The Source Of Terrorism

The Source Of Terrorism

by Thomas Belvedere


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Every time a middle class person becomes a terrorist, the same question arises: Why? Each time, only mystery and silence remain. Until now. The Source of Terrorism: Middle Class Rebellion breaks the code of an otherwise inexplicable, deadly phenomenon.

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ISBN-13: 9781601457851
Publisher:, Inc.
Publication date: 05/01/2009
Pages: 492
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Thomas Belvedere is the pseudonym of a top American political consultant. He has worked for federal, state, and local governments, as well as for the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. He also served as a private consultant to federal and state senators and representatives, governors, mayors, county commissioners, and city councilors. He has appeared numerous times as a political analyst on television and radio, in newspapers, and as an accredited expert witness on politics in federal court. He has a Ph.D. in political science.

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A terrorist is usually a middle class rebel (1) experiencing magnified marginal or transitional conditions, who (2) voluntarily (3) goes through certain rites of passage, among which are (4) clique membership and (5) a deliberate decision to commit a criminal act that is almost always (6) violent and most often (7) murder, in (8) the name of higher intentions or convictions without (9) retaining consciously the ambiguity of his criminal act and his higher intentions/convictions. He expresses powerful, unconscious, ambivalent emotions in two ways: (10) converting his intentions/convictions into idées fixes or absolute truths, the opposite extreme from ambiguity, and (11) wielding uncertainty as a weapon. That uncertainty is total, as shown by the fact that (12) everyone -- allies, non-combatants, even himself -- is a potential victim. A concluding note: it is the syndrome, the running together of components, which counts -- not specific components taken in isolation.

By not admitting what he cannot admit, the terrorist guards his secret, even from himself.

By not admitting what he is, the terrorist shows the gravity that admission holds for him. To my knowledge, no terrorist or other middle class rebel has ever said what he is.

What he is, is the secret he keeps: he is a middle class rebel.

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