The Spiral Ladder

The Spiral Ladder

by Cheryl Ramcharan


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The Spiral Ladder by Cheryl Ramcharan

Since the sixties we have realized so, that love is so, the answer.

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ISBN-13: 9781491816820
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/02/2013
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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The Spiral Ladder

By Cheryl Ramcharan


Copyright © 2013 Cheryl Ramcharan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-1682-0


This work is for the people. It is given to those without power.

It is intended for those whose wisdom, historically so, has been held so, by the slave-makers. It is for the masses whose voices, for centuries now, have been held so, silently so.

It is for those who live outside the construct of our societies. It is for the people of the street, and it is for the addict. It is given to the poor. It is for the homeless, the shunned, the shamed, the ones who, traditionally so, do not fit so. It is for the ones who have not been allowed to fit so, among the rest.

This work is written for those darker-skinned ones, who, culturally so, have been considered to be lesser so, than the white-skinned ones. And too, it is written with the highest regard for Earth and all her life forms with whom we share so, her consciousness.

This knowledge is given so, to those without power.

It is given so, to those without power, because power will use words of knowledge acquired elsewhere to so entrance the masses. Power will use any means it can to sustain itself. So has it learned to do. It will do so until we, collectively so, so choose to expand the knowledge of who we are, outward and beyond the constructs of the known past.

Let it be clearly said so, that power can not know equality, except so, in words.

Let it be clearly said, that power can not know unity, for unity is equality.

Let it be clearly said, that power can not know connection, for so would it cancel itself.

And, let it be said clearly so, that the meaning of these words can only ever belong to the humble heart.

So ...

Since the sixties we have known that we are in a Transition of the Ages. We have known that, on a soul level, we have chosen by free will to come so, so to herald the dawn of a new era of consciousness on Earth.

Since the sixties we've been raising so, a new consciousness. A new consciousness is a new experience for humanity. It is a shift in the mind of the individual. It is a shift in the knowledge between us, which is the collective mind. And so it is a radical shift in perspective.

Back in the sixties we knew that we have come so, with love, and with passion, so to make change. Back in the sixties we knew that we were here, not for a long time, but for the thrill of the ride. Back in the sixties we had promised to make every second of our lives matter so.

And so, we called to each other. We took each other by the hand.

Come, we said, and off we went to find Shamba-La. Off we went to find Woodstock, and so to find the world. We travelled across our nations, we travelled to Marrakesh. We travelled to India, to Tibet, and, we gathered so.

Back in the sixties we gathered so, openly so, so to find the wisdom of the other. Back in the sixties, as we sang to each other, so too did we listen. And as we looked deeply so, into the eyes of the other, there did we see our very own soul staring back at us with love shining so, brightly so.

And so we discussed. We talked, we sang, we shouted, and too, we made love.

We wanted love, not war. And so, we spoke of war. We spoke of the effects of us upon others. We spoke of human rights. We spoke of the rights of the land and the animals. We spoke of oppression. We spoke so, of power. And we spoke so too, of Earth.

Back in the sixties, when we came out to gather so, to speak, and to sing, so did the twang of someone's guitar strings light up the air. And the whole world paused to hear what had never been heard before. That twang stirred the air, and the energies that made up the air, in such a way, with such a brilliance of spirit, that it created a new vibration, a new frequency, a new ripple over the face of the pond.

That vibration has raced forward, and has spread out over all of the ripples, encouraging them forward too. That twang, back in the sixties, did shift so, the continuum, the very course forward of humanity.

Back in the sixties, the one who twanged so, could never have known, could never have imagined such an effect. That twang was surely not intended to still be heard today. But what the one who twanged with such force of heart did know, was that the moment called for it, simply so.

Back in the sixties, through eyes and mind lit by love, we saw that the walls between us were made so, of power.

Back in the sixties we saw the Earth cry. We saw the people cry.

We saw the wounds which had been carved and etched and left so, openly so, upon the heart of Earth, and too, upon the heart of her peoples.

We saw the scars left so, by power.

Back in the sixties we heard so clearly so, deeply so, that love is the answer.

Back in the sixties we realized that where love is, there too, is freedom.

And it changed everything.

Since the sixties we've been coming into a new awareness of the relationship which lies between us so. We've been learning that we are connected. Since the sixties we've discovered that, whether we know it or not, we do so have an effect upon all else that is, as much as we are affected.

