The Stealth Virus

The Stealth Virus

by Prof Paul D Griffiths


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Paul Griffiths, Professor of Virology at the Royal Free Hospital and University College London studied medicine at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London and has spent his professional life in medical virology. He has an international reputation, unrivalled expertise and insight into the effect that viruses can have on patients and their families.

Professor Griffiths uses this experience and stories of real patients to demonstrate how cytomegalovirus has avoided detection and treatment for so long. He introduces you to CMV, an intelligent virus which evolved millions of years ago intending to infect everyone on the planet during childhood, spreading silently throughout the world whilst remaining unrecognised. Professor Griffiths explains how modern living has jolted this stealth virus out of its complacency, rapidly altering the conditions it needs to survive. Over a period of 100 years (a blink of the eye in evolutionary time) humans have changed their world to become cleaner, longer living life forms which avoid childhood infections, have babies later in life, swap organs during transplantation and even suppress their immune systems with drugs or HIV.

Professor Griffiths describes how and why this virus has come out of obscurity to become a top target for elimination. Although you may never have heard its name, there is a good chance that you, your family and your friends have encountered it. After you have heard The Stealth Virus tell its own story, its victims are given a voice too. This book describes how CMV is being confronted and introduces the researchers who will defend us against its insidious and sometimes devastating consequences.

This book brings medical virology to life. It is dedicated to those who have encountered The Stealth Virus and to those who have declared war upon it.

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