The Tao of Fortune: A Journey to Wealth

The Tao of Fortune: A Journey to Wealth


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ISBN-13: 9781475987522
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/19/2013
Pages: 144
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A Journey to Wealth


iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2013 Master Liyu You, Ph.D.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4759-8752-2


Everyone Can Be Rich

"There are talents in every generation, each gains popularity for centuries." – An Old Chinese Proverb

What comes to your mind when you think of wealth? Do you want to be a millionaire? Have you dreamed of living life with passion and purpose, a happy family, in a spacious house, and driving a luxurious car? Have you wondered how rich people get rich? Do you want to leverage your talent to create fortune for yourself and society at large? Do you know your financial potential?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, this book is for you.

In this book, I will show that while we live on the same planet, we live in different worlds. One is the "Rich" world; the other is the "Poor" world. There are two core values regarding wealth; one leads to prosperity, while the other one leads to poverty.

The Tao of Life tells us that the world is composed of two parts: one part is intangible and invisible; the other part is tangible and visible. The intangible and invisible part determines the tangible and visible part.

The principles, methods and specific applications discussed in this book on how to be rich are real and relevant. They are the abstract of the author's diligent works through a lot of reading, research and practice. By applying the principles in this book, my wealth doubled within a few years. I became a millionaire before my 40th birthday. Looking back a decade ago I still remember the day I came to the United States alone with $100 of borrowed money in my pocket.

There is an old Chinese saying, "When the granaries are full, people appreciate rites and obligations." In other words, when our needs are taken care of, we can focus on higher levels of personal development. The importance of economic abundance to the family and individual is self-evident. Financial freedom becomes the greatest need after a healthy body, love, and respect from others. Financial freedom forms the basis for other personal freedoms.

Statistics show that the economy is the most important factor leading to family breakdown and divorce. Interestingly, the amount of money a couple has might not be a problem; the dispute over wealth creation and different attitudes toward money are often the root cause of the problem.

I remember once I asked for the secrets of success from one of my friends – Mr. Tao Huang, a successful multinational entrepreneur, former Chief Operating Officer of Morningstar Inc. He didn't give me a lecture, or even enough material to fill a chapter of this book. Instead, he told me his secrets in one sentence:

"Circumstances create heroes, and heroes are made out of ordinary people."

These words impacted me greatly. Success and wealth are not accidental, but inevitable. As long as you have a firm belief, go with the flow of situations you encounter, and keep trying, anybody can become a millionaire.

So what should "ordinary people" do to become millionaires? How can you achieve financial freedom?

Advice from others may help us overcome our shortcomings, or, as the Chinese saying goes, "A stone from other hills may serve to polish jade." I have examined and analyzed the profiles of many rich people. Their successes show the secrets to growing rich in the most efficient and effective way. I studied multi-billionaires including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Pierre Omidyar and Oprah Winfrey to find out how their thinking differs from that of the person entrenched in a life and lifestyle that doesn't feed their own souls.

Surveys show that the thinking of the rich and the poor/middle class are completely different. The means the rich use to get rich are different. But they all have certain common traits and ways of thinking. I define these core values and ways of thinking as the "gene" of wealth.

The task of this book is to uncover the wealth gene of the rich to help pave the way for your success. I hope that by understanding the information contained in these "wealth genes", you will convert your own genes through practice and create your own miracles.

Biological genes are passed down by parents. They can't be altered. However, the wealth gene can be learned and acquired through active study and practice. As long as you are continuously observing and imitating the Rich and their ways of thinking, mimicking their actions and behaviors, sooner or later you will become wealthy.

At first glance, this argument is a bit strange. But ancient Chinese master Lao Tzu said, "Tao that can be described is not universal and eternal Tao. Name that can be named is not universal and eternal Name." Twins have the same family background and biological genes. However, one may develop the Rich gene and become rich, enjoying affluent spiritual and material life; while the other one may develop the Poor gene, living a troublesome and sorrowful life.

The Information Age provides an unprecedented opportunity for wealth creation. As long as you put in a sincere and diligent effort, live firmly in your beliefs, leverage your talents and resources, and follow the rules of wealth creation, you can become a millionaire regardless of your social status, educational degree, age, gender, and personal background. You hold the key to Rich and Poor, not someone else, nor the surrounding environment.

Do not worry about your present situation, economic status, family and academic background. A Chinese idiom states, "No matter what career you choose, you can be the best." For the strong, difficulty stimulates the desire to succeed. The sooner you start the fortune accumulation process the better, because the wealth accumulation process is not linear, but like a rolling snowball.

