The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball

The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball

by JB Michaels

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The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball by JB Michaels

They are the Tannenbaum Tailors: elves charged with maintaining Christmas trees in homes around the world. Without the Tailors' efforts, families might lose their Christmas spirit. And this year, one team of Tailors will be tested like never before.

With the North Pole itself under attack, newly promoted Captain Brendan is assigned a special mission: conceal the source of Santa's power within a Christmas tree in Chicago. On Christmas Eve, Santa will pick it up.

The job would be simple, but the Tailors find themselves facing a serious threat—the thieving Spiritless elves, already responsible for sabotaging the North Pole Home Tree, will do anything to gain control of the very thing that makes Christmas possible.

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BN ID: 2940153527741
Publisher: JB Michaels
Publication date: 11/17/2015
Series: Tannenbaum Tailors , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 400,332
File size: 174 KB
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

J. B. Michaels, a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, has written stories since he was in fourth grade. He is a history teacher and department chair who loves his job.

Married and with a son, Michaels has a great love of family. He has two sequels recounting the further adventures of the Tannenbaum Tailors ready for publication. The Order of St. Michael: A Bud Hutchins Thriller is JB's first Young Adult book.

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The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
Strap yourself in. It’s going to be a bumpy ride aboard the Icicle ship. Will Captain Brendan and the Tannenbaum Tailors be able to save Christmas from the Spiritless Elves? Wouldn’t it be super if these wee folks were real? Imagine tiny elves scampering on your Christmas tree, making sure there’s no faulty wiring that will cause a fire and polishing the bulbs to make it merry and bright. And with any good adventure, there’s usually a bad guy or two. The Spiritless elves try to ruin the festivities and that’s where the action really begins. This was such a fun, action packed adventure and a whole new look at Christmas. I’d say it’s aimed at middle grade readers but don’t let that stop you mature readers from jumping in. I think you’ll find this joining your holiday reading list.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Readers Favorite by Gisela Dixon The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball (Volume 1) by JB Michaels is a children’s Christmas story. This is a cute book that revolves around the theme of Christmas and goodwill, and the conflict between good and evil. These classic themes have been given a slightly modern twist in this tale as we learn about the Tannenbaum Tailors who are the elves responsible for the Christmas trees, and Captain Brendan who is overseeing the protection of a special tree that contains the power of Santa. As these folks fight the Spiritless elves — the mean folks bent on destruction and mayhem — they also restore the joy and true spirit of Christmas in the process. The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball is a fun and entertaining read. Although it is based upon the usual battle between good and evil during the season of Christmas, the book employs a novel approach that makes it interesting. JB Michaels obviously feels strongly about the season of giving, and the plot is freshly woven and well written. I loved reading about the Tannenbaum elves and their adventures and, indeed, this is a book that both adults and children are sure to enjoy. The so-called Spiritless elves are equally entertaining to read about as they represent the bad or evil side, and the fight between good and evil is well depicted. I am certainly looking forward to reading more about the Tannenbaum elves in the next volumes.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Readers Favorite by Jack Magnus The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball, Volume 1 is a children's holiday adventure novel written by J.B. Michaels. Commander Brendan was hard at work on the bridge of the Icicle during their trial run, but it was nearly Christmas Eve, and his team had a challenging tree to take care of this year. The Tannenbaum Tailors are tree elves, dedicated to the care and well-being of the Christmas trees that can be found at this time of year in almost every house. This year, their tree was located in a house where the inhabitants were mourning the death of a young boy's grandfather. The Tailors could tell that the tree's lights hadn't been used very much as the tree's needles were still filled with water, and they feared the tree might not make it to Christmas Eve. Brendan's concerns were temporarily put aside when a series of tree fires were set by evil elf-like creatures who were determined to destroy Christmas forever. Can Brendan