The Story of George

The Story of George

by Cathie Halpin


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"Hello, Sprout," said the ant.
"I'm not Sprout," said George. "I'm George."
"Well then, come with me, George. We can be ants together. We'll learn all kinds of stuff and grow up to be warriors of the ant hill!"
"I can't," said George. "I don't know much, but somehow I think I have to stay put here-where I am." "Well, that sounds kinda boring!" The ant blurted.

And so begins an unlikely friendship between an acorn sprout, named George-who knows he's small-and an ant, named Atlas- who thinks he's big. Little do they know, they will embark on an adventure that will grow them both and teach them things that just may save their lives.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781484104262
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/11/2013
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.10(d)

About the Author

Cathie has always loved good stories. It was her delight growing up to hear her Mother, the daughter of Polish immigrants, tell her the fascinating stories of her own parents travels through Ellis Island and of their life during World War II and the Great Depression.
Bringing her love of stories full circle, she and her husband Mike spent countless hours sharing stories and books with their four daughters. The family stories grew through many delightful years filled with camping, hiking, mountain excursions, and dinners around the table. Table time was always filled with talk of art or music, stargazing and, of course, great books. Mike and Cathie continue these traditions with family members and friends from their home in Kansas. The story of George is the fulfillment of Cathie's life-long dream to create adventures for young minds and old, combining original artwork and timeless lessons.

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