This book will help you better understand your financial situation and potential. You will learn more about the profile of your "wealth gene", and practice and apply the lessons of the wealth gene in real life to create fortune. As long as you persevere, you will become a new creation; a new world will unfold right before your eyes!

I would like to clarify the words "Rich" and "Poor" as used in this book. They are created to facilitate comparison and contrast. They do not necessarily describe a certain level of material possessions. Here are the definitions as used in this book:

The Rich (or "Riches"): Let money work for them; leverage and expand their financial potential wisely; live in or will be living in the world of material and spiritual abundance.

The Poor (or "Poors"): Work for money, are controlled and troubled by money; don't fully use, or may even misuse, their financial potential; live in the world of material and spiritual scarcity.

When using the above definitions, the words Rich and Poor will be capitalized to provide clarity. When these words are not capitalized, their traditional meanings – as a relative measure of income, resources, and wealth – apply.

I don't have any prejudice toward either the rich or the poor. On the contrary, I used to be a person in distress and am full of compassion and caring for the poor. My upbringing is very humble; I have personally experienced poverty. I hope the poor will gradually live a peaceful and prosperous life through their own efforts and society's help.

"The Tao doesn't take sides; it gives birth to both good and evil. The Master doesn't take sides; she welcomes both saints and sinners."

Chapter 5 – Tao Te Ching

In fact, according to my friend, Dr. Wei-ren Huang, Northwestern University Professor of Clinical Psychology, from a psychological point of view, one's ultimate goals in life are happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Money is only a means, not an end. A person's life is more important than the possession of money.

Having money does not mean that you have achieved your goals in life. Living a simple life does not mean that there is no happiness or accomplishment. Understanding the ultimate goal in life depends entirely on your core values. Take a moment now and review the above definitions; know that your bank account doesn't determine the difference between Rich and Poor.

Why is Financial Freedom Important?

As the Chinese saying goes, "Money can't buy everything; however lack of money is absolutely not a good thing." Of course, we each have our own view on the meaning and importance of money. And our views can be quite different. However, it is clear that everyone needs a certain amount of money to meet their basic needs. Such needs include maintaining good health, meeting basic necessities, getting educated, etc.

What can money and financial freedom bring?

1) Meet basic human needs

At the base of Maslow's hierarchy of needs are the physical needs of air, water, food, shelter, sleep, and sex. The next level of need is safety and security. Financial stability ensures many of the needs from the first level of the hierarchy and can contribute to overall safety and security. Those with comfortable levels of wealth are unconstrained by an office location and work hours, while those who are less secure financially must work at a specified place and time; freedom and flexibility are limited. While money does not buy happiness, it can provide the freedom to explore different options to develop a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

2) Fulfill societal obligations

If every person's basic material needs are met, the stability of communities and society as a whole can be achieved. Investment capital can be used to set up factories to create more employment opportunities. Wealth can be used to build schools, hospitals, libraries and other public facilities to reward and benefit communities. Of course, wealth can serve as a legacy and be passed down to children and grandchildren, providing a good foundation for their future endeavors.

3) Enhance quality of life

With money, one may enjoy a safe living environment, a healthy diet, enough physical exercise, health insurance, and so on.

4) Provide new experiences

Abundant wealth increases the opportunity to try new life experiences, even "extreme" adventures. Have you ever thought of climbing the world's highest peak, walking the road of the Israelites' exodus from Egypt in the Old Testament, biking cross country, traveling globally, or becoming the next space tourist?

If financial security and financial freedom are among your important core values, you are obligated to achieve these goals as soon as possible in your lifetime, forming a solid foundation to achieve other important goals. This is the book for you!

Use these pages to reflect on what you've just read. We suggest that you find a quiet area, sit with your eyes closed for several minutes and consider how this chapter applies to you. Then write down your thoughts here.


Two Worlds – Prosperity and Scarcity

"Following virtue is as hard as climbing; following evil is as easy as collapsing."

– An Old Chinese Proverb

Why is your neighbor a millionaire? Why is your colleague, who does not appear to work as hard as you, a millionaire? Why is your classmate a millionaire even though his IQ and academic achievement are not as high as yours? If wealth has no direct relationship to a person's academic background, hard work and intelligence, what determines a person's wealth? Can the Tao of Fortune be learned and applied to grow wealth?

