The Stay At Home Chef Family Favorites Cookbook

The Stay At Home Chef Family Favorites Cookbook

by Rachel Farnsworth
The Stay At Home Chef Family Favorites Cookbook

The Stay At Home Chef Family Favorites Cookbook

by Rachel Farnsworth


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A beautiful hardcover cookbook containing all the family and fan favorites from the popular Stay-at-Home Chef website.

Rachel Farnsworth, also known as The Stay-at-Home Chef, has long been known by her fans and followers as someone who is relatable and down-to-earth, but her recipes are what really make people fans. The Stay-at-Home Chef Family Favorites Cookbook is a complete cookbook that includes all of Rachel’s family and fan favorites. Featuring traditional favorites like smothered pork chops and baked meatloaf as well as less-traditional favorites like lasagna-stuffed chicken and brown butter garlic angel hair pasta, this complete cookbook will cover every meal for every occasion — from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. With recipes for main dishes along with salads, sides, breads, soups and stews, as well as cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats, current fans and new followers alike will find everything they expect from one of YouTube's most popular home cooks.

Here's what's inside:
  • Over 200 amazing recipes for every meal and every occasion.
  • Beautiful hardcover binding and incredible photography throughout.
  • QR codes for every recipe that link to a video that shows how to make the recipe.
  • Insightful tutorials for cooking essentials like baking bacon, making gravy, cooking a perfect steak, and more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780744063592
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 10/04/2022
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 97,930
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Rachel Farnsworth is the founder of The Stay-at-Home Chef, where she shares her restaurant-quality recipes and lighthearted cooking videos with followers from across the globe. Her focus is creating satisfying meals that every family can enjoy, keeping them simple and using everyday ingredients so anyone can make delicious meals at home. Her audience has grown significantly over the years, but her mission has always been the same—to create restaurant-quality recipes that anyone can create at home. She shares her creations on her Stay-at-Home Chef blog, as well as through Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, where she has over 4.3 million followers.

