The Space In Between

The Space In Between

by Jen Minkman

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The Space In Between by Jen Minkman

When Moira helps out her sister and brother in a Wiccan ritual on Halloween, the last thing she expects is to be swept away to a mystical wilderness. Sitting within the stones of the ancient circle of Penmaenmawr, Wales, she's convinced it's an illusion. But the dark-haired, handsome man with amnesia that Moira meets during her trance cannot be blinked away like a dream. 

Hayko, the mysterious stranger, won’t let go. After returning home from her stone circle adventure, she is beckoned back night after night to the outlandish dreamland by an invisible force. But the hardest part isn't having to fight the terrifying creatures of these nightmares--it's realizing she’s falling for a guy without a past who isn’t real. 

What if you really can fall in love with the man of your dreams? 

An exciting paranormal adventure with romance, mystery and ancient mythology. 

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BN ID: 2940046326062
Publisher: Jen Minkman
Publication date: 09/14/2014
Sold by: Draft2Digital
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The Space In Between 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
D_Donovan More than 1 year ago
While, for categorization's sake, The Space In Between is categorized as a 'paranormal romance', don't let that assignment fool you: it's much more, and readers anticipating a breezy, light, supernatural love tale might find themselves quite pleasantly challenged by a story line that defies quick and dirty categorization or a fast leisure read. This is partially due to its setting - Wales - and the fact that in such a wild and woolly world, woods wiccans and mysticism practically oozes from the trees and the long history of a people with close ties to the land. It's also due to the efforts of Jen Minkman to provide more than the usual one-dimensional protagonist too often seen in 'paranormal romance' stories: for Moira is Welsh through and through and represents many of her people's real personas, from her bilingual ability to speak Welsh at home and English outside of it to harsh language. While this might put off some readers, it will be a breath of fresh air to those who will immediately perceive that what follows will be anything but predictable and smooth. The addition of Moira's struggle with ADHD is perhaps one of the strongest pieces of the story, curiously enough. It lends an authenticity and a vulnerability to the main protagonist that's not often seen in your standard paranormal or romance story, and it invites readers to learn more of yet another world: that of the ADHD sufferer and their choices. So, for categorization's sake, go ahead and call The Space In Between a 'paranormal romance' - but really, it's so much more.  It's about finding amazement and personal power in life, and about making choices that lead to new connections. Add in the Welsh cultural insights and you have a 'paranormal romance' that's a cut above your usual love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
love this story, the setting and all the mythology. and the ending is just so bittersweet. I'd recommend this to anyone! :)
SvenjaPohl More than 1 year ago
One of the best books I've ever read! I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. This is the latest book by Jen Minkman and it is set in Wales. How cool is that?! I really liked her previous books but this one is my favourite. The writing style was so good, so lyrical.  It clearly matched the book. I also liked it that the author made her characters bilingual so that they speak English and Welsh. Also the plot was really good. It wasn't predictable and also even if sometimes nothing happed I still enjoyed reading. And that was because of the characters. They were so well written and full of depts I sometimes thought they will come in my room any time soon. All of the characters had strong personalities and even stronger relationships.  I loved everything about this book but the best was the "other" world, Moira's dream world. I could really see it like I was looking at one of Moira's paintings. Hayko was just... so cute and strong and just awesome! I loved this book so much and can't wait for more Jen Minkman books! Thanks to the author for sending me this book!
beanieboo78 More than 1 year ago
I thought the book started out a little slow, not a yawning OMG when will this pick up slow, but rather it eased you into the characters and their surroundings. There was no rush to fill the early chapters with long drawn out passages of back story, instead we learn about Moira and her friends and family as the story progresses. Moira was an easy character to like, she accepted people for who they are without judgement, which is why I struggled to understand why she was with someone like Patrick. I knew from the very beginning I didn't like Patrick. I will be honest and admit that it took me several days to read this, that was my fault, for not being able to find time to sit down and read. So I set aside a whole day to dedicate to finishing this. Once I was able to sit for more than a few minutes I devoured the book, I found that I couldn't step away and had to read on until the books conclusion.  Minkman once again does a great job with creating a piece of writing that has the reader believing they could be there witnessing the scenes unfold for themselves without overloading you with descriptive text. She provides the perfect mix between fantasy, paranormal, romance and mystery.
Kawehi More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars!! The Space Between was just the read I was looking for.  I’ve never actually ever read a book with witches, or “Wiccans,” but I’ve always loved paranormal and mystical reads so this ran right up my alley. I thought this book was fresh, creative, and very “spell-binding”, if you will, but did struggle with pacing issues at times. Jen Minkman does a great job in balancing the realistic with the abnormal, while interweaving consequences of actions, doing things for the greater good even though it may be hard, and of course, adding a romantic element to the plot. *wink wink* This was a totally out of the box read and one of which I really enjoyed! Great job Jen and I look forward to more wonderful reads from you!!
MissBethBC More than 1 year ago
This was a paranormal story based on the the space in between life and death.  Jen Minkman  created a world in dreamscape.   I have had dreams that seemed so real and so sensuous, that it was impossible for me to want to awaken.    Nonetheless, the dream was fleeting.    Such were the encounters between Hayko and Moira.   Hayko was trapped in this dreamscape and Moira was the one who would visit him in her sleep and together they worked to recover Hayko's forgotten memories.   Moira was to protect and eventually free Hayko. Minkman wrote a masterful story, well plotted and fast moving.   Her characters were strong and believable, from Moira with her ADHD to her  controlling boyfriend, and the new love of her life dwelling in the space in between.  What  a fantastic story this became as Moira, her siblings and her friend, Holly researched and used any means necessary to save Hayko.   Once I began this story I was mesmerized and I didn't want to put my kindle down.   I needed to see where this story led and how the reality of one world would resolve itself with the other.   If I were to expound much further, I would definitely be giving away the info you need to read for yourself, so please do.   It was a very satisfying read.
Snoopyvet More than 1 year ago
With every book I read by this author I enjoy her writing even more. The storyline intriquied me from page one. I couldn't put this book down till I finished it. I was worried when I started to read it that I might have issues with the type of English it was written in but I had no such problems. If you like YA/ paranormal reads this book will be a wonderful read for you
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Moira's life is anything but calm or settled, she has been recently diagnosed with ADHD, has a boyfriend who is selfish and over bearing, school work that is time consuming and a job at the local hotel that takes up what little spare time she has left. But if Moira thinks that things can not get worse she is in for a big surprise. When she agrees to help her siblings contact their grandparents on Halloween, they open a portal to a world between the living and the dead. There Moira finds a young man sitting inside a magic circle, he has been trapped there by a spirit that wants him for herself, she is drawn to him and knows that he needs her help even though she has no idea why. When nightly visits to Hayko start occurring after they make contact for the first time, Moira soon realises she is destined to help Hayko and she must do what ever it takes to save him, even if she will never understand why. Will she be able to help him in time, or will a mistake she made take away the one person she truly cares about? The Space In Between is another fantastic story from Jen Minkman that mixes, magic, spirituality and romance. There are many twists and turns that keep you guessing about what is going on right till the very end. There were a few times when I thought I knew what was going on but another twist was there to totally throw me off again. A part of the book that I found interesting is the religion of Hayko, I did a bit of research and the Order of the Peacock is an actual religion. Discovering this made the story even more interesting and enjoyable to read. I have been privileged to be able to read many stories by this author and the more I read from her the better the stories become.  If you enjoy your stories with a touch of magic, spirituality and romance then this is a story worth taking a look at.