Yes! As many as 2,500 years ago, Lao Tzu unlocked the hidden secrets in the universe in his book, <<Tao Te Ching>>. The Tao of Fortune is only one manifestation and application of the general Tao (the universal principles) that Lao Tzu taught. Regarding Lao Tzu's Tao, each individual in every age has their own unique interpretation, which is where the secret and mystery of Lao Tzu's Tao lie! We are lucky to live in the information age; technological development gives us a deeper understanding of the natural world and humanity. We can apply the two opening sentences in Lao Tzu's book <<Tao Te Ching>> to today's world:

"Tao that can be described is not universal and eternal Tao; Name that can be named is not universal and eternal Name."

The Tao of Fortune can be uncovered, but not in the way that most people understand it. Different people have different views or give different meanings to the same events. The Riches' interpretations of the same things or events are often different than the interpretations of ordinary people. We live in a world governed by the law of cause and effect. If there is a result, there must be a cause; if there is a cause, there must be a consequence. There is an origin of poverty; and an origin of wealth. Something comes from nothing. The inner invisible world determines the external visible world. Wealth is a result and manifestation. Wealth DNA leads the Riches to wealth and power. That is the real reason! If you want external fortune or wealth, you must first address your internal wealth DNA. This leads us to the question: Are there differences between the Riches' wealth DNA and the Poors' wealth DNA?

A person's genetic DNA is innate, determined by the parents; however, their core values can be acquired. You can learn to develop and shape your core beliefs. I call a person's core values towards Fortune wealth DNA. It consists of the following three parts:

1) Personal Belief

Your faith determines your overall view of the objective world. For example, do you believe justice will eventually overcome evil? Do you believe the world is moving forward, or backward? Do you believe the material world is abundant and colorful, or poor and monotonous? Do you believe that the world is full of opportunities and challenges, and that tomorrow will certainly be better than today? Do you believe all difficulties can be overcome and conquered, including most especially those in your own life?

2) Character

In difficult times, do you face your challenges or retreat? In the face of temptation, do you show restraint, or follow your desire? Under pressure, are you calm, or nervous? Is your attitude stable or volatile? Are you generous, warm and friendly, or stingy, cold and hostile? Are you patient and tolerant, or narrow-minded? Are you modest or prone to pride?

3) Mindset

Is your way of doing things ordered or chaotic? Is your way of thinking positive or negative, active or passive? Are you a leader or a follower? Are you logical or emotional? Are you a team player or individual contributor? Can you effectively manage and use your time? Can you effectively plan and manage projects? Can you establish and maintain relationships with others? Can you effectively motivate, influence and manage your subordinates?

Two different wealth DNAs - Rich DNA and Poor DNA

Your core values determine your attitudes, temperament, and relationships with others, and subsequently determine the potential wealth you will achieve. I define a person's core values regarding Fortune as wealth DNA. The belief systems, personal characteristics, and mindsets of the Rich and Poor are drastically divergent. Therefore, the wealth DNA for the Rich and Poor are very different. In the following sections, I will continue to explore the contents and differences in the Rich and Poor's wealth DNA in detail.

Just because a person has Rich wealth DNA doesn't mean he is rich now. For some reason, he may be in poverty now, but has the potential to create wealth. Similarly, a person with Poor wealth DNA is not necessarily poor now. Even though he is now wealthy, if he has Poor wealth DNA, he is likely to lose that wealth in the future.

Confucius said: "When there are three people walking, my teacher is bound to be among them. I select their good points and follow them. I take their bad points and change them in myself." In my life I am honored to have two unique friends. One has Rich wealth DNA; I call him my "Rich friend". He is the president of a company and a self-made multimillionaire. Another friend, one with Poor wealth DNA, I call my "Poor friend." He works for a company as a technician. He gets up early every day to earn a living to feed his family. Recently he was promoted to a management position. His income increased as the result of the promotion, so he bought a big house and a new car. I have learned a lot from both of them about wealth and fortune. In fact, I learn more from the Poor friend than the Rich friend.

Excerpted from THE Tao of FORTUNE by LIYU YOU, CHERYL KRUEGER, SUNNY GAO. Copyright © 2013 Master Liyu You, Ph.D.. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Preface: Foundations for Wealth....................     xi     

1 Everyone Can Be Rich....................     1     

2 Two Worlds – Prosperity and Scarcity....................     9     

3 The Tao of Fortune – The "UFO" Model....................     17     

4 The Laws of Fortune – Seven Golden Rules....................     63     

5 The Secrets of Wealth Creation – Your Wealth DNA....................     97     

6 You're Rich; Now What?....................     115     

7 Take Action Now....................     121     

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