The Summerland

The Summerland

by Elizabeth Cheryl


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When Abigail Parker moves to Salem, Massachusetts, with her Aunt Bridgette, nothing makes sense from the moment she arrives. A familiar but unknown voice whispers words of reassurance. Her aunt's behavior is confusing at best.

When Bridgette's gravely injured, Abigail desperately seeks help from a spell book she found in her closet. But something goes terribly wrong. Abbey is hurtled three centuries backward in time.landing in a vastly different Salem.

It's summertime 1692 - the infamous witch trials are in full swing and Abigail's sporting pink nail polish and a tattoo. Abigail finds William, the source of the familiar voice and something much more. However, she must return to modern Salem to retrieve the spell book.

Can she do so in time to save her family and without exposing herself to accusations of witchcraft? Most importantly, how does she leave when she's just finding love?

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ISBN-13: 9781937254391
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Publication date: 03/31/2012
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.55(d)

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The Summerland 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
CelticGirlAZ More than 1 year ago
The Summerland is populated with truly intriguing plots and characters. Ms. Cheryl's knowledge of her subject was quite clear and made the story fascinating. I am waiting with bated breath for the next installment.
liznicknes More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put it down! The book was mesmerizing and Elizabeth did such fantastic job of pulling me into the story I felt like I knew the characters personally. Beautifully written and I can't wait for the next book!!