The Spirit Transcendent: Exploring the Extraordinary in Human Experience

The Spirit Transcendent: Exploring the Extraordinary in Human Experience

by Mark F. Yama


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What are we to make of direct spiritual experience? Of accounts of going to heaven or meeting angels? Traditional science would call these hallucinations or delusions. Clinical psychologist Dr. Mark Yama argues the opposite. Through interviews with his patients, he shows that underneath the visions and experiences there is a unifying spiritual reality apart from the material world.

One of the stories recounted in this book is the experience of a woman who could see the future. In a spiritual transport, she was taken to heaven where truths were revealed to her that she later discovered were already written in Gnostic scripture. Another woman lived a life marked by a spiritual sensitivity that defied materialist explanation. After she passed away of cancer, she came to inhabit the consciousness of another of Dr. Yama's patients in the form of a benign possession. These stories, and many others, argue for a deeper reality that places spirituality on an equal footing with the material world.

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ISBN-13: 9781476680507
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Publication date: 03/27/2020
Pages: 206
Sales rank: 740,278
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About the Author

Mark F. Yama is an associate professor of clinical psychology at the University of Idaho as well as a licensed psychologist in practice for over thirty years. He lives near Moscow, Idaho.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vi

Preface 1

1 The Witch of Orofino 5

2 Hallucinations of the Angelic Variety 20

3 Death and Transcendence 41

4 At the Bottom Rung of the Ladder 57

5 Theory of the Soul 69

6 Travels to the Collective Unconscious 81

7 The Gates of Heaven 93

8 The Christian God Meets the Great Spirit 110

9 Hallucinations of the Demonic Variety 127

10 Through a Glass Darkly 147

11 Science and Spirituality 169

Chapter Notes 177

References 191

Index 197

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