The Story of Methodism

The Story of Methodism

by Paul Hutchinson, Halford E. Luccock


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The Story of Methodism by Paul Hutchinson, Halford E. Luccock

Contents: Meet John Wesley; A Tale of Two Villages; A Nursery Epic; Student and Missionary; A Prayer Meeting and What Came of It; The Very Soul That Over England Flamed; How They Sang a New Day into Britain; Men of Mighty Stature; Methodism Crosses the Atlantic; The Birth of a Church; The Afterglow; The End of the Long Trail; Methodism in the New Republic; Methodism's Man on Horseback; Camp-Meeting Days; The Winning of the West; The Missionary Spirit; Methodist Breaks and Fractures; Southern Methodism; Through the Civil War and Beyond; A Spiritual Forty-Niner; The Tale of the Years in Many Lands; Forming a World Parish; High Hours in a Church's History; The Battlefields of Reform; The Unification of American Methodism; and Methodism Since World War I.

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ISBN-13: 9780687063871
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication date: 08/16/2001
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter I.Meet John Wesley!13
1.A London Crowd Two Hundred Years Ago
2.On a Soap-Box
3.A Family Reunion
4.Londoners All
5.A New Message
Chapter II.A Tale of Two Villages28
1.In Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire
2.King and Commoner
3.Patron and Parson
4.History Springs a Surprise
Chapter III.A Nursery Epic35
1.Nineteen Children!
2.Susannah Wesley
3.On the Fifth Birthday
4.Samuel Wesley
5.John Wesley's Birth
6.Boyhood's Highest Hours
7.David Looks at Goliath
Chapter IV.Student and Missionary50
1.The Oxford Undergraduate
2.Choice of a Life-Work
3."Leisure and I Have Said Good-By."
4.The Holy Club
6.The Moravian Influence
Chapter V.A Prayer Meeting and What Came of It65
1.Aldersgate Street
2.Days of Spiritual Conflict
3.After the Great Change
4.The Hour of Destiny
6.Wesley Moves Out of Doors
8.A Lord Bishop is Scandalized
Chapter VI."The Very Soul That Over England Flamed"83
1.The Poet's Picture
2.What Wesley Attempted
3.Wesley the Traveler
4.Methodism and the Industrial Revolution
5.Typical Days in Wesley's Work
7.Facing the Mob
8.The Wesley Message
9.The Duchess of Buckingham is Insulted
11.Methodist Conferences
12."Captains Courageous."
Chapter VII.How They Sang a New Day into Britain105
1.A Joyous Religion
2.Charles Wesley
3.What Methodism Sang About
4.Typical Hymns of Charles Wesley's
5.John Wesley's Hymns
6.Other Methodist Hymn Writers
Chapter VIII.Men of Mighty Stature120
1.Rise of the Lay Preachers
2.What Lay Preachers Accomplished
3.Wesley's Discipline
4.John Nelson
5.John Haime
6.Silas Told
7.Alexander Mather
8.Thomas Walsh
9.Helpers in the Church of England
10.George Whitefield
11.William Grimshaw
12.John Fletcher
13.Thomas Coke
14.Vincent Perronet
15.Women of the Methodist Movement
Chapter IX.Methodism Crosses the Atlantic141
1."Who Will Go?"
2.Religious Awakenings in the New World
3.Beginnings in New York
4.In Maryland
5.The First Methodist Preachers Land
6.The Coming of Asbury
7.The American Revolution
8.After the Revolution
9.Wesley's First Ordinations
10.Coke and Asbury Meet
11.The Christmas Conference of 1784
Chapter X.The Birth of a Church162
1.The First Societies
2.Life in the Methodist Societies
3.The Class Meetings
4.Step Into a Class Meeting
7.The Question of the Sacraments
8.A Church
Chapter XI.The Afterglow180
1.After the Tide Turned
2.The Measure of a Life
3."He Never Folds His Legs."
4.Typical Days in Wesley's Life
5.Wesley the Reader
6.Wesley the Thinker
7.Wesley the Theologian
8.Wesley the Religious Pioneer
9.Wesley and Social Issues
10.Wesley the Organizer
11.Wesley the Man
Chapter XII.The End of the Long Trail202
1.Charles Wesley's Passing
2.Wesley the Aged
3.The Closing Scene
4.What Did Wesley Accomplish?
Chapter XIII.Methodism in the New Republic213
1.George Washington's America
2.Francis Asbury's Methodism
3.The Circuit-Riders
4.Freeborn Garrettson
5.Jesse Lee
6.Heroes All
Chapter XIV.Methodism's Man on Horseback232
2.Asbury's Episcopal Area
3.What Asbury's Road Was Like
4.Asbury's Religious Contribution
5.Asbury the Dictator
6.The Better Side of Asbury
7.The End of the Long Road
Chapter XV.Camp-Meeting Days252
1.As an Englishman Saw Us
2.A Child of the Frontier
3.The Social Importance of the Camp Meeting
4.Why Methodism Used the Camp Meeting
5.Camp-Meeting Preachers
6.The Frontier Church
7.William McKendree
8.Peter Cartwright
Chapter XVI.The Winning of the West285
1.Westward Ho!
2.The First Melting Pot
3.The Man on Horseback
4.Getting on the Ground
5.The Oregon Mission
6.Saving the Great Northwest
7.In the Gold Rush to California
Chapter XVII.The Missionary Spirit301
1.Thomas Coke
2.John Stewart
3.The Missionary Society Launched
4.The First Foreign Mission
5.South America
Chapter XVIII.Methodist Breaks and Fractures319
1.Gains and Losses
2.The O'Kelley Movement
3.The First Breaks in England
4.The Methodist Protestant Church
5.The Break Over Slavery
6.William Booth
7.Why These Losses?
Chapter XIX.Southern Methodism335
1.How the Break Came to the South
2.The Birth of the Southern Church
3.The Southern Church and the War
4.Since the Civil War
5.Efforts at Reunion
6.Facing the Future
Chapter XX.Through the Civil War and Beyond352
1.The Civil War
2.The Centenary Celebration
3.The Founding of Colleges
4.The Methodist Book Concern
5.Laymen in the General Conference
6.Women in the General Conference
Chapter XXI.A Spiritual Forty-Niner376
2.Out of Virginia's Hills
3.In California
4.Off to Australia
5."Driven Back and Forth the World."
6.Bishop for Africa
Chapter XXII.The Tale of the Years in Many Lands393
1.'Round the World in Thirty Minutes
2.British Wesleyanism
3.Other Methodist Bodies in England
4.In Ireland
5.In Canada
6.In Australia and South Africa
7.In the South Seas
Chapter XXIII.Forming a World Parish410
1.Thoburn and India
2.Progress in India
3.Development in China
4.South America and Africa
5.The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society
6.Foreign Mission Changes in Fifty Years
Chapter XXIV.High Hours in a Church's History437
1.The Freedmen's Aid Society
2."Building Two a Day."
3.The Rediscovery of Youth
Chapter XXV.The Battlefields of Reform463
1.Militant Methodism
2.The War Against the Liquor Traffic
3.The Battle for a Christian Social Order
Chapter XXVI.A Living Church in a Broken World482
1.When the World Exploded
2.The War
3.The Centenary
4.Problems on a World Scale
5.Methodism's Future

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