent

Visiting Never Land

(and more...)

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