The Story of Princess Victoria

The Story of Princess Victoria


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ISBN-13: 9781546262176
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/17/2018
Pages: 30
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.08(d)

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Victoria is a young lady who lives with her parents and her younger brother. Her parents own a famous bakery in Barcelona named De'Victoria Bakery that started back in the 1900s. One day Victoria's father, Ferdinand, had the idea to move to the States to open a Spanish bakery. After much research and talk with the family, they decided to move.

Ferdinand's younger brother took over the family business in Barcelona so Victoria's family could move to the States. Victoria was ten years old and her brother, Alfonso, was three years old when they moved. They grew up in a big house and went to school where they made lots of friends while their parents worked at the bakery. The bakery is a famous place where families visit and have the most delicious Spanish pastries in all Fort Lauderdale. On the weekends, the kids spend a couple hours helping their parents in the bakery.


It is Victoria's eighteenth birthday.

Ferdinand asked, "Victoria, what do you want to do for your birthday? It is a big one."

Victoria said, "Let's go on a cruise, Dad. I want to explore the Caribbean islands."

Ferdinand said, "Well, a cruise it is."

It was the first time the family had gone on a cruise. They got on the ship and the kids were amazed by how big and beautiful the boat was. After they unpacked, the whole family explored the ship by checking the stores, restaurants, and what shows were playing on that day and the other six days. Victoria's family went to the welcome counter and booked tours in Key West, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas. The first night on the ship Victoria was eating at the restaurant with her family and she noticed a handsome man sitting at the table next to her. He looked at her and said, "Good evening!" Victoria's eyes just lit up.

After dinner, Victoria went for a walk and saw the handsome man she had seen at dinner.

As he approached Victoria, he says, "Hi, my name is Phillipe."

Victoria replied, "Hi, I'm Victoria."

They smiled, and Phillipe walked off to meet his parents.

The first stop was in Key West. While Victoria and her family were at a restaurant having lunch, Prince Phillipe happened to walked by with his family and from a short distance he waves "Hi" to Victoria. He then kept walking with his parents. Victoria and her family had a great time in Key West. They stopped in the many stores on Duval Street, and, of course, they returned to the ship with lots of souvenirs from the island.

Back on the ship that evening, Victoria and Phillipe met and went for a walk until it was time for dinner. While walking, he told her who he was and where he was from. She couldn't believe she was talking to a prince! They decided to sit by the pool and talk about their families, his royal experiences, and how wonderful it was for them to meet and spend time together. They agreed to get together the next day since it was time to meet their respective families for dinner.


Day three was at sea. The prince knocked on Victoria's door to ask her if she wanted to have breakfast with him and his family, but her parents said no. While Victoria and her family were at the pool, Phillipe walked by and invited Victoria and Alfonso to watch the Star Wars show with him at 3:00. Her parents gave them permission to go with Phillipe. Since Victoria, Alfonso, and Phillipe had plans, Ferdinand and Sofia went to see a 1980's show where they happened to see Phillipe's parents across the way of the theater where they were sitting.

On day four, the ship stopped in Puerto Rico.

"What a beautiful island!" said Victoria.

The best part about stopping in Puerto Rico was that the people spoke Spanish, and Old San Juan looks very Spanish so it felt like their home away from home. While walking, they stopped in a store where Victoria saw a beautiful blue and purple bracelet. Ferdinand could see how his daughter loved the bracelet, and since it was her favorite colors, he wanted to buy it for her as a memory from Puerto Rico. Somehow, the prince found out that she had bought the beautiful bracelet. Knowing that soon they would be separated, he bought her a charm with two red hearts as a symbol of their time together and to always remember him by. After enjoying a day in Puerto Rico, and its Spanish food, it was time to go back to the ship.

The fifth day was at sea. It was another day at the pool and watching shows that were scheduled for that day. At one point when Victoria and her family were at the pool overlooking the ocean, they spotted a family of dolphins swimming next to the ship. It was so beautiful! Later that day, Phillipe and Victoria met again and had snacks on the boardwalk.

On the sixth day the ship stopped in St. Thomas. The whole family went to the beach and on the way back, before returning to the ship, they stopped to shop at the different kiosks. Once they were back on the ship, everyone was so tired that they decided to go to dinner and just relax.

Soon it was "Captain's Night" and everyone had to dress up. Victoria wore a beautiful purple and blue dress with sparkling white stones all over it. Prince Phillipe looked stunning in his black suit with a light blue shirt. It just happened that both families were to be seated at the same time. So, they decided to sit together. They talked about their time on the ship, their different tours they booked on the islands, and they shared their stories about their lives in Spain.

The cruise was coming to an end. Day seven, which was the last night on the ship, it was a sad day for Prince Phillipe and Victoria since they were not going to see each other again. They asked their parents if they could keep in contact. "Of course!" they said to them. So, they shared phone numbers and hoped that one day, when Victoria returned to Barcelona, they could see each other again.

It was time to leave, and Phillipe could see Victoria's watery eyes while he was saying good-bye to her.


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