Table of Contents

Introduction 10

1 Getting started

About rachel 12

How to use this book 14

Common substitutions 16

2 Breakfasts of champions

Made-to-order baked frittata 20

French toast 23

Perfect pancakes 24

Simple quiche 25

Simple sausage gravy 26

Best bran muffins ever 28

Loaded hash brown breakfast casserole 29

Homemade breakfast muffins 30

Perfectly easy homemade waffles 32

Cooked bacon (two ways) 33

Best homemade cinnamon rolls ever 34

3 Tasty little things

Authentic italian bruschetta 38

Deviled eggs (two ways) 40

Cheesy spinach-artichoke dip 41

Homemade salsa 43

Best buffalo chicken dip 44

Roasted guacamole 45

Cream cheese wontons 46

One-skiilet queso fundido with chorizo 48

Quick-and-easy hummus 49

Cranberry salsa 50

4 Pork, the other red meat

Bone-in marinated pork chops 54

Baked boneless pork chops 56

Sunday pork roast 57

Crispy fried pork chops 58

Smothered pork chops 61

Honey dijon-garlic-roasted pork tenderloin 62

Apple-glazed roasted pork loin 63

Baked pork ribs 64

5 Don't worry, beef happy

Steak bites and gnocchi 68

Authentic philly cheesesteak 70

Classic roast beef 71

Momma's meatloaf 73

Classic sunday pot roast 74

Stuffed bell peppers 75

Sloppy joes 77

Baked meatballs 78

Braised beef short ribs 80

Garlic-brown butter beef tenderloin 81

Perfectly cooked steak 83

Swedish meatballs and gravy 84

Easy Chinese pepper steak 86

Steakhouse-style horseradish-crusted prime rib 87

6 Winner winner chicken dinners

Baked chicken drumsticks {four ways} 90

Mom's chicken pot pie 93

Garlic-lime skillet chicken 94

Crispy baked chicken thighs 96

Lasagna-stuffed chicken breasts 97

Roasted chicken 98

Chicken parmesan 101

Baked chicken nuggets 102

Cajun-style stuffed chicken breasts 103

Crispy fried chicken 104

Classic chicken a la king 107

Mom's chicken cacciatore 108

Baked bbq chicken 109

Quick-and-easy lemon chicken 110

Baked buffalo chicken wings 112

Baked chicken wings (alternative flavors) 115

Chicken salad 116

30-minute chicken lo mein 117

Classic chicken marsala 118

Chinese-takeout orange chicken 121

Baked chicken meatballs 122

Chicken and rice casserole 123

30-minute butter chicken 124

Moroccan chicken gyros 127

7 Pasta la vista, baby!

Old-fashioned beef stroganoff. 131

Pasta carbonara 133

Stovetop macaroni and cheese 134

Baked ziti 135

The most amazing iasagna 136

Marinara sauce 138

Penne rosa 139

Cacio e pepe 141

Easy couscous 142

Brown butter-garlic angel hair pasta 144

Easy olive oil pasta 145

Pasta pomodoro 147

15-minute shrimp scampi 148

Creamy cajun chicken pasta 150

Creamy chicken casserole 151

8 Seafood (and eat it)

Baked salmon (four ways) 155

Easy broiled lobster tails 156

How to cook crab legs 158

Tuna-stuffed avocado 159

How to cook shrimp 160

Scallops (four ways) 162

No-mayo tuna salad 164

Pan-seared white fish 165

Beer-battered fish and chips 167

9 South of the border

Beef enchiladas 170

Beer-braised carnitas 173

Grilled carne asada 174

Green chile-chicken enchiladas 176

Fish tacos 177

Shrimp ceviche 179

Tacos al pastor 180

Beef barbacoa 182

Easy weeknight chicken tacos 183

Fajitas (steak or chicken) 185

Ultimate nachos 186

10 No-lettuce salads

Avocado caprese salad 190

Cucumber salad (two ways) 192

Mom's macaroni salad 193

German potato salad 195

Creamy american potato salad 196

Rachel's infamous egg salad 197

Street corn salad 198

Simple black bean and corn salad 200

Italian pasta salad 201

Cucumber-tomato salad 203

11 Eat your veggies

Steakhouse-style garlic mashed potatoes 206

Yellow squash casserole 208

Roasted butternut squash 209

Parmesan roasted broccoli 211

Cheesy scalloped potatoes 212

The creamiest mashed potatoes 213

"garlic bread" roasted potatoes 214

Cinnamon-honey butter mashed sweet potatoes 216

Easy green bean casserole 217

Easy fried cabbage 219

Garlic butter-roasted brussels sprouts 220

The best green beans ever! 221

Honey-roasted carrots 222

12 We go together like beans and rice

Classic baked beans 227

Mexican-style black beans 228

Cheesy rice pilaf 229

Spanish rice 230

Cilantro-lime rice 233

13 Bread is life

Best dinner rolls ever 236

Perfect french bread 239

Irish soda bread 240

Rye bread 241

Garlic-parmesan-herb bread 242

Italian-style pizza dough 244

Naan (four ways) 245

Flaky old-fashioned biscuits 247

Mom's quick buttermilk cornbread 248

Homemade soft pretzels 249

Quick breads 250

Ultimate garlic bread 252

Homemade bread 253

British scones 255

14 The delicious little extras

Rachel's green sauce 258

Pickled red onions 261

Easy chimichurri sauce 262

Homemade gravy 263

Homemade butter 264

Nacho cheese sauce 266

Buttermilk substitutes 267

Overnight refrigerator pickles 269

15 Yes! soup for you!

Easy street corn soup 272

Old-fashioned beef stew 273

Chicken noodle soup 275

Old-fashioned chicken and dumplings 276

Creamy cauliflower vegetable soup 277

Potato leek soup 278

Tomato basil soup 280

Creamy carrot soup 281

Mom's chicken and rice soup 283

Butternut squash soup 284

No-fuss chili 285

30-minute chicken tortilla soup 286

16 Let them eat cake!

The most amazing chocolate cake 290

The most amazing white cake 292

The most amazing vanilla cake 293

Flourless chocolate cake 295

Traditional pound cake 296

Red velvet cake 297

Fresh berry chantilly cake 298

Strawberry cake with strawberry chantilly cream 300

Gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting 302

Coconut cake with coconut cream cheese frosting 303

Angel food cake 304

Perfect buttercream frosting 305

7-minute frosting 306

Cooked chocolate fudge frosting 308

Sweetened condensed milk frosting (two flavors) 309

Chocolate ganache 311

Ermine frosting 312

Perfect pastry cream 313

17 Me want cookies!

Bakery-style cookies (six flavors) 316

Chocolate chip-shortbread cookies 318

Perfectly soft sugar cookies 319

Rachel's perfect chocolate chip cookies 321

5-ingredient peanut butter cookies 322

Cinnamon roll cookies 324

Chocolate kiss cookies 325

Chocolate turtle cookies 327

18 Treat yo'self!

5-minute fudge 330

Best brownies ever 332

Cheesecake cupcakes 333

Old-fashioned cobbler 335

Homemade churros 336

Grandma's homemade caramels 337

Luscious lemon bars 338

Hot fudge sauce 340

Easy crème brulee 341

Foolproof pie crust 342

Homemade lemonade 344

Slow cooker apple cider 345

Decadent italian-style hot chocolate 346

Old-fashioned eggnog 347

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