We've been learning that each and every thought, action, and too, every reaction, has an effect, not just upon ourselves, internally so, but also upon the world, externally so. We've been learning that we are energy. Our physical cells exist at the level of energy. We resonate with the energies and emotions of our internal beliefs.

Since the sixties we've been learning that, while we are connected, each one of us is too, distinct from all the rest. We've been learning that each of us is a singular mixture of the energies which comprise so, the universe. We are each different energetically so, slightly so. It is how we make up the whole; each one of us fits so, just so.

Since the sixties we've been learning that each one of us is necessary to the whole. We've been learning that each one of us is unique, and so irreplaceable in the mind of the universe. We've been learning that life is a Journey, and that how so we place our foot as we go, is the effect of our Journey.

We've been learning that each footprint we leave behind us as we pass each other by, is a relationship. And too, we've been learning that it is no small thing.

Our foot, placed so, in context of the Earth and air, in context of where we are going, in context of why we are going, in context of how we feel as we go, and too, in context of where we have been, is a relationship, internally so, and too, externally so.

Since the sixties, change, profound and utter, has been shifting "us" into a new relationship. As change has swept so across the Earth, and through her consciousness, we too, as individuals, have been pushed and pulled out of old ruts and patterns of thinking, knowing, and feeling.

Since the sixties, individually so, and too, collectively so, we've been shifting the past into a new alignment with the future. Since the sixties power has shifted. We've been moving ourselves into a new knowledge of what lies so, between us so.

Since the sixties we've discovered India. We've explored Tibet, and we've met with the challenge of Mount Everest. We've chanted, and "ohm'd", and learned to meditate. We've activated and balanced our chakras.

Since the sixties we've been looking for god. We've been raising our consciousness. We've been exploring the mysteries of the mind, and we've made quantum leaps in imagination.

Since the sixties we've widened the field of possibilities, probabilities, and what is potentially so. We've travelled to the furthest reaches known to humankind thus far. And so, we've been brought so, to the head of the myriad wisdom trails left by the magician, the wizard, and too, by the mystic.

Since the sixties we've been brought to the highest mountains of the sage and the seer. We've followed the shaman through the dusky marshes, through the swirling mists, through the darkened, shadowed forests, and upward through the crystalline heart of Earth. And so we found our way to the realm of spirit.

Since the sixties, like those enlightened sailors who so long ago journeyed to the very edge of an earth they believed to be flat, we, too, have journeyed far within, to lean out, and to peer so, over the edge of all that has ever been known.

And we saw there, god.

Since the sixties, we have found god. We have found that we are god.

We have come to know that together, and with all else that exists in the universe, we are one continuous god. We are god; constantly moving, constantly changing, ever expanding, continuously so.

Since the sixties we've been learning that, in the true nature of reality, nothing exists outside of god. We've been learning that, whether we know it or not, we are god.

Since the sixties we've realized that god is in this very present moment that lies so, between us so. We've realized that this present moment is a relationship between ourselves and all else that is so. Too, we've learned that the present "now" is hidden to us by the past.

Since the sixties we've been letting go of the past emotionally so. We've been healing it so, deeply so. And, each time we Journey so, into the deeper realms of ourselves, so do we shift the past so, slightly so. As we bring the past out into a new light, so do we shift the knowledge of the past. So do we shift what we carry forward so, into the next moment. As we bring the past out into a new light, so too do we shift the linear continuum of our knowledge into a new alignment, internally so.

Since the sixties we've been called so, to shift our relationships. We've been tugged and pulled, emotionally so, in ways that our parents, and our grandparents were not.

Since the sixties we've been learning that "meaning" is emotionally so. We've been growing a new set of eyes. We've been transforming old emotional patterns into new meanings.

And, like the addict, we've been doing so, one day at a time.

Since the sixties we've been sorting through the box of our learned beliefs.

We've been rummaging through our emotional baggage, and have discovered patterns of experience in our relationships. We've pulled at the stitches of those patterns and have found them to be the very threads of our core beliefs, taught to us so by our parents, who learned them from their parents, who learned them from their parents, and, who learned them from theirs.

They were given to us for use as skills with which to navigate the fields, the forests, and the streams; they were given as skills with which to meet if we must, the lions, the tigers, and the bears of our lives. Since the sixties we've been learning of perception. We've been learning that perception was taught to us. It was given so, to us, through our racial and cultural histories.

