The Sourcebook to Public Record Information: The Comprehensive Guide to County, State and Federal Public Record Sources

The Sourcebook to Public Record Information: The Comprehensive Guide to County, State and Federal Public Record Sources



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ISBN-13: 9781879792609
Publisher: BRB Publications, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/28/2000
Edition description: REVISED
Pages: 1550
Product dimensions: 8.55(w) x 10.94(h) x 1.99(d)

Table of Contents

How This Book is Organized3
Section IPublic Record Primer6
Public Records Unveiled7
Definition of Public Records7
Public vs. Private vs. Personal7
How Personal Information Enters the Public Domain8
Where Public Records are Held8
The Common Methods Used to Access Public Records9
Public Record & Public Information Categories11
Business Records11
Lien and Security Interest Records12
Important Individual Records13
Additional Public Information Records Worth Mentioning16
Searching for State Public Records19
Additional State Offices19
State Restrictions Table19
State Agency Public Record Restrictions Table20
Searching State Occupational Licensing Boards23
The Privacy Question23
Using the Licensing Section23
Search Fees24
Search Tip--Distinguish the Type of Agency24
Other Forms of Licensing & Registration25
Other Information Available26
Searching Federal Court Records27
Federal Court Structure27
How Federal Trial Courts are Organized28
Electronic Access to Federal Courts30
A Few Searching Hints32
Federal Records Centers and the National Archives33
Searching Other Federal Government Records Online35
Aviation Records36
Military Records36
Online Sources Used by the Experts37
Best Gateways to Government Records37
Best Online Government Resources39
State & Regional Resources41
Searching County Court Records43
The County Court Records Sections43
Reading the State Charts44
Reading the Court Profiles44
Some Court Basics46
Types of Litigation in Trial Courts46
State Court Structure45
How Courts Maintain Records46
Performing a Search at the County Level49
Ways to Obtain Records49
Fees, Charges & Usage50
A Few Words About Searching Public Records Online50
Searching Recording Office Records51
The Lowdown on Recorded Documents51
How the Recording Offices Section is Organized52
General Searching Rules52
Special Categories of Collateral52
More Details About UCC Records53
The UCC Locator Chart55
Using the County Locator Section57
Using ZIP Codes When Searching for Public Records57
Using a Public Record Vendor59
Hiring Someone to Obtain the Record59
Which Type of Vendor is Right for You?60
10 Questions to Ask an Online Vendor61
Section IIPublic Records by State65
57 State Chapters 67 and forward
Each State Chapter is Organized as Follows
State Agencies
State Licensing Boards
Federal Courts
County Courts
Recording Offices
County Locator

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