The Sword and the Dragon (Revised): The Wardstone Trilogy

The Sword and the Dragon (Revised): The Wardstone Trilogy

by M. R. Mathias
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The Sword and the Dragon (Revised): The Wardstone Trilogy by M. R. Mathias

Deemed One of the Top 10 indie Fantasy releases of 2010 by Fantasy Book Critic, and listed in the first ever Publishers Weekly Indie Select issue, the original 235k word epic title was written in longhand in a Texas prison cell by M. R. Mathias.

The Sword and the Dragon (Revised) is a Fully polished version that includes two Wardstone Short Stories. One is a piece of flash fiction called "The Blood of Coldfrost." The other is a Short Story called "Roar." These tales can only be found in print, in this volume.

"The Sword and the Dragon"

When the Royal Wizard of Westland poisons the king so that his puppet prince can take the throne and start a continental war, a young squire is forced to run for his life carrying the powerful sword that his dying monarch burdened him with from the death bed.

Two brothers find a magic ring and start on paths to becoming the most powerful sort of enemies, while an evil young sorceress unwillingly falls in love with one of them when he agrees to help her steal a dragon's egg for her father. Her father just happens to be the Royal Wizard, and despite his daughter's feelings, he would love nothing more than to sacrifice the boy!

All of these characters, along with the Wolf King of Wildermont, the Lion Lord of Westland, and a magical hawk named Talon, are on a collision course toward Willa the Witch Queen's palace in the distant kingdom of Highwander. There the very bedrock is formed of the powerful magical substance called Wardstone.

Who are the heroes? And will they get there before the Royal Wizard and his evil hordes do?

Whatever happens, the journey will be spectacular, and the confrontation will be cataclysmic.

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ISBN-13: 9781478234579
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/28/2012
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 612
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.30(d)

