The Studio Book

The Studio Book



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ISBN-13: 9780789310071
Publisher: Rizzoli
Publication date: 11/19/2003
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 8.81(w) x 8.84(h) x 1.04(d)

Table of Contents

Beach Bungalows and a Pool: The Billy Al Bengston Studio26
An Abandoned Potato Chip Factory: The Charles Arnoldi Studio34
History and a Private Beach: The Gregory Ghent and Xtopher Seldon Studios40
A Place to Regroup and Create: The Roseline Delisle Studio46
Homage to Van Gogh in Arles: The R.B. Kitaj Studio52
An Everyman's Castle: The Roger Herman Studio60
For a Master Violinist: The Jascha Heifetz Studio68
An Ojai Retreat: The Beatrice Wood Studio74
An Eclectic Studio and a Minimal Studio: The Elena Siff and Sam Erenberg Studios82
Frank Gehry's Former Office: The Manfred Muller Studio88
A Woodworker and a Chicken Coop: The Sam Maloof Studio94
Designed on a Paper Napkin: The Robbie Conal Studio100
Glass Panels Framed in Wood: The Alice Corning Studio106
High Ceilings, Light, and a Cupola: The Ed Moses Studio112
"A Case Study Beach Shack": The Tom Schnabel Studio122
Room to Walk Around: The Harrison Houle Studio128
Two Studios: The Studios of Nathan Oliveira134
An Oasis of Incongruity: The Woods Davy Studio142
A Square and Triangular Space: The John McCormick Studio148
Broken Bench Bindery: The Gail Sulmeyer Studio154
"Earthquake-Proof in a Contrary Way": The Art Carpenter Studio160
Once a "Ramshackle Farmhouse": The Laura Cooper and Nick Taggart Studio168
A Downtown Loft: The Fred and JoAnne Balak Studio174
"My Ship at Sea": The Fletcher Benton Studio180
North Light and a Pool: The Hubert Schmalix Studio188
Simplification and Light: The Huguette Caland Studio196
Space for a Photographer: The Julius Shulman Studio204
A Former Carriage House: The Kate and Odom Stamps Studios214
Fire, Earthquake and Mudslide: The Kim McCarty Studio222
Re-Imagining a Medical-Arts Building: The Simon Toparovsky and Randy Franks Studios228
A Barn and a Garage: The Kurt Ernest Steger and Libby Hayes Studios234
Among Orange Groves: The John Nava Studio240
Mediterranean Villa with a View: The Miriam Wosk Studio246
A San Francisco Row House: Tjasa Owen Studio254
Enthusiasm for the Tropics: The Robert and Lorri Kline Ramirez Studio260
Tor House and Hawk Tower: Robinson and Una Jeffers' Studios272

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