The Strength of Love

The Strength of Love

by Jayne Amanda Maynes

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The Strength of Love by Jayne Amanda Maynes

“Let me ask you something. If your religion teaches love how do you feel about this wedding?” I asked.
“I'm not sure. From everyone I've talked to since I got here it seems you and my sister do love each other, but according to everything I've been taught it's wrong for two people of the same sex to get married,” they said.
“Your sister? Heather is your sister? I need to ask one more question then, are you here because you want to be here, or are you here because you didn't feel you had a choice?” I asked.
“I love Heather, but it was our understanding she was already married to someone named Alexandra. I know dad said she wasn't part of the family any longer when she told us that fifteen years ago. I never said she wasn't my sister, but everything about her marrying another woman goes against what we were taught,” Erin said.
“That didn't answer my question,” I said.
“Mom and I are here because Heather is still our family and we do love her, but I still think her being married to another woman is wrong,” Erin said.
“Thank you for being honest, I'll wait for my baby sister to come do my makeup, or I'll do it myself then,” I said.
“You don't think I would do a good job?” Erin asked.
“I don't think you'd do your best. If you can't support Heather and I getting married because of your religious beliefs I can't see you being able to set those religious beliefs aside when your doing your job and I'm not willing to take a chance of looking anything but my best for the woman I love with everything in me,” I said.
“But you don't understand, I love Heather and would never do anything to hurt her,” Erin said.
“Except tell her you don't approve of me as her life partner because I happen to be a woman,” I said.
“I didn't say that,” Erin said.
“Didn't you? I do believe you said you think our marriage is wrong because of your religion. You implied that our marriage is worthless because your religion teaches conditional love which isn't love. Love holds no conditions for another. It is giving fully of yourself because it is the right thing to do, even if the person you love doesn't agree with your beliefs. Your love for Heather is conditional or you wouldn't have put those magazines in here to start with since those magazines talk about mine and Heather's marriage as an abomination, and say it's wrong because it goes against the teachings of a book no one really knows how old, and goes against what science has proven to be true time and time again,” I said.

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Publisher: Jayne Amanda Maynes
Publication date: 03/09/2016
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About the Author

I was born in April 1955 as the heir to my father. My older brother should have been, he had the same initials as dad, but he was mentally retarded and had a heart condition from birth. According to my mother she knew from the time I was growing inside her that I would be a boy and the heir they had hope my brother could have been. I have known for as long as I can remember that I was different that there was something not right about me. I am a M2F (male to female) transsexual. I am currently on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy); I started on HRT October 1, 2007. I have been in therapy for GID (Gender Identity Disorder) since February 2007. I have not set a time yet for completing my transition to becoming the woman I know I am inside. There are so many things involved in transitioning that most people have no clue about. The differences between the sexes are so vast and all of my life I have led a life that just never fit who I am inside. I have learned so much and yet there is still so much that I still don’t know about being the woman I always knew I was.

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