The Spy Game

The Spy Game

by J. D. Holiday


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ISBN-13: 9780981861449
Publisher: Book Garden Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2012
Pages: 24
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.05(d)
Age Range: 1 Year

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The Spy Game 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
JDHoliday51 More than 1 year ago
Reviews posted by the author, J.D. Holiday Eddie is kind of upset because he now has a responsibility he would rather not have at all. Eddie is now the owner of Sidney a black dog. Personally, I think Sidney is quite handsome, alert and definitely looks like a spy dog. He was named after a famous spy and just by looking at him you can tell that he is smart, alert and notices things that most other dogs would not. Eddie takes one look at Sidney who was watching him talk. Poor Eddie does not want a full-grown dog he wants a puppy. Walking this dog would not be an easy task for him but each time he tried Sidney looked like he wanted to say something but we all know that dogs let us know their true feelings by the loudness of their barks or bays. Poor Eddie could not even go on the school bus with his two friends because he had to walk Sidney. You can tell how disappointed his friends Joel and Dana are just by looking at the expressions on their faces on page 9 in the colorful illustrations created by author J.D. Holiday. To Eddie things just looked like they were going to get worse because he could not even play ball after school because he had to care for Sidney. But, something would change everything when his friend Dana comes charging up to him upset. Her cat was stolen and she thinks the cat people took her. Sidney, our clever and smart dog was listening and did not miss a word or a beat. Remember: he was named after a spy and just maybe he inherited some of the skills of a true spy that could help the good guys catch the criminals. That night Sidney and Eddie hear something in his room. Could it be a burglar or just some noises from someone walking in the house? But, it caused Sidney to stir and bark really loud. Eddie was so grateful that Sidney was there he just might start to change his mind about this black dog. Just maybe that might become friends! So, Sidney and Eddie decided to stick together that night to make sure that everyone was safe and sound. But, I think it would be more fun to hear the rest of the story from our famous dog: Sidney and maybe he will let you in on some of his training to detect danger, spies and who knows what else this great dog can do. "Hi Everyone: This is Sidney: You won't believe what happened the next morning before school. Eddie and I had breakfast together and he began thinking about how I could probably help him find Dana's cat and maybe even go on some adventures together. That would be cool because I really like Eddie and hope he starts to like me too and forget about trading me in for a puppy. So, we decided to go for a walk and we bumped into Dana he was really upset that her cat was still missing. Dana wanted to go to the house belonging to the cat people to see if her cat was there. That could be dangerous so Eddie and I decided she needed my professional help. Eddie took Sidney to the cat people's house and Sidney did not see any cats. The cat people have too many cats and no one really knows just how many. I looked around and pretended to be sleeping but Eddie knew that I was just scouting the area and the territory when a woman opened the door of the cathouse dragging a wagon filled with boxes. Now, I have to find out what is in those boxes. But, the wait was not long because as the door slammed the boxes opened and an orange cat leaped out. Imagine how many others might be hidden in these boxes and where could she be taking them? That I cannot tell you and I cannot tell you if I found Dana's cat or what happens that causes Eddie to become my best bud or not. What I can tell you is that you have to read this great story about how a spy dog and a young boy named Eddie decided to give it a try and see where the spy game might take them or not. Can a black dog that is really smart help find a cat? Can a dog named Sidney and a boy named Eddie become good pals and help to find criminals, stray cats and more? That my dear readers and friends you will not learn from me but hopefully author J.D. Holiday will bring us back again for more adventures. By the way check out the cook pictures of the kids, the houses and of course me the handsomest spy dog in the world." Thanks for reading this review and I hope you will read this story to your own children, to other kids, to children in school, parents at story time or buy some copies for holidays and birthdays. Till next time. This is Sidney the worlds greatest spy dog and Fran Lewis saying this book gets: FIVE SIDNEYS ~ Reviewed by Fran Lewis ~~~ ~Review by Mark Wisher Eddie want's a puppy, instead his dad brings him an old, uninteresting dog called Sidney. What kind of fun is Eddie supposed to have with this new dog ? However there may be more to Sidney than Eddie thinks. A wonderfully illustrated and well told story of one boy and the bond with his new family pet. A great story to read along with children.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Spy Game is fun story about a boy named, Eddie, who wants a dog, but not the older dog he gets. He wanted a puppy to teach things to, and Sidney it just not that dog even if Sidney is named after a famous spy. But Eddie's mother takes this opportunity to try and instill in him a little responsibility by having Eddie walk the dog. Eddie reluctantly begins to like Sidney after he barks loud one night when they hear a scary noise. Like most 7 to 8 year old children, Eddie uses his imagination. He assumes Sidney sees everything around him and is watching him all the time, when in truth, shown by the colorful detailed pictures, Sidney isn't always paying attention. It's by chance that Sidney solves the mystery at all! This is a wonderful story that shows friendship, loving a pet, and the compassion of taking in a homeless dog.
HomeSchoolBookReview More than 1 year ago
Is it possible for a dog to help look for a lost cat? Eddie Caldwell does not want the older, big black dog which his Uncle Reese has brought. Instead, he wants a puppy which would do things like pulling on a rope, catching a ball, and licking his face. All the new dog, named Sidney after a famous spy, does is sit and watch Eddie. But Sidney proves that he is brave when they hear a mysterious creaking noise during the night. One morning, while walking Sidney before school, Eddie meets two of his friends, Joel and Dana. Dana’s cat is missing, and she thinks it was stolen by some people. She plans to watch their house to see if she can find it. Can “spy dog” Sidney do anything to find the cat? Author and illustrator J. D. Holiday, who also wrote The Great Snowball Escapade, which I have reviewed previously, and Janoose the Goose, tells a wonderful story about the growing bond between a boy and his dog. The book, with its appealing illustrations and element of mystery, is a fun tale that will make an enjoyable read aloud for youngsters and that will be great for beginning readers as well. Holiday says that Sidney is based on a puppy that her brother Ike's dog Sheeba had. He named it Sidney Reilly after a spy series they watched together and loved. When the puppy was eleven months old, Ike died of a heart attack, and Sidney came to live with her. I give The Spy Game five stars! What will Eddie and Sidney’s next case be?