The Spirit of Hunir Awakens (Part 1): Norse Keys to the Spirit, Mind and Perception

The Spirit of Hunir Awakens (Part 1): Norse Keys to the Spirit, Mind and Perception

by Frank A Rúnaldrar


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ISBN-13: 9780995534322
Publisher: Bastian & West
Publication date: 07/31/2017
Series: High Galdr , #2
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Content


The Norse Tradition

The Eddas


Introducing... High Galdr

What is Galdr?

The Spirit Húnir (Hœnir)

The Óðr

Nature of the Óðr

Óðr in the Völuspá

Actual Nature of Óðr

Óðr and Óðr not to be confused!

The Great Mystery of Húnir (Hœnir)

Understanding Actual Óðr

Becoming Conscious of the Óðr (Spirit)

Outflowing Óðr: Will, Intellect & Sensing

Understanding Will & Willpower

The Nature of Feeling (Sensing)

Nature of Intellect in Terms of Óðr

Consciousness vs Awareness

Spirit and Senses: Awakening and development

Awakening Higher Levels of Sensory Perception

The Óðr And Shaping the Spirit

Óðr Shaping into Runes - Becoming the Rune Flow (Stage 1)

Using Óðr directly from within the Physical

The Hugr (Mind-Reason-Logic)

The Hugr and Minni Manifestations of the Óðr

The Hugr in the Sagas & Academia

Why Ravens?

The Twin Ravens of Oðin: Hugin & Munin

Functions of the Hugr: Logic, Mind, Reasoning and Intellect

Brain and the Hugr, Male & Female

Mind, Spirit or Spirit-Mind:Unveiling the Hugr

Communication and Use of the Hugr Raven

Setting the Hugr Raven to Flight

The Óss (Ansuz) – Hugr Mystery

From Body to Hugr

From Hugr Directly

The Rune Master’s Hugr

Runes to Align the Hugr

Gifting the Hugr onto the next generation

Perceiving the World:The Focal Lens of Awareness

Perceptive Fluidity & Interpretations

Imposed Passivity (Human-Bot)

Collective Thinking vs Independent Thinking

Manipulation by Science

Fallacy of the Scientific Absolute Truth

Limitation of Scientific Enquiry by Functions of the Hugr

So Why Bother with all this science?

Limiting Breadth of Awareness

Breaking the Shackles of Awareness Lockdown

Stirring the Óðr into Action


Appendix A: Table of Runic Name Alternatives

Appendix B: References

Appendix C: Additional Reading for the Scientifically Minded

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