The Stork Mis-Delivered - Twice

The Stork Mis-Delivered - Twice

by April D Brown


Mistie Jolin escaped a past she'd rather forget. Buried deep. Hid the former abuse from her mind, and memory, like unwanted baggage. No one would go looking for her past if she lived up to her dreams. Paved her own way to a bright future.

Or so she believed.

People began to talk. Shadows of a past better buried stalked her every advance. She must face her fears, the past, and those she has come to trust.

Mistie's history unravels around her. She uncovers nightmare generational abuse on a scale she never imagined. Never knew she had been part of. Didn't want in her past, or future.

Knowing her true past haunts her. Hurts. Damages her present. Will those she trusted will allow her to recover and become a real person, rather than a shadow that creeps on the wall and follows her every move? Will Mistie ever trust again?

48 Chapters
81,535 Words
6 X 9 Print - Arial Size 12 - 309 pages
7 X 10 - Arial size 16 - 353 pages

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ISBN-13: 9781974309610
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/16/2017
Pages: 410
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

April Brown's fascination with history, science, and social science lead her on a quest to uncover forgotten societal mythology. New solutions to old queries will be uncovered in the future, through studies of the past. Her novels and novellas, while adventures, are written in a more classical style, without extreme action, romance, or violence. Characters think before they act. Sometimes, this leads to trouble.

Her nonfiction is often written at the request of others. Gluten (and allergy) free cookbooks, include tips for tricks for people with multiple common disabilities, including poor memory, low vision, and limited dexterity. Journey Through Life Lists was written at the request of friends with serious memory loss planning their future, and desperate to remember their past. VoiceOver with the Brailliant Braille Display was designed for personal use, when there was no written manual for learning to use a screen reader for the first time as a middle-aged adult.

The clear path April Brown dreamed of as a child had roadblocks no one could foresee. Of those, the loss of memory caused far more concern, than the loss of hearing and vision. Deafblind and doing fine, most of the time. After all, vision, and hearing, can be internal, as well as external. With the help of her husband, cats, and dogs, she wanders along the path that unfolds slowly before her. The one she tried to push away as a teen. Writing doesn't come as easy now as then. Though, it seems far more impactful. Full of hidden vision, wonder, and forgotten sounds and odors.

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