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The Tao of Healing: Meditations for Body and Spirit

The Tao of Healing: Meditations for Body and Spirit

by Haven Trevino, Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. (Foreword by)

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Haven Trevino, a lifelong student of Taoism, was in the final stages of Lou Gehrig's disease when he wrote this book. His modern adaptation of the Tao Te Ching lends itself beautifully to the subject of healing. These meditations offer insight, humor, and hope.


Haven Trevino, a lifelong student of Taoism, was in the final stages of Lou Gehrig's disease when he wrote this book. His modern adaptation of the Tao Te Ching lends itself beautifully to the subject of healing. These meditations offer insight, humor, and hope.

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New World Library
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Second Edition
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The Tao of Healing

Meditations for Body and Spirit

By Haven Trevino

New World Library

Copyright © 1999 Haven Treviño
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57731-111-9


    Before the birth of the physical
    There was the birth of potential.
    Before potential, something primal.
    A Beingness. One Life, silent,
      unmoving, unchanging,
    The unspoken beauty of Truth,
    Mother only to Itself.

    It has been called God, Tao,
      Divine Mother,
    Universal Mind.
    Today it feels good to call it Love.
    Or perhaps Spirit of Love,
    Since Spirit implies an all-pervading
    As common as one's breath.
    Love is not an emotion, or a feeling.
    It is the formlessness and substance
    The seen and the unseen;
    It is the seed and womb of the
    Call it what you will, it resides
    Just beyond the limits of our
    abilities to describe.
    It has been said "God is Love."
    Thus, the Heavens seek Love
    Earth seeks Love
    People seek Love.
    This is what makes us great.

    People abide on the Earth
    Earth abides in the Heavens
    The Heavens abide in Love.
    Love abides in all.
    This is what makes us One.


    True healing defined, is limited,
    And so is not true healing,
    As our concepts of God and Goddess
    Are just that, only concepts.
    Truth has no gender or division.

    Before creation, Wholeness.
    Healing was born of the womb of
    And whether a person is ill or well
    Living in darkness or enlightenment,
    It is the same.
    Only our dreaming divides them.
    The essence of both is ever-new joy.
    Joy blossoming into joy:
    The Mother and Father of all things.


    The pendulum swings to and fro
    From darkness to light
    From sickness to health
    From goodness to evil
    And back again.
    It's enough to make anyone confused.
    The sage has found the stillpoint
    Remaining neutral
    She teaches by living a simple,
      honest life;
    She creates by allowing,
    She feeds without forcing,
    And gives by receiving.
    She heals by perceiving
    One's inner wholeness,
    Then lets go.
    Because she lets go,
    She's always in touch.


    The God of this world is sometimes
    Sometimes female,
    Lives in mountains, valleys, or heavens,
    According to fashion or need.

    But the God that can be conceived
    Is not the One
    Which holds all
    Unfolds all
    Fills all
    Wholes all.

    It is the clear light
    That illuminates all colors,
    The unnameable Source
    Conceiving the inconceivable.


    In the natural world
    Sacrifice is meaningless,
    As all things come and go
    From the One.
    The true healer,
    Immune to false sacrifice,
    Faces birth and death with equal joy.

    All That Is, like You
    Breathes in, breathes out.
    The more it releases
    The more it takes in.
    Much talking about healing
    Will stifle you.
    Be still and breathe.


    The Breath of Life inspires
    The eternal womb of the
     Divine Mother
    Who conceives and gives birth
    To the promise of God in every being.

    Thus our well is eternal
    The Breath of Life fills us
    Again and again.


    The self is deathless.
    Because life transforms into life
    And Love never dies.

    A whole person
    Centered in the Self
    Has no need to be self-centered.
    Receiving all from the Self
    Returns all,
    Does not try to own life
    And so becomes life.


    Attune yourself to personal energy
    Feel it flow like water,
    Jagged stones of firm belief
    Smoothed into nothing;
    Cleansing, clearing, nurturing,
    Follow it faithfully, honestly,
    Let it empower and serve.

    Emotions are energy, too.
    When they flow the most
    They hurt the least.


    Does a tree send its roots
      to the skies?
    Will you continue to pursue
    What is before your eyes?
    When seeking love from another
    Dare you love yourself
    As much?

    Life is the teacher of wisdom
    So live it.
    Love is the teacher of healing
    So be it.


    Truth without compassion
    is not the whole truth
    And healing without a loving spirit
    is not true healing.

    A miracle is merely the truth
    of God made plain
    Healing is merely our separation
    from God made whole.

    There is no difference between
    healer and healed,
    Both must be willing to dismiss the
    ego's banal struggle

    And recognize the utter holiness
    Of each breath, of all things.

    This is the challenge of love.

The true healer lets go of the senses
And moves from the center of intuition;
Blameless, she gives herself permission
To be exactly who she is.


    People come together to form a
      healing circle,
    But the power lies in the empty center.

    A person's chest rises and falls
    But the breath that fills it cannot
      be seen.