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The Sword and the Dragon (Revised): The Wardstone Trilogy 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Sword And The Dragon M. R. Mathias -Spoiler Free- The second I saw the cover, I knew this book would be good. Grated, I am a bit biased because I LOVE Epic Fantasy, but this story I found particularly intriguing. The second you start reading the first sentence of his novel, you're transported to a world of Fantasy. I don't know how to describe the opening of this story as anything other than gorgeous. The writing is breath taking, as well as informative. You're not left guessing what's happening or where you are because it's put out in front of you, right off the bat. This leaves any Fantasy lover grinning from ear to ear, captivated by what's to become of Gerard Skylar, and later many other fascinating characters you won't be able to get enough of. Now, I am to understand that this is only the first of a trilogy, which is GREAT because you will definitely be left wanting more. All in all, this story is fast paced and as intriguing as any novel written by the great J. R. R. Tolkien, himself! I recommend this story to any Epic Fantasy lover! It's truly a must read and will no doubt become another great classic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Sword and the Dragon - The Wardstone Trilogy-Book I is an epic tale of three boys coming of age in a time of great trouble in a land filled with humans, elves, Wizards, Zardmen, and dragons. Hayden and Gerald are two mountain brothers just looking forward to the small adventure of an annual local festival, and friendly archery competition. But destiny has a way of changing all that. Hyden is given the gift of a hatching hawk, and Gerald a magic ring. The brothers are soon set on different paths, ones that they could have never imagined. The third boy is the King’s own squire, sent on a dangerous mission - to deliver the Great Sword to the Giants - by the King when he is poisoned by his own Wizard. Mikahl struggles to complete his quest against impossible odds, as the three boys’ fates are wrapped tightly together when the Old Wizard unleashes the depths of hell on the known world, and Mikahl and Hyden have to learn to use their newly discovered skills to defeat the now demon-powered Wizard and his unstoppable army of the undead. When I started this book I wasn’t sure could get through it. It is 600 pages long, and the first part spends a lot of time filling the reader in on the history of the realm, but when the story gets to the part where Gerald climbs the Dragon Spire to steal the dragon eggs, the story really picks up. The plot twists start coming fast and furious, and don’t let up until the very end. The depiction of the battle carnage is a bit too graphic for my vivid imagination, but I kept reading…. I wanted to know how Mikahl and Hyden could possibly defeat the death and destruction that was rolling across their kingdom. As an adult, I am always somewhat appalled by stories that have four or five teenagers saving the world from annihilation. I always wonder “where are the adults? And what are they doing…why are these kids the only ones who can save the world?” But in this well-written adventure, Mikahl and Hyden really are the only ones who can save the kingdom. The book is nicely edited, the characters well developed and the plotline unpredictable. A really good read!
Romuald Dzemo More than 1 year ago
The Sword and the Dragonis a stunning opening to the The Wardstone Trilogy by M. R. Mathias, an author whose work will leave readers with the same sentiments they have when they read Tolkien; it is epic and enthralling. The king has been poisoned by the powerful Royal Wizard who has dark plans for the throne, and upon his death bed, he entrusts a young squire with a delicate mission: to carry a powerful sword. Two brothers become enemies over a magical and coveted ring. Then there is the hunt for the Dragon egg. Each of the characters, both the good and the evil, desire one thing: get to the very center of magic where Wardstone is created. This book creates the kind of atmosphere readers find in Lord of the Rings, a well-written story with a lot of suspense to whet the readers appetite and compelling characters that are hard to leave behind. M. R. Mathias is a master storyteller and his work is the fruit of full blown imagination. I cant wait to read the next books in the The Wardstone Trilogy. Engaging conflict, fast-paced story, and powerful characters! This one is a masterpiece.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Sword and The Dragon is a story with Giants, elves, humans and dragons. It is excellently written. The characters are all introduced in their own town/village and you see them grow and mature. They all eventually end up crossing paths and becoming great friends. Its great how realistic the relationships are. How close Hyden and Gerard are but go their separate ways is good, but sad. Mik is also one of my favorite characters with emotions that make him very realistic, theres humor, self-doubt, bravery, fear, sadness and love. Its a great story with suspense, action and humor. It was a long read but so worth it! I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a new fun fantasy series to read.
JLaper More than 1 year ago
THE SWORD & THE DRAGON by M.R. Mathias is the first book in the Wardstone Trilogy where we are introduced to wonderful characters as they start out on their own journeys that will result in them crossing paths. Each character is within their own plot line of the story that will ultimately lead to the climax of them all coming together. They are easy to identify and understand as they grow over the length of the story and understanding the decisions they have to make as an individual makes them more realistic. As the story progresses the writing is done with the pace of the story, picking up where it needs to and adding suspense where it needs it. You can catch on what is gone to happen before you even read it and that says a lot in my opinion. I enjoy the fact that I can play what is going on my head like a moving picture while reading. Which says a lot about the writing style of the author and the way it was formatted is done very well. The cover for the book is appealing to me. It fits with what the book is about and with the dragon perched in a watchful by calms positions show the calm before the storm. There are bits and pieces of the story that I didn’t like and there is a few editing issues but they do not hinder the story flow. They just made me stop and go back over the sentence to better understand what was being said due that there is a wording issue. The characters are their own persons and I get frustrated by the way they handle some situations they are faced with and I want to yell at them and knock some sense into them. However, that is a sign of a good author. There was no connections made to the characters just a lot of frustration, which in a way is connecting with them I guess. The chapters are broken up between each story line and within each chapter are progressions of the story. Though I don’t like that one part of the story stops and it moves on to another art before coming back to the first one it works to keep the story flowing. This is a fantasy story with Wizards, Giants, and Magic so of course it would be unrealistic and it delivers. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to read something new within the fantasy genre, teen and up would be better due to the complexity of some content.
