The Stars of Earth - New and Selected Poems

The Stars of Earth - New and Selected Poems

by Emily Grosholz
The Stars of Earth - New and Selected Poems

The Stars of Earth - New and Selected Poems

by Emily Grosholz


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Poetry. Emily Grosholz weaves elements of philosophy, mathematics and the sciences into her experience of the social and natural world, to produce wise and cosmopolitan poetry of high lyricism. THE STARS OF EARTH starts with new poems chronicling the months of a year lived and observed, followed by selections from Grosholz's previous volumes in chronological order. This rare treasury spans four decades of Grosholz's acclaimed poetry.

"Emily Grosholz is a poet of radiant intelligence, patient lyricism, and meticulous craft. She has a gifted naturalist's regard for the living world and wherever she looks that world, for its part, offers her its poetry. With a philosopher's wit and a mathematician's eye for beauty, she can link geometry and physics to the apricot color of a robin's breast. She also writes with great empathy for her subjects. THE STARS OF EARTH collects four decades of her elegant and excellent work. We are lucky to have it."—Mark Jarman

"Compressed on the page then wafting ever outward on wings of imagination, fine poetry and fine theorems are first cousins. Or, more rarely, in poems like Emily Grosholz's, twins: 'Timid and fluid rainbows / Over the nacreous surfaces / Of shells, on peacock feathers / And soap-bubbles, appear / Whenever incident light / Reflects off nether and upper / Laminae of films, one wave train / Tagging after another / Like a younger sister.' Read this book."—Marjorie Senechal

"I admire Emily Grosholz because of the sounds her poems make. She is always experimenting, even when the results seem effortless. The cunning irregularities are what most compel: the reader is never allowed to relax. The general readers among us are admitted courteously to the civilizing company. The heart, not as a hackneyed valentine but as a living muscle, is always present as pulse and passion. The overwhelming sense these poems give is of affirmation."—Michael Schmidt

"THE STARS OF EARTH is that rarest of books. Emily Grosholz chronicles everything from love to loss, childhood to marriage to parenthood. She explores two continents and the minds of scientists, artists, friends, long-lost family. And as befits a poet-philosopher whose pursuits include the philosophy of mathematics, she achieves potent mixes of the daily and the deep: Nietzschean thought served up in a deli; a toddler's first steps along 'the frail parabolas of love.'"—Melissa Balmain

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ISBN-13: 9781773490052
Publisher: Able Muse Press
Publication date: 10/16/2017
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Emily Grosholz was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and attended the University of Chicago and Yale University. Since 1979 she has taught at the Pennsylvania State University, where she is now Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Philosophy, African American Studies, and English. Her first book of poetry, The River Painter, appeared in 1984; her most recent book, Childhood, has been translated into Japanese, Italian and French, and has raised $2500 for UNICEF. She has lived in France, Germany, and the UK, and traveled to Japan, Russia, Costa Rica, and around the Mediterranean and the Baltic. She and her husband, Robert Edwards, raised four children in State College, Pennsylvania, on the flanks of the Tussey Ridge, countryside that they and their neighbors, with the ClearWater Conservancy, are working to protect and preserve. Her book, Great Circles: The Transits of Mathematics and Poetry, will be published in 2018 by Springer. THE STARS OF EARTH: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS (Word Galaxy Press, 2017) is her eighth book of poetry.

Table of Contents

A Year (2016)

5 October

11 November

18 December

27 January

35 February

45 March

51 April

59 May

65 June

70 July

76 August

82 September

The River Painter (1984)

95 Gathering of Friends, after the Fall of the Sung Dynasty

97 On an Album Leaf by Ma Yuan

98 The River Painter

101 Belleville, Paris, France

97 rue Compans 101

106 Greece

109 Covering Ground: Bicycling, Running, Hiking

117 Science

122 Germany

134 Mortality

Shores and Headlands (1988)

143 The Gold Earrings

145 The End of Summer

147 Nietzsche in the Box of Straws

151 Exchanges

154 Vagabondage in Sonnets

158 Letters from La Plata

171 Roman Elegies

175 Philosophy

180 Prothalamia

Eden (1992)

193 On Spadina Avenue

195 West Wind

196 Commuter Marriage

201 Waiting for News of Jackie’s Firstborn

202 Elegy

203 Pilgrims

205 Revisiting Philadelphia

219 Revisiting Paris

72 rue Lepic 221

223 A Son

229 Cassis

233 Home

The Abacus of Years (2002)

243 The Abacus of Years

245 Anna

247 Rondo, Andante

249 Ben

256 Robbie

265 William and Mary-Frances

271 England

280 More Philosophy

295 Acknowledgments

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