Since the sixties we've learned that perception is the lens through which we view the world, and too, the external other. We've learned that what perception shows us as proof for what is true and real, is not necessarily so. We've learned that truth is but a version, of which there are many, and, that whether the glass is half-empty or half-full depends so, on what is in the glass, unconsciously so, emotionally so.

Since the sixties we've learned that the world we "see" was taught to us in childhood. We've learned that the visual cortex, that mechanism which receives information from the physical world and then transmits that information to the brain, was constructed in childhood. We were taught so, in childhood, to "recognize" the meaning of the world. We were taught so, to know a car, a stove, a sidewalk, a road, or a tree.

Since the sixties we've learned that light is information, energetically so. These energies of light strike so upon our eyes, our skin, our ears, nose, and throat. They strike so, they vibrate and resonate so, along our tendons, muscles, and nerves. Our internal organs are struck so, by the vibrational frequencies transmitted by light. Even at night do we perceive light. The visual cortex orders the light, and places it into patterns. These patterns for "seeing" are stored in the box of our perceptions.

Since the sixties we've realized that we were taught so, what to "see" and what to believe. We were taught so, to "know" what is beautiful, what is valid, and what is worthwhile. It is why they say so, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And so, it is the beholder to whom I speak because his or her eyes and ears, his or her sense of taste and smell, whether or not his or her scalp raises, and even whether or not his or her skin is damp or dry, hot or cold, carries the proof of what he or she sees. Since the sixties we've learned that what is beautiful, valid, and worthwhile to one, is not so to another. This is perception.

Since the sixties, we have learned that, for each of us, the world known so, exists inside a box of learned beliefs. This is the box of all our knowledge thus far. In this box is the "why so" of our perceptions and participations.

Since the sixties we've been rummaging through the closets of memorabilia kept from childhood. Here, we've found again this box. We've not opened it for such a long time now. Somehow it has felt like a Pandora's box. Somehow we've been afraid of all that has been left there. Our growing pains are there, the skinned knees and elbows of life are there, and too, our first loves. We've left them there because in the world, externally so, there is no place for such torn emotions.

Yet through gentle surrender to the greater Journey that is our life, and too, through grace, we've gained the clarity to know that we must do so. We must open the box so, to find the beliefs and meanings of "why so", we are who we perceive we are. Since the sixties we've been learning that we must open that box of beliefs taught so to us in childhood, and too, we must so look within.

And we have done so. We have opened the box. With anticipation we have done so, and too, with trepidation that the past might come rushing through us so.

And as we've looked within, we've noticed something we hadn't noticed before. We've noticed that, while it appears to be a box, it is only externally so. It is only apparently so. Once we move to the inside of the box, it is circular. It is not visibly so to the physical eye, but it is circular in its effect on our senses.

We've noticed too, that there are three compartments in this box. We've noticed that they are not separate compartments, but exist one within the other.

As curiosity calls us to explore further this multi-dimensional space of mind within, we find that it is set up like a coin-sorting bucket; the larger coins are caught at the top layer, and as the other coins filter down, they are sorted by size. Our container is a little different from the coin-sorting bucket though. In our container, all the coins, all of the pieces of our knowledge remain somehow connected to all the rest as they are filtered, if you can possibly imagine such a thing.

Further still we explore, and we find ourselves in one of the compartments.

Here we find the steps taken in our lives toward our hearts desires. Here are the outcomes of those steps taken, as we perceive those outcomes to be. Here is our Conscious Mind.

The Conscious Mind is where we externalize the beliefs and meanings of our internal world. It is where we do our act of living. It is where we move forth to meet the world so. And too, it is where we are met so by the world. The Conscious Mind is a junction point between how we perceive we are affected by life, and what we perceive our effect to be.

Since the sixties we've been learning that each of our thoughts, words, and actions do so change the world. Each footstep we take changes so, the whole world. Since the sixties we've been learning that whether we know it, or not, we do so change the world.

Once the world is changed by thought or action placed so, it comes back to us in the next moment. As it comes back to us so, it has been changed, slightly so, by all the external factors it has met with. And then it is changed again by our thought, word, or action. And it goes outward, and it comes back to us changed so, again. It is the spiral effect of movement. It is how you unwind your Journey so, in front of you. It is how you create your own experience; by how so you place your foot.

In another area of our closet of memorabilia, stored neatly so, and kept just so, are the systems of our beliefs and meanings. For example, to toss a bridal bouquet in the present moment holds many systems of beliefs and meanings, culturally so. This is the Unconscious Mind.


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