The Spiritual Wisdom of If

The Spiritual Wisdom of If

by J. Rodney Short


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Rudyard Kipling's poem IF is a composite of desirable behaviors and virtues that, if acquired, can change your life forever for the better. This character-building poem, first published in 1910, has been translated into 27 languages and included in thousands of publications all over the world. In studying the Scriptures, we find that certain biblical figures exemplify many of the behaviors and virtues found in If. Come discover-or rediscover-why this poem has inspired and influenced millions.

DR. J. RODNEY SHORT is professor emeritus at Texas Woman's University. Because of a dysfunctional family, which resulted at one time in both of his parents being institutionalized in a state mental facility, and because of the fact that his alcoholic father was found dead in an alley, Dr. Short's passion and interest have revolved around those who have overcome adversities in their lives. He believes that if you harmonize and orchestrate the mental, physical, and emotional dimensions of your life with the spiritual dimension, you will become the person you and God want you to become.

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