The Sovereign Light: A Course In Metaphysical Spirituality

The Sovereign Light: A Course In Metaphysical Spirituality

by RmA


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Our Chakras have separated the life force, into fields of consciousness, forming our awareness. From the heavy duty survival rooted "Ego" driven human programs; to the nurturing energies where we move into as feeling not enough; and from there that of wilful thinking to go inward;connect to our divine will and by doing so accepting to take back our power. The chakras, they start to come on line and spin expanding outward; pulsating and as they do the energetic emotional clearing can begin; this is what is known to many as "Shadow work". Each chakra will break open and become multidimensional to experience and clear from our realities. The disconnect was from the splitting off and creating the inner from the outer reality separate in that it longed to know this power from the outside that would actually feed off of it in order to exist in such awareness. Eventually this clearing will work its way up and down the spine (kundalini activation). When all the blockages are cleared this light body energy becomes "SOVEREIGN" The creative process was held within the field of self but from the outside to appear as God omnipresent and unknowable. The merging of the chakras and outer chakras into the physical body will create into Sovereign brilliant white light column up the centre of the body; turning everything into this White Light of Sovereignty.

The creative process is all about this motive to attract with it and bond each thought to lead from these connections into form. By taking away the mystery of its universe, the self can become empowered. The missing peace was always this enslaved creator from its very own free will. “The Sovereign Light” can also be released outside of its containment and rather to express from the divine infinite is mostly inspirational. Whether it be through inspiration and/or from desire, these levels slightly differ. With attraction (magnetism)will capture within a certain field and it will hook onto the conditions to the desire that it holds in place; while the other has no boundaries to uphold as resurrected state. These desires and emotions that connect the self to the mind’s field in this way; they are beliefs and attached with meanings.The book will hopefully decode and dismantle mostly all these charges; that we hold for any meaning and to believe the program as real.

Removing the programs of codependency that enslavement brings with it from the Ego mind.

Allowing for the Heart to open up by silencing the mind and re-awakening to the feeling of existence.

The process to enlightenment through shadow work and healing is forgiving.

Learning how to forgive; discernment; and retraining the mind to better serve the heart into alignment, a unity for higher levels of existing. To expand and take in more of the light after it has been properly released is an alchemical process requiring the purpose of Soul clearing and Spirit combined; from this perpective the Metaphysical can be in the now to practice living life from this place and within the physical in the here and now of this presence.

To trancend from the after life through death and into the rapture of hevenly bliss while still remaining in this physical body.

The change must happen from within and so the mirrors will reflect the same; meaning by changing the perspective so too the perception of reality will change.

Finding the self by allowing Authenticity to find it and receive it well beyond the clutches of its bondage that will identify for its enslavement to the Ego mind and releasing it for its atonement into Sovereignty.

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ISBN-13: 9781999017019
Publisher: Rma
Publication date: 01/18/2019
Pages: 852
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Student/master spirit/soul awakening from having to resist as an active warrior from inner conflict of dissonance in the outer expression of her world; clear the toxicity and heal the heart as she continues on this Journey; to master the art of inner peace and being present.

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