and his Tailors keep the Secret Snowball safe until Santa arrives? J.B. Michaels' holiday action and adventure novel for children, The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball, Volume 1, is an exciting and fast-paced tale filled with elements of science fiction and and the fantastic tech gear found in James Bond thrillers. I loved seeing how the Icicles worked and think it might be grand to have a Glimmerlift of my own. Along the way, Michaels uncovers a fairly plausible genesis of the Naughty and Nice list, which I always had some questions about myself. One of the best things about the Tannenbaum Tailors is their sense of being a team and pride in working with each other to keep Christmas alive. There's a lot to like about The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball, Volume 1. The action is non-stop, and the story is a thrilling one. While it's geared towards readers past their first primers, I think it would make a perfect read-aloud story while sitting by a Christmas tree that just happened to have its lights on. It's most highly recommended.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Readers Favorite by Cheryl E. Rodriguez JB Michaels captures the spirit of Christmas in The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball. Ever wonder what is happening inside your Christmas tree? What is nestled within the pine branches? What wonders are hiding behind the ornaments and lights? Hidden tiny elves, known as the Tannenbaum Tailors, that’s what! These little, but powerful creatures are hard at work checking the spirit levels of each home. Tailoring and keeping safe every tree. However, the Christmas of 1987 is one the Tannenbaum Tailors will never forget. During that fateful season, Christmas was almost destroyed forever. Captain Brendan and his faithful Tailor Team fight to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. They must protect the Snowball at all costs! They must save Christmas! JB Michaels’ love for children and family is reflected in his writing. The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball depicts childhood lessons regarding the consequence of actions and self sacrifice. It also portrays the importance of family, responsibility, and challenges experienced when coming of age. The narrative is imaginative and magical, and filled with tons of adventurous action. The short, yet captivating chapters are perfect for young readers. The story includes Christmas theme gadgets: glimmer goggles, gift box cars, Icicle ships, magical snowballs, and a small fantastical civilization within the known real world. These extraordinary tidbits create a whimsical setting that releases the imagination. As the classic conflict of good versus evil heightens, it is sure to keep the hearts of young readers pounding with anticipation. The ending holds true to the spirit of Christmas; peace on earth, goodwill towards men. Yet, you sense a deeper resolve in the characters, and you are well aware that more adventures are out there waiting for the Tannenbaum Tailors.
Allbooksreview More than 1 year ago
Mix a little Star Wars and a Christmas elf and you get a very unique twist on a holiday tale. Captain Brendan and his pilot Lily are flying their icicle through the air towards a roof, but this is no ordinary flying icicle. It has thrusters, complete with blue flames and a candy cane flight shift. Will they crash or pull up just in the nick of time? This is how the tale begins and the reader is instantly hooked! Tannenbaum Tailors are elves from the North Pole responsible for tailoring Christmas trees to a family’s needs. Captain Brendan and Lily’s team of North Pole tailors is made up of four other charming elves. Billy, Steve, and siblings Irene and Tonto are the tailors on this unique team of Christmas Tree tailors. Their job is to decorate the Christmas trees, regulate the water levels and fix any faulty bulbs and most of all, to make sure the spirits of the families are positive and happy. Raising family spirits is often a harrowing task. Captain Brendan’s Dad, Lt. Holly of the Home Tree Police Dept. is called out whenever there is something suspicious. If there is a fire, the Home Fire Battalion and Emergency Water and Needle Response Team is called. Taking care of Christmas trees is a very complicated business! Although Captain Brendan is a tailor, he is often cajoled into helping his policeman, Dad; much to his dismay. Luckily he has a friend, Jane the Fairy Flyer, who comes to his aid more than once. Enjoy the many adventures of the team as they fight tree fires, chase evil elves, and lift the spirits of many families. Their most important mission- The spiritless elves are trying to destroy Christmas and it is up to Captain Brendan and his team to save the day. They must keep the Secret Snowball safe for Santa. The story is an interesting mix of old and new with some excellent lessons. The characters are lively and colorful and the description vivid. This is a truly enchanting holiday tale that will be enjoyed by all generations of the family. Highly recommended by reviewer, Shirley A. Roe, Allbooks Review International.