The Tale of the Bloodline: Le Couer Inspire

The Tale of the Bloodline: Le Couer Inspire

by Etienne de Mendes

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The Tale of the Bloodline Third in a series of books from Etienne de Mendes, takes the reader on a harrowing new adventure. Departing from the nineteenth century world of the first two novels, the story remains closely tied to the main character, Erik the former Phantom of the Opera. Awakened in a new millennium, no longer a man with the face of a ghoul, the Phantom discovers he still has a heart and it beats for the same woman that it always yearned for - Christine Daae. Plagued by memories that haunt every corner of his life, he searches for a way to bring her back to him. In the process he discovers not only his past, but the identity of the creature who shadows and guards him, the very personification of brotherhood - the manifestation of new life. Natura non facit saltum Nature makes no such leap. Or does it? Prepare for a ride into worlds spawned by the evils of pride and science. An intense graphic tale describing man's ability to create and the horrendous circumstances for making bold choices. "Of dust and earth and bone I'm made. I rose and came, when called - obeyed."

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Publication date: 12/15/2010
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