The Sound of High Heels

The Sound of High Heels

by Paul Gouda

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This novel explores the emotional battle of love and lust as fought by many men and women in their search of romance in the wrong places. To no avail, they all had flown beyond earth’s orbit, jumped over the moon’s fence, and dug deep below a dark past to bury their hearts behind the sun before dawn.

Love eluded them all. They had the wrong map. They followed the wrong route. Peter and his insecurities. Dan, Jeff, Mary, and their manufactured love. Ramona, Amanda, and Liz who wanted it all. Adam and others who challenged the rules and won!

In vain, they all cheered for “sex” to be the capital city of the illicit kingdom of love. They raised the wrong banner. They sang the wrong anthem. And everything went wrong!

Even the man who lived for his love for women was trapped on a small Gilligan-like island with a gay guy. For months, the two thoughts of two very different characters debated love and life. Peter’s version of poetic romance longing for a woman’s touch, her hair, and the sound of high heels. And Adam’s theory that love is merely the physical sensations on the head of the penis.

The novel offers a feast of factual and fictional entertainment, a creative writing with a subtextual musical theme to it, and science dancing with poetry. It has it all: sex, adventure, science, romance, poetry, suspense, comedy, religion, and politics. It will entertain you yet will provoke you. Whether you’re a woman or a man, religious or atheist, heterosexual or homosexual, American or Canadian, conservative or liberal, it will challenge you.

It’s a novel for the elite reader by the author of Intoxicated Emotions, The Scent of the Full Moon, and The Purple Dream.

Warning: The novel plot necessitated several romance scenes of a graphically explicit sexual nature intended for adult readers.

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ISBN-13: 9781532020834
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/05/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 616
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About the Author

Dr. Paul Gouda is an Analytical Chemist, and a Pharmacology – medical Research Scientist who wrote several analytical chemistry and medical textbooks. While serving as a head chemist, he enjoyed his love for literature, joining an evening programme at a local university long enough to acquire another degree, this lime in literature. Being a scholar with two unrelated doctorates, and with a taste for philosophical poetry , is evident in his creative writing style.

He is a published poet and is the 2011 Global WPS’ Best Poet Award recipient. His books, in science and literature, can be accessed at

His work in science is equally impressive, with several analytical methods that were developed by him, and were adopted by the national agencies who named the methods after him. This includes his work in environmental chemical ultra-trace analysis, his research in chemical manipulation of hormonal compounds for pharmacology use, and his medical paper on gender selection, “Choosing the sex of you baby.”

… For the past two decades, he lived with his only son, Pelé – whom he had raised as a single father until recently when the cycle of life introduced the inevitable, his son leaving home for college, and for his independence. Paul now lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as a semi-retired single man, enjoying writing, and the occasional lecture or consultation.

Dr. Gouda welcomes your correspondence, whether for literature-related, or science-related events and discussions. He can be reached at:

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