The Speed Writing System

The Speed Writing System

by Bryan Westra


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I had a dream to be a writer. I went to college for it. I studied books on writing. I bought courses. I attended workshops. Still I couldn't figure out how it was feasible to make a size-able income being a writer, without being well-known or famous like the Stephen King's and John Grisham's of the world!

Obsessed with the fantasy of being able to write for a living and not have to be famous, and still bring in thousands of dollars a month in income that would continue to climb month after month, I finally broke the code on writing.

The secrets are contained within this book. I share with you the exact system I created which allows me to write three-plus books per day!

I know at first thought you have some doubt. I get that. I really do. If I were sitting on your side of the computer I'd be hesitant and have a little disbelief in that head of mine too.

I want to ask you to suspend your disbelief and doubts and take a leap of faith with me on this one. I think back to all the times in my life that I suspended judgment and I realize that those were the times in my life that brought me the best results. I mean I was hesitant and doubtful about marriage. Nearly everyone I've ever met who was married got divorced. Had I rejected that idea I would not be happily married to the girl of my dreams. The same applies to almost all other areas of my life that have become personal success stories.

I do want to tell you upfront that this is a short book. Some will argue that it is a manual and not a book. I believe in being forthright about things on the front end. Needless to say the system, though it is rather unique (I've never seen anyone else use it besides myself), it doesn't take more than a hundred or so pages to explain. For this reason, buy it for the system and what it will do for you when you apply it, not for how many pages the book is, or what you have already prejudged the book to be. That would be a mistake---one you'd regret---assuming you want to be a successful writer who gets monthly residual royalties that keep escalating month after month.

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