The Star Child

The Star Child

by Stephanie Keyes
4.6 9

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The Star Child by Stephanie Keyes

The world is about to be cloaked in darkness.
Only one can stop the night.

Kellen St. James has spent his entire life being overlooked as an unwanted, ordinary, slightly geeky kid. That is until a beautiful girl, one who has haunted his dreams for the past eleven years of his life, shows up spinning
tales of a prophecy. Not just any old prophecy either, but one in which Kellen plays a key role.

Suddenly, Kellen finds himself on the run through a Celtic underworld of faeries and demons, angels and gods, not to mention a really ticked off pack of hellhounds, all in order to save the world from darkness. But will they make it in time?

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BN ID: 2940016755014
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing LLC
Publication date: 09/19/2012
Series: The Star Child Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 321
Sales rank: 1,188,613
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The Star Child 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Fayth97 More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful read. It catches you up right away and doesn't let go of you until you reach the last page, and then, you are waiting for the next book!! Luckily I had purchased the 2nd book at the same time I purchased this one. Now all I have to is wait for the next one....sigh.... ;)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it! Well written and unique story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very enjoyable read. As a young boy, KellenSt. James, must shoulder the burden of a father who really doesn't seem to care for him and the disappearance of his mother. His grandmother seems to be the only one who understands what he is feeling when he has visions and dreams of a beautiful girl named Caliente. You just love to dislike the father! After graduation, Kellen St. James sets off on an amazing adventure and meets up with the lovely Caliente. Together they must travel through the Celtic underworld to save the world. I am anxiously awaiting part 2 of this series.
Cheerfulchic More than 1 year ago
Graduation was a turning point for Kellen St James - it had a whole new meaning! This well-written, and intruiging fantasy was a delight to read. It will appeal to all ages if you enjoy escaping into a land where anything can, and does, happen. At each twist and turn the plot carries you along as Kellen discovers the truth about his past, present AND future. I'm looking forward very much to reading the second novel in this amazing series!
DrunkenFaeGirl More than 1 year ago
Ms Keyes is fast becoming one of my favorite authors! Her writing is fresh and unique, catching new readers like butterflies on watermelon. I'm positive she watches us fly off to tell all of our friends all about the deliciousness and where to find it for themselves. The beginning of Kellan and Calienta have me tight in their grasp and I'm dying to know what happens next.
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in The Star Child Series. I really enjoyed it! Kellen St. James is a wonderful character. I liked him a lot. He is kind, considerate and pretty cool. Unfortunately, I struggled to connect with this character on an emotional level. I heard about this book on a blog I was following at the time, it sounded interesting so I bought a copy. Unfortunately, this book has been sitting on my bookshelf since it was first published way back in 2012. However, due to my large reading list, I've only now been able to get to reading it. Since I first purchased the book, it has been re-edited and re-released in 2014. Therefore, I can only review what I've read. This story is told through the eyes of Kellen and takes the reader on an amazing journey from America to the wild shores of the Irish coast. I don't often read books from a male point of view, so it made a nice change to read Kellen's story. There are several unusual characters in this book, but Calienta is one that has been constant through Kellen's life. She has visited his dreams for years, but when they finally meet in person, she tells him of the prophecy and the part he plays in it. This book has everything one could wish for in a fantasy novel, faeries, demons, angels and gods. However, there was one long, large scene in faerie that confused me. I felt I was in a scene from the '90's television series "Twin Peaks". Nothing made sense and I struggled with wanting to put the book down, or continue reading in the hopes that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. I decided to keep reading. The scene still made no sense in the end but, I persevered and managed to finish the book with no regrets. The tale is intricately woven with legends of Celtic origin. I love the world building in this story. I did find the prophecy that Kellen was supposed to help bring about to be a little flimsy. Being as this book has been re-edited, the confusing scene may have changed as well as the flimsy prophecy, so I cannot comment further. I reached the end of the book with a sense of deep foreboding and a shiver down my spine, so am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Stephanie Keyes has written an imaginative tale that kept me entertained for a few hours. I love her writing style, which is not as fast paced as some YA novels I have read. However, it was fast enough to keep me turning the pages. The flow was wonderful too. I recommend this book to young readers aged 16 and above, and to adults who love to read YA Science Fiction, or books with Celtic faeries, demons, angels and gods. - Lynn Worton
lovelygen13 More than 1 year ago