Shannon_Luster More than 1 year ago
Magic, ring, and sword: this book is a good fantasy… The Sword and the Dragon, written by M.R. Mathias, centers around a young squire who has to embark on an urgent quest. Shortly before dying, the king entrusted a magical sword to this young squire, prompting him, in turn, to flee for his life and to also keep the object trusted to him safe. Meanwhile, a magical ring rips two brothers apart, and a sorceress falls in love with one of the brothers, further propelling the story along. But at the risk of revealing too much about the plot of the book, I will say no more about that. Personally, I liked the magical world that author Mathias creates. From the development of the characters to the introduction of magical characters, especially the dragon, I find the overall story content interesting. It was clear that Mathias was influenced by, but not limited to, authors J.R.R. Tolkien as well as George R.R. Martin. However, the story can shift sometimes from character to character that at points, I found myself having to go back and reorient myself. I noticed that this happened especially when I started reading again after placing this book aside for a little while. Overall, I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars for the reasons above.
lizasarusrex More than 1 year ago
It's always so bittersweet to start a long book with characters that are so easy to get attached to. On one hand I feel a sense of achievement and excitement that I finished this book, while I'm sad I have nothing left to read about the characters I spent so much time reading about. There are characters you'll love to hate, and there are others who fit the brave and loyal hero role, perfectly. This is your very definition of an epic fantasy! There's so much action with amazingly described battle scenes. The story flows well once you get the hang of how it transitions from each scene. The story as a whole is an investment for the reader. There is so much going on here, and a lot of information that you must absorb to fully understand the plot. There is so much in this book with dragons, wizards, elves, mystical creatures and you wrap them all up with high adventure and you've got a pretty great book!
jessiesouthie More than 1 year ago
This story combines love, fear, hatred, adventure, and epic fantasy all in one. It is very well written and a very intense read. However, there seems to be a lot that going on with such a short book. There are so many different story lines to follow, it seems as though it could be put into multiple books, possibly with companion novels or something, and that would allow more detail to each story so it didn't seem rushed at all. All together it was very well put together and I very much enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys epic fantasies as it is one of the most intense I have seen in a while.
Ebienic More than 1 year ago
Hyden is annoyed that he doesn’t get to make the climb this year, but all the Elders are counting on him to win the archery tournament. When his brother comes back with more than enough for him, he doesn’t think twice about letting his brother keep the bauble he found, even though technically his brother was on his climb. When they visit the fortune teller’s tent, neither Hyden nor Gerard can believe her prediction, even when it starts to come true. Hyden thus sets out on a journey to become Hyden Hawk, bearer of the legacy of Dahg Mahn, friend to elf, king, Seawardsman, and all creatures, not the least of which his faithful hatchling, Talon. Can he take on the mantle of Dahg Mahn and fight the growing evil, as those in the ancient stories? He isn’t sure he can bear such a burden, but he may not have any choice. In the Sword and the Dragon M.R. Mathias sets up the Wardstone Trilogy, and it reads like an epic fantasy. Kingdoms are warring, demons are emerging, prophecies are being fulfilled and questioned. All the heroes are reluctant, but necessary. The traipsing over the known world - utterly required by epics - is prevalent and there are many magical and mystical creatures encountered. Although the story dragged a bit I was enchanted by the back stories and the slow reveal of the prophetic nature of the quest, and honestly quite impressed by the realistic humanity displayed in the motivations of both the good and bad guys, to the point where I felt some degree of dismal sadness for the role that the bad guys played, even though it had to be so for the story to progress. I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy, and hope it sets up a new universe for more stories to unfold.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fans of Tolkien, George R.R. Martin and other authors of this genre should find this to be an enjoyable fantasy epic. This is book one of a trilogy, but it doesnt feel that way. Its definitely a whole tale in its own right. The ending was satisfying but did leave room open for a future, but didnt leave you with that cliffhanger that many book one of… tend to do. The story is a bit slow to build and there are a lot of people to try and keep straight, but I think the effort and patience is well worth it in the end. The story pretty much has it all. There are two brothers who find a magical ring and then have a hawk hatch and bring about the beginnings of a prophecy that will take the brothers on a course to battle evil and defend their world against darkness that was released by the designs of an evil wizard. They will find their fates entwined in a cast of characters that span the races and imagination. There are kings and lords. Elves and dwarves. Sprites and witches. There is magic both good and evil. This is a world where the animals have a voice of their own and again have a man to hear them. It was easy to see where the inspiration for this book came from and as a lover of the fantasy genre in general, I was pleased to see little snippets of familiarity but not so much so that the story didnt feel fresh and exciting. I really did enjoy getting to know Hyden, Gerard, Mik, Loudin, Vaegon, Talon, Willa, Grr and the rest of the cast both good and evil. Im looking forward to book two.
MichaelBeas More than 1 year ago
