The Stamp of God Almighty: Made by the Triune God

The Stamp of God Almighty: Made by the Triune God


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The Stamp of God Almighty: Made by the Triune God by Godfrey Okoro Godfrey

Man is created in the image and likeness of the Lord God.
Too much religion!
But is it? When you look at yourself carefully, you would see the identity of the Lord God on you. You do not need any Holy Scripture or anybody to inform you that a Three-in-One God created you. Your facial features are three in one. Your entire body, your hands, your legs, your fingers, your toes, the lines on your palms and virtually everything you see around you that you can ascribe the direct creation of the Lord God. You would see the mark or the stamp that the Lord has placed on them, just as on your own self. You would see nothing different from the sign of three.

Take a look at yourself. How many major parts do you have? Three. The head, trunk and limbs. Look at your head, specifically the face. How many major parts do you see? Three again! The eyes, nose and mouth - The mark of your Maker, the sign of the Triune God. This is not talking religion. This is practicality, if you usually prefer the expression. Now, look at the eyes. How many sections does your eye have? Three. The pupils, the iris and the cornea. Le&tacute;s take the nose. Look at the shape of the entire nose. What shape does it have? Triangle; Look at the end of the nose downwards, what shape do you see. Triangle. Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue. What shape. Triangle. This is basically the stamp of the Lord God Almighty. Everything about the Lord reflects the three. We come to the limbs. Every arm and leg is divided into three major sections. We have the upper arm, the lower arm and the hand. On the hand we have the palms, the fingers and the back part. On each palm, we have three lines crossing. On each finger, we have three segments. Our legs are the equivalent of these. We have the upper leg, the lower leg and the foot. The foot like the hand can be divided into three. The toes each have three sections.

Man is an embodiment of three in one parts - that is the trinity. This is because mańs maker is recognized for signs, and has placed his stamp on just about every part of his highest and fovourite creation on earth - man. Thus the stamp on man is the trinity. Yes, man is stamped trinity; that is three in one. The Earth we live in can only be divided into three. The North, the South and the middle section, known as the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere and the Equator. The things we have to deal with can only be placed into three categories or states. We have the gaseous, the liquid and the solid states.

Another strong evidence is that everything around us is three dimensional. Tha&tacute;s yet another big plus for the Trinity argument. Mind you, I have not touched a single scripture. We put the Bible by the side and we see that everything around us echoes Trinity, Trinity and Trinity. We have water in three states - solid. Liquid and gaseous states. It is very evident that the Lord is God of signs.

Therefore it is conclusive that the multiplicity of three signs in man cannot be an accident. This is manifested in the way man has sort signs or reacted to signs. Thus it is evident that the Lord God has put a disposition to signs in man, as a way of his understanding the deeper things of life.

Taking a little scripture for support, we can find established and explained these things. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: (Rom 1:20)

Read this book and see the true evidence of the Trinity in creation even without using any evidence from the Bible or any pro-Trinitarian book.

This book is not for Christians alone. It is for Judaists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists and any other group of individuals. The information contained herein shall assist in unraveling the knot of differences that have separated many individuals and religions, in an unnecessary perennial divergent view point.

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ISBN-13: 9781505585506
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Pages: 152
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About the Author

Godfrey Okoro Godfrey is an evangelist who has written quite a number of books of both Christian and secular orientations. His greater inclination is to his Christian publications which he uses to pursue his greatest love - evangelism. Godfrey sees evangelism as the greatest medium to propagate the truth in today's Christianity that is repetitively embracing extraneous ideas. He has held many positions of importance in the church, and has been a member of some church groups. Thus he may be defined as experienced in many matters relating to the church. Yet Godfrey finds this experience insufficient when compared to the time he spends reading the Bible, from which the Lord has been blessing him with remarkable insights. Godfrey was a victim of the influence of erroneous church doctrine, and understands the multi-dimensional negative implications of this. He therefore makes every effort to save his brethren from the snares of church bigotry.
Godfrey is exceptionally gifted. He opens the doors of ideas that have constituted a mystery to religious scholars. He writes with an insight reflective of the authority of revelation. You could hardly read Godfrey's books without being amazed at the audacity of his revelations.

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