The Story of the Nations: Mexico

The Story of the Nations: Mexico

by Susan Hale

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The Story of the Nations: Mexico by Susan Hale

The Story of the Nations: Mexico by Susan Hale

Illustration: The Convent of Capuchinas. (Last Prison of Maximilian.)
Chapter 1. The Subject.
Chapter 2. Shadowy Tribes.
Illustration: Valley of Tula.
Chapter 3. Toltecs.
Illustration: Column from Tula.
Illustration: Ruins Found at Tula.
Illustration: Quetzalcoatl.
Chapter 4. Chichimecs.
Illustration: Portico at Kaboh.
Chapter 5. Nezahualcoyotl, the Hungry Fox.
Chapter 6. Texcuco.
Chapter 7. Michoacan.
Illustration: Vase in the National Museum, Washington.
Chapter 8. Mayas.
Illustration: Casa del Gobernador, Uxmal.
Illustration: Statue from Palenque.
Illustration: Tablet of Cross at Palenque.
Illustration: Mayan Bas-Relief.
Illustration: Statue of Chaak Mool.
Illustration: Zamna.
Chapter 9. Aztecs.
Illustration: Organ Cactus.
Illustration: Idol in Terra-Cotta.
Illustration: Canal outside the City of Mexico.
Chapter 10. Mexicans.
Illustration: Stone of Tizoc.
Illustration: Sculpture Representing Human Sacrifice.
Chapter 11. Aztec Character.
Illustration: Court of the Museum at Mexico.
Illustration: Vase. Museum at Mexico.
Chapter 12. The Last of the Montezumas.
Chapter 13. Cortés.
Chapter 14. Malintzi.
Chapter 15. Tlaxcalla.
Chapter 16. La Noche Triste.
Chapter 17. Conquest.
Illustration: Pyramid at Teotihuacan
Chapter 18. Doña Marina.
Chapter 19. Indians.
Illustration: Early Pottery.
Chapter 20. The First of the Viceroys.
Illustration: Cathedral at Morelia.
Chapter 21. Fray Martin de Valencia.
Illustration: Puebla de Los Angeles.
Chapter 22. Other Viceroys.
Chapter 23. Humboldt.
Illustration: Temple of Xochicalco.
Chapter 24. Revolutions.
Chapter 25. Hidalgo.
Illustration: Cactus Hedge.
Chapter 26. Morelos.
Chapter 27. Yturbide.
Illustration: Panorama of Puebla.
Chapter 28. Santa Anna.
Chapter 29. Still Santa Anna.
Illustration: Indian Hut in the Tierra Caliente.
Illustration: Cathedral--City of Mexico.
Chapter 30. Society.
Illustration: The Viga.
Chapter 31. Rumors of War.
Illustration: Valley of Mexico
Chapter 32. War Begun.
Illustration: Monterey, Mexico.
Illustration: General Taylor.
Chapter 33. Puebla Lost.
Illustration: General Winfield Scott.
Illustration: Siege of Vera Cruz
Chapter 34. Chapultepec Taken.
Illustration: Battle of Molino del Rey Sept 8th 1847
Illustration: Storming of Chapultepec Sept 18th 1847
Chapter 35. Benito Juarez.
Illustration: Benito Juarez.
Chapter 36. French Intervention.
Illustration: Archduke Maximilian.
Chapter 37. The Empire under Protection.
Illustration: San Luis de Potosi.
Illustration: Chapultepec in the Time of Maximilian.
Chapter 38. The Unprotected Empire.
Chapter 39. Maximilian.
Illustration: Head-Quarters of Juarez at San Luis de Potosi.
Illustration: The Convent of Capuchinas. (Last Prison of Maximilian.)
Chapter 40. End of the Episode.
Chapter 41. The Last of Santa Anna.
Chapter 42. Porfirio Diaz.
Illustration: Zapotec Ornament.
Illustration: Image of a Zapotec Chief.
Illustration: President Porfirio Diaz.
Chapter 43. Physical Advantages.
Illustration: Aqueduct in the City of Mexico.
Chapter 44. Future.

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