The Spectrum Auctions [Auctioned to the Honorable Dom: Auctioned to Protect] (Siren Publishing Allure)

The Spectrum Auctions [Auctioned to the Honorable Dom: Auctioned to Protect] (Siren Publishing Allure)

by Doris O'Connor


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The Spectrum Auctions [Auctioned to the Honorable Dom: Auctioned to Protect] (Siren Publishing Allure) by Doris O'Connor

Auctioned to the Honorable Dom [Siren Allure: Erotic Older Hero Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, cropping, flogging, sex toys, HEA] A drunken dare sees Laura Anderson sign up for the Club Spectrum Auctions. A night of kinky sex with a real Dom is just what she needs. It was never meant to be with Slade Douglas, the only man she's ever loved. The man who left her standing at her parent's grave, and fled the country without an explanation. Fifteen years her senior, Slade had thought her too fragile and innocent for the lifestyle then, and he made a promise to her brother to leave her alone. This time he cannot walk away, especially as Laura is not the innocent girl he remembers. She has grown into a beautiful woman, willing and able to gift him with her submission, and their chemistry cannot be denied. As he explores her boundaries and pushes her further than she has ever been taken before, Laura flies, but their painful past may prove one obstacle too many. There's only one thing Slade can do... ** Auctioned to Protect [Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, voyeurism, shibari, cropping, knife play, sex toys, HEA] Tough undercover cop Mike Anderson does not submit to anyone, let alone a pint-size bundle of curves with a Mistress complex, who stands for everything he despises about BDSM. Thrown into a world where the rules make no sense to him, he has to rely on his instincts, and they all scream one thing - submit to His Lady. Scarlett Simpson is one of the most feared Mistresses at Club Spectrum, and she has a score to settle. Mike's atrocious behavior needs addressing. If only she wasn't so attracted to the big hunk of a man, and he didn't prove so utterly responsive. As she explores his boundaries through Shibari and knife play, Scarlett can't help but get emotionally involved. Submission freely given is a gift she treasures, but can she trust Mike to stay around once the case is over? When danger comes knocking, will Mike be able to protect her, or will this end in tragedy? Note: This book contains a heroine who is a domme. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781627417129
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publication date: 08/19/2014
Pages: 198
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.42(d)

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The Spectrum Auctions [Auctioned to the Honorable Dom: Auctioned to Protect] (Siren Publishing Allure) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
njp42474 More than 1 year ago
AUCTIONED TO THE HONORABLE DOM Laura signs herself up for an ‘auction’ so she can have a night of hot, steamy, kinky sex with a real Dom. One who doesn’t use BDSM as an outlet for abuse, something she knows about first hand. Slade is shocked to see Laura on the stage at his club auctioning herself off. He thought she was happy and married, that’s what her brother, his friend, told him when he asked about her. They were friends and Laura loved Slade but he left her while she was grieving and she never knew why. He thought she was too young for him, to innocent for him and her brother was too protective of her after her parents died. Slade didn’t have any other choice but to leave her. But all these years later they come together because Slade refuses to let anyone else ‘buy’ her at the action. But will her brothers interference, Slades fear that he is too old for her or the memory she has of him leaving her keep them from moving forward? I loved the idea of the auction and how it brings them together. And based on the end of the book the next auction looks to be just as great as this one. AUCTIONED TO PROTECT Mike is not only a cop but he’s a tough one. He also doesn’t understand why anyone would want to submit to another person. He has made that clear to anyone who would listen to him, including his sister who is active in the lifestyle. But his prejudice has caused a rift between them. Mistress Scarlett is one of the best Dommes at the club. She hates that Mike has been so prejudice towards BDSM, his sisters’ lifestyle and how he feels about those who participate in it. She would like nothing more than to teach him a thing or two. The last thing Mike wants is to go undercover as Scarlett’s sub but that is exactly what happens. Someone is stalking Scarlett and Mike has to find out who. They quickly find that they are more compatible than expected. He might not have thought it was possible but he is finding that submission isn’t all that bad. Scarlet finds herself falling for him but she knows that she needs him to truly submit for it to work between them in the end. When her stalker strikes will Mike be able to save her? Will Mike be able to have a relationship with his sister again now that he has seen firsthand what the lifestyle is all about? I was surprised I liked this book as much as I did. Not because of the writing or even that it was a Domme but because I had such dislike for Mike based on his behavior in the previous book. But in the end it was another great read. I loved the dynamic between the two of them.