The Stillness of the Living Forest: A Year of Listening and Learning

The Stillness of the Living Forest: A Year of Listening and Learning

by John Harvey


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It started with a personal commitment to sit an hour each week for a full year in the same spot in the woods. John Harvey's intention was to reconnect with nature and observe the flow of natural life through the four seasons. As Harvey settled into his weekly routine of visiting his "sit spot" and fully engaging his senses, rich and illuminating experiences began to unfold. His encounters with nature included seeing and listening to a plethora of birds, from tiny wrens to large hawks, from sweet-singing warblers to rattling woodpeckers; enjoying the sight of seasonal plants such as wild violets, trout lily, and skunk cabbage; sitting out in the open during weather events that ranged from glorious warm summer sunshine to an Alberta clipper in the winter; and spotting the occasional deer and even a black bear. In all cases, Harvey sought to observe, listen, appreciate, and learn. Learn he did—about the birds, animals, plants, and trees that surrounded and intrigued him. But his remarkable encounters with nature also facilitated self-discovery, fostered insight, and nurtured empathy and intuition.

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ISBN-13: 9781947067592
Publisher: Shanti Arts LLC
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Pages: 240
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About the Author

John R. Harvey, Ph.D. is a naturalist and consulting psychologist who resides in the Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. John grew up in rural Wisconsin where, with the encouragement and example of his parents, he developed a lifelong interest in the outdoors, conservation, and understanding the natural world. As a psychologist Harvey works with children and adults with developmental and acquired challenges of learning and memory. He has an abiding interest in relaxation training, stress management, and personal development. He is the author of Total Relaxation: Healing Practices for Body, Mind and Spirit; Deep Sleep: Complete Rest for Health, Longevity and Vitality; and a contributing editor for The Quiet Mind: Techniques for Transforming Stress. Obtaining his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Harvey served for many years as Director of Psychology at Allied Services in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and was an adjunct faculty member at the University of Scranton. His years of experience as a clinical psychologist help him to appreciate the healing potential of a nature connection. Keep up with John's latest sit spot adventures at

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