Wow! The Sword and the Dragon (The Wardstone Trilogy Book One 1) by Author M.R. Mathias are just Epic and Breathtaking in a whole other level. Look out George Martin there’s a new kid on the block and his name is M.R. Mathias. My love for fantasy book begins and ends here. I absolutely love the mystery and action that comes with this piece of literature. Brothers become adversaries, a wonderful love story flourishes and intertwines as the book develops into a unique and original storyline and plot. If I had to come up with one word for this book it would be, Spellbinding.  This is definitely one of those books that will take your mind to a different place. The evil King Wizard, for me, keeps you on your toes the entire time and tees me up for Book 2 in the trilogy. I should mention that the good guys are hard to spot since most of them are mystical creatures, but as you read along you will begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together and see which character takes which side. As of the brothers, their hatred grows by the minute and it doesn’t seem to stop at nothing. I can’t wait to get started on the next book! 
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
Upon King Balton’s untimely death, Mikahl was tasked with delivering a message and the king’s magical sword to the King of the Giants. Along his journey he aligns with an elf, and a couple of others, and form a lasting bond to the end. I was emotionally drained by the time I finished this story. I had so much invested in the characters that I felt their pain too. Be forewarned, this is a very long story. But it was well worth the read. I didn’t like that it left the fate unknown for some, but I could tell that the story will continue, and I can’t wait to read it. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To be honest, I am use to reading from a girl's perspective in books and, most of the time, from one point of view; it's just normal to me. Of course, this book is much different. I found the characters interesting and they entrapped me into their fantasy world. The world building is clear and wonderful. The flow of the story is well done; it keeps you moving forward at a steady pace. Did I mention that the editing on this is also great? Nothing is perfect, but this book was very well done. --Ashley M.
JohnHarding More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I've read by this author and it will not be last. I'm a huge Game of Thrones fans and hoped this book would give me the same thrills as the Martin books. It absolutely did. I loved the detail of both the characters and the whole new world. The intricate plots, the epic scale and the dramatic action are everything I could have hoped for. For all fans of this genre this is a must read. Highly recommended.
Danielle-Marie More than 1 year ago
An excellent fantasy tale, following your typical good vs. evil theme. This book gives you a lot of adventure and action. A true fantasy world with monsters, magic, evil wizards, and giants - this book sucked me in and I found myself lost within its pages. The Sword and the Dragon is the kickoff to the The Wardstone Trilogy. Mathias is a master at creating a world where magic abounds, and the depth of his fantasy world is astonishing. There are so many characters to love and hate, and plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. I did find it hard to keep up with all the details of each character. Sometimes I found myself thinking that somethings were just not important enough to be writing about - but that did not take away from the story in any way, and before I knew it, I was finished. This is a fantastic story by an Indie author. Mathias is a very talented fantasy writer. I started with his Crimzon & Clover short story series, and am very happy to have started this series. Off to read book 2!
SuzReviewz More than 1 year ago
Title;The Sword and the Dragon (The Wardstone trilogy Book One) Author: M. R. Mathias Publisher: Self published Published: July 2010 Genre: Fantasy/Mythology Rating: ZZZZ ( 4 stars) Startzz”s out with a “Cliff Hanger” and the crescendo does not stop till the last page that makes you want to read the next two books. It takes the reader on an adventure right along with the characters and completely engrosses your imagination so there is no way to figure out what is going to happen. It transports you into a world where dragons, wizards, giants and dwarfs dwell amongst the humans who are on a quest of their own. The vivid descriptions of the places and beings will stay with you long after you finish this book. You will cheer for the brothers Hyden and Gerard and feel as if you are right there with them as they conquer and complete their journeys. It does everything that a fantasy read should do.. Transports you.. to another time and… place that only exists in your imagination and takes you away on an exciting trip.
M_Cesar More than 1 year ago
This is not the first series I have read into by M.R Mathias, but by far the is the best yet! It starts off simply with two teen brothers who are part of a clan which harvest eggs from a cliff face each year, selling those eggs to support their community. Yet Hyden, the elder brother, has been entered into an archery contest and so his younger brother Gerard climbs the cliff in his stead, whilst climbing he comes across a magical ring at the highest point of the cliff where climbers never normally reach. But these small events spark off a chain reaction as one of those eggs taken from the cliff hatches, fulfilling a prophecy of a coming magician who will be the owner and friend of a hatched bird. This book had a lot of depth to it, mainly due to the fact that the story takes place within seven kingdoms and the story follows many characters which come together at points creating a weaving effect that works really well. For example, another main character is a King’s page called Mikahl who is told to flee whilst the King is dying from being poisoned. Mikahl is to carry a magical sword to the King of the Giants, not realising he is the true heir to the throne and as such the sword is his. Later he meets Hyden and the two become friends on this journey, yet both characters are equally important in the major plot. This was the first book in The Wardstone Trilogy and this is a great start to the trilogy-story and a massive book, it’s over 500 pages! The book ended giving some clues as to where the story will lead to in the next book, but the story wasn’t itself left on a cliff edge. I think it would have been nice to see some of the individual smaller character stories not to end so cleanly at this point, but even saying that, I will definitely be putting the rest of the series onto my ‘to read’ list and will get stuck in once they are out! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes YA Fiction or Fantasy, the characters are loveable and the story is well planned and flows smoothly.