The Syndrome Y Solution: Emotional strength building for your underperforming, unmotivated, underachieving son

The Syndrome Y Solution: Emotional strength building for your underperforming, unmotivated, underachieving son

by Karen Chesnutt


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“Why didn’t somebody tell me about Syndrome Y before,” a parent said in response to being shown a copy of THE SYNDROME Y SOLUTION: EMOTIONAL STRENGTH BUILDING FOR YOUR UNDERPERFORMING, UNMOTIVATED, UNDERACHIEVING SON. “It makes so much sense now that somebody has explained it.”

If your son is having problems in school and disrupting family life at home and you can’t find a reason, this book offers proven help. Many bright and able boys are paralyzed by a puzzling set of symptoms characterized by problems at home, school, and in every-day life. But most of these boys, when tested, are found not to have any disorder that would explain their problems.

Every parent worried about an underperforming son should read this book. It tells the story of how a psychologist saw a distinctive pattern in many boys brought to her for testing because of problems at home and at school. Dr. Karen Chesnutt has identified a set of symptoms that she calls Syndrome Y. More important, she has devised a program of treatment that actually works. Building emotional strength is the key to overcoming underperformance, low motivation, and under-achievement.

Problems resembling Syndrome Y have been described in the past. Some data-driven and research-based books have hinted at Syndrome Y, but this is the first book to offer an effective way to deal with it. Dr. Chesnutt’s five-phase program is experience-based and practical. Her program is the first to deal with the “why” of Syndrome Y and to treat its underlying causes. Her approach is based on many years of experience as a parent, teacher, and psychologist.

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About the Author

Dr. Karen Chesnutt is a developmental psychologist whose private practice focuses on diagnostic work and therapy. She is well known for her ability to explain psychological concepts in ways that are clearly understood and that can be applied in life situations. People have sought out her evaluations because they "make sense." She has worked on interdisciplinary teams to develop plans for students with challenging disabilities.

Dr. Chesnutt has a Ph.D. in psychology. She completed her internship at Robert Warner Rehabilitation Center of Buffalo Women & Children's Hospital. She worked with head-injury patients at the center for several years after that. She also is a licensed teacher in New York State, holding a master's degree in education. Although Dr. Chesnutt's clients include many school age boys, she also works with patients of all ages and those facing difficult diagnostic questions. "I love the variety of challenges my patients present," she says. "I am interested in figuring out what the problems are and finding therapeutic techniques that work in resolving those problems." She has worked as a consultant to other programs, including Western New York Children's Psychiatric Center, Aspire of WNY, numerous school districts, the New York State School for the Blind, and the New York State Education Department. She is the current consulting psychologist at Bornhava, a specialized program for children with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Chesnutt has had particular success finding ways to test and treat patients with unusual challenges. "I hate to see someone with strong potential who is unable to use it. I like to identify a problem and then design a program to deal with the diagnosis," Dr. Chesnutt says. She is committed to working with parents and children and has received awards from Parent's Anonymous and the Speech and Hearing Association of Western New York.
She started her professional career as a teacher in a small rural district and decided to study psychology when she realized that she was good at working with students that many teachers were ready to give up on. Her work with identifying Syndrome Y and devising a treatment program is a direct outgrowth of her long experience and practical, but compassionate approach to therapy.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents


1. Stuck in Boyhood
2. The Five Primary Symptoms of Syndrome Y
3. A Perfect Storm -- The Why of Syndrome Y
4. What's a Parent to Do? A Five-Phase Program to Follow


5. First Phase -- Changing Your Mindset
6. Second Phase -- Changing the Environment
7. Third Phase -- Dealing with School
8. Fourth Phase -- Building Emotional Strength
9. Strategies for Building Emotional Strength
10. Fifth Phase -- Building Life Skills


11. The Emerging Adult
12. Syndrome Y and Other Disorders
13. Single Parents and Syndrome Y Boys
14. Questions and Answers

APPENDIX A Conventional Wisdom
APPENDIX B Educator's Resource for Syndrome Y

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