The Storytime Craft Book: Hands-on Projects Based on Favorite Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Stories, and Songs

The Storytime Craft Book: Hands-on Projects Based on Favorite Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Stories, and Songs



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The Storytime Craft Book: Hands-on Projects Based on Favorite Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Stories, and Songs by Kathy Ross, Vicky Enright, Elaine Garvin

Storytime can be a quiet time before bed. But on those long raing afternoons, storytime can become an exciting new interactive experience! Each of the seventy-nine projects in this book is designed to enhance the telling of a nursery rhyme, a children's story, a song, or a fairy tale. Each of the craft projects includes step-by-step illustrated instructions. Older children will be able to follow them independently, while younger children can fully participate in the simple constructions with some parental help. The materials for each project are listed, and can easily be found around the house. So get out the scissors and paste along with your favorite books, and make storytime an exciting hands-on experience.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780761318439
Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/12/2003
Edition description: SPIRAL
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 9.14(w) x 10.16(h) x 0.84(d)
Age Range: 5 - 8 Years

Table of Contents

Note to Parents and Teachers7
Nursery Rhymes8
Little Bo Peep Sleeve Puppet10
Squealing Piggy12
Old Woman's Shoe Magnet14
Jack and Jill Party Hat16
Peter's Wife in a Pumpkin Shell18
Patty Cake Baby20
Four-and-Twenty Blackbird Pins22
Horn-Blowing Boy Blue24
Rolly Poly Humpty Dumpty26
Old Mother Hubbard's Dog28
Egg-Laying Black Hen30
Runaway Dish and Spoon Puppet31
Clock and Mouse Costume34
Spider Car Antenna Friend36
Tart-Stealing Knave38
Old King Cole's Crown40
Mistress Mary's Bouquet42
Crying Kitten Soap Dispenser44
Pull Out a Plum From the Pie46
Wee Willie Winkie Nightcap48
Key Fish Magnet50
Children's Songs52
Bear over the Mountain Puppet54
Old MacDonald's Barn56
A Pocket Full of Posies58
The Old Man Is Snoring Puppet60
Twinkle Star Finger Puppet62
Black Sheep Lapel Pin64
Jack-in-the-Box Pop-Up66
Changing Face Cup Puppet68
Green and Yellow Basket Necklace70
Finger Puppets of the Whole Family72
Rocking Baby Toy74
Farmer and Friends in the Dell76
Tippy Teapot78
Your Own Pretty Horse80
Bug-Eating Frog on a Log82
People on the Bus Going Up and Down84
Washed-Out Spider86
Find Bo Peep's Sheep Wheel88
BINGO Marker Can90
Children's Stories92
Raggedy Ann Pin94
Elephant Treasure Keeper96
Take the Toys up the Mountain98
Bear Hug Puppet100
Grease Paul Bunyan's Griddle102
Huff-and-Puff Wolf Puppet104
Little Red Hen Recipe Holder106
Soft Sculpture Town and Country Mice108
Hide Peter in the Watering Can Puppet111
Spinning House114
Three Bears Family116
Flying Peter Pan118
Growing Nose Pinocchio Puppet120
Hand Wings Henny Penny122
Frog Prince Magnet124
Running Gingerbread Boy126
Racing Tortoise and Hare128
Bambi Puppet130
Bursting Mitten132
Smart Crow Puppet134
Fairy Tales136
Talking Bear138
"Rapunzel in Her Tower" Puppet140
Seven Sleepy Dwarfs142
Stapler Blankets144
Thumbelina in a Flower Glove Puppet146
Box Puzzle148
Rags to Riches Cinderella150
Little Red Riding Hood Cup Puppet152
Climbing Jack Puppet154
Lunchbag Gingerbread House157
Sad Then Happy Princess158
File Folder Emperor160
Spool Elves162
Swan Puppet164
Magic Fish-in-the-Ocean Puppet166
Beast to Prince Doll168
Frog Puppet170
Story Box Theater172
Wake Up Puppet174
About the Author and Artists176

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