I have to be honest and say that I am a girl that judges a book by its cover (I know I should be ashamed). When I got an e-mail to review the third book in this series, I loved the cover of the third book and thought, “Let’s give this series a chance and start reading it.” I got the first book and started reading immediately. I do not regret reading this story at all. It has everything a Fantasy/Paranormal story has: faeries, gods, goddess’, prophecies, evil guys, underworld, hellhounds…it’s packed! This story takes Kellen St. James into a wonderful and daring journey. He has lived his life feeling unwanted by his dad and his brother, only having his grandma’s love and attention. He graduates and finally moves out on his own, where he meets Calienta, a goddess. They had met long ago and seeing each other again, brings back emotions they didn’t know they really had. Calienta introduces Kellen to the prophecy, telling him he is the one that will combat evil and win—he doesn’t believe so, seeing as he is an ordinary human boy. Once the journey starts, he realizes that he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than to be with Calienta and help her save her family in an unknown world. The description of the whole story comes to life before the reader’s eyes—it’s so vivid and wonderful to imagine everything so clearly. Kellen decides to help Calienta save her family and he stays brave throughout it all, he stays truthful to himself, never straying from the path of good. Something that caught my attention a lot was how willingly the gods are to give up immortal life—become mortal so they can be with the love of their life, who are mortal humans. It’s touching and beautiful, altogether. It also shows how willing one can be to want to help others, even in the fantasy realm.
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
After being told his mother died when he was a small child, Kellen St. James finds himself being shipped off to boarding school. The only benefit was that he was near his grandfather Alistar, who truly cared about him. His father, Stephen, has always been emotionally distant and uninterested in Kellen's life, that is until he finds out that Kellen is childhood prodigy, then he makes arrangements for him to attend Yale at the age of 13. Kellen is now 17 years old and graduating from Yale. Of course, his father doesn't even make an effort to show up. After his mother's passing, the only love he was shown was from his Gran in Ireland, and he loved her dearly. Upon her passing, he received a letter stating that she had left him everything, including a trust, which enables Kellen to finally break free from his father. When Kellen was a young boy, he had an encounter with a beautiful young girl whose name was Calienta on the beach at his grandmother's home. Since that time, he has dreamt about her every night. He is unsure if she is a dream or if she is real, but he is determined to find out. As he prepares to head to London, and then Ireland, he begins to have even more intense thoughts and visions about Calienta. Upon his arrival in Ireland, he finally meets her, but this meeting is not what he expected. In fact, meeting Calienta changes Kellen's life forever, as he finds himself to be part of an ancient prophecy in a world filled with mythical beings. The question is will he and can he accept his destiny and can he fulfill his destiny before time runs out? Star Child is an interesting fantasy. Kellen seems fairly normal in the first part of the book, which focuses more on Kellen's history and that of his family, laying the foundation for what is to come. It isn't until about one-third of the way in that you begin to see the mythological element introduced. It took me several chapters to get into the book, but I did like Kellen's character. I found the plot interesting, and enjoyed the fantasy aspect of this book. I loved the Irish setting and Stephanie Keyes did a wonderful job describing that and making it come alive. Calienta was a different sort of character, and was intriguing. Overall, I found this to be an entertaining and interesting read. Keyes has created and imaginative and exciting world in this novel. If you enjoy YA fantasy that combines, mythology, faeries, and supernatural beings, you might want to check The Star Child out.
AVoraciousReadr More than 1 year ago
An ok read. Kellen St. James is a genius, has a butthead brother and a father that’s a real piece of work. At least he has a grandmother and grandfather who love him. Unfortunately, neither can make it to his graduation from Yale at the age of 17. His grandfather was too ill to travel and his grandmother had died before his graduation. Of course, his father and brother didn’t make it either, but then Kellen didn’t expect them to. Jerks.  Ever since he was six Kellen had dreamed of a girl named Calienta that he told his grandmother he met on the beach near her cabin in Ireland. When his grandmother dies and leaves him her cabin and a large nest egg, Kellen heads there after his graduation. After a few days of settling in, Calienta shows up and tells him a story about a prophecy. A prophecy that involves him. That’s when things get whacky. This book started out strong, but stumbled in the middle before finishing with a too tidy ending. I liked Kellen a lot. He was fully fleshed out and well-developed. Calienta, on the other hand, never made it past two dimensional for me. And the instalove between the two felt forced. The description of Kellen’s journey into Faerie was interesting and could have been expanded upon. The big ending was a bit of a let down. However, the epilogue looks interesting. I’m intrigued. All-in-all this was an ok read. *Many thanks to Inkspell Publishing for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page on my blog.