    Muscle and bone join to make a body
    But the life force within is invisible
      to the eye.

    A child's laughter bursts with joy
    And the source of it cannot be

    What can one be
    But the instrument of unseen bliss?


    Rely on your eyes
    You will not see;
    Rely on your ears,
    You become deaf;
    Address only symptoms
    And you will miss the point;
    Stride after perfect health
    And become lame.

    The true healer lets go of the senses
    And moves from the center of
    Blameless, she gives herself
    To be exactly who she is.


    One who believes in success
    Is no different than one who believes
      in failure:
    Both have left their center.
    One who heals to attain power
    Is like one who suppresses symptoms;
    Both are attached to the outcome.

    One who identifies with a body
    Will never make it whole,
    But when the healer sees beyond
      the body
    Healing comes naturally and without
    Know your path to be the path of all,
    That you may safely guide.
    Love all beings as members of your
      own Body,
    That you may truly serve.


    You can't see it with the ordinary eye
    You can't hear it with the ordinary ear
    You can't feel it with the ordinary
    You can't separate it from light or
    You can't approach it from ahead or

    It's like a pyramid of mirrors.
    Everywhere you look
    You see yourself.
    Open the pyramid to see what's inside:
    The reflection of You.
    To define your life is futile;
    Don't get ahead of yourself
    Don't get behind yourself
    Don't compare yourself.
    Just be you and enjoy what's inside.

    Consider it:
    In this present moment God chooses
      to be you.


    Ancient Healers were one with
      infinite love
    But they ignored social convention
    So people thought they were crazy.
    They would pay attention to what
      others overlooked;
    While others debated, they would
      be silent
    While others would worry, they'd
      be unconcerned.

    Alert, they discover the world anew
      with each footfall
    Humble, they greet you with the
      innocence of a child

    Patient, they wait for nothing,
      knowing everything is here
    Present, they respond to change
      like an eagle in flight
    Open, they listen without judgment
    Gentle, they cradle your soul in the
      memory of light.

    Intent on deepest healing
    Some carry the deepest wounds.
    Placid, they are the still, clear pool
    Reflecting mountain and sky.


    Quiet the mind
    Be still
    And watch the breath of God
    Rise and fall
    In all things.
    Allow God's breath
    To be your breath;
    Allow God's nature
    To be your nature.

    The nature of God
    Is to love and be loved;
    Your desire to love creates intention,
    Intention focuses attention,
    Attention illuminates understanding,
    Understanding manifests forgiveness,
    Forgiveness is the fountainhead
      of Love.

    Intend to be Love
    And know death for what it is:
    The inbreath of God.


    The greatest healer
    Stays in the background
    Orders no one
    Talks little
    Loves much.

    If you do not trust those you serve
    How will they trust you?
    Share your heart,
    It's all you have
    And all they need to learn.


    When the Way of Love is lost,
    Rules and ethics are praised,
    Knowledge and style worshipped
    And credentials are king;

    When security is sought
    A professional mask appears;
    For the fearful and faithless,
    Associations and saviors arise.


    If all the scientists, analysts, and
      theorists disappeared today,
    Not one part of truth would be lost.

    If all the judges, lawyers, priests and
      prosecutors disappeared,
    Not one part of morality would be lost.

    If all the investors, speculators,
      and brokers disappeared,
    Not one part of wealth would be lost.

    On the contrary, truth, love,
      and abundance
    Would be more easily received.
    Center yourself first in Wholeness
    And all the parts will be yours.

Live on the fine edge between
light and shadow
And infinite creation is yours.


    Appearing unscholarly, slovenly,
    Full of contradictions
    I owe nothing to no one.

    While others mask their fear
    With pomp and circumstance,
    Loud music and assumed poses,
    I move without plan or purpose
    Celebrate unseen life
    With the secret smile of a child.

    Perhaps I am confused,
    But why own land
    When the Universe is mine?
    The learned declare great wisdom —
    How small and foolish I feel
    When I consider the cosmos.
    Great minds are full
    Of facts, figures, and brilliant ideas;
    How worthless my contribution:
    An empty slate.

    Some stand out in bright display
    But I am like a wave on the sea,
    Who can distinguish me from all the
    Important people are doing important

    Useless, I recline placidly
    On the ample lips of the Great Mother.


    The Spirit of Healing, like an infinite
    Takes the moment's perfect form,
    Yet is formless;
    It can be seen, but not touched
    Felt, but not held;
    Light on the outside, dark within.

    Yet even the darkness is teeming with
    And failed knowledge bears the seeds
      of faith.
    Therefore, allow faith to reveal;
    In the last, the First is seen
    In disease, Wholeness
    In a blade of grass,
    all of creation.


    When the Great Wheel turns
    Who can stand against it?
    The rigid break apart,
    Therefore, relax and merge.

    Yang flows into Yin and becomes
    Yin filled, becomes Yang.

    Energy flows to the opposite pole,
    Thus wealth flows to the simple
    And the rich man's money goes out
      with the tide.
    The true healer honors life.
    Using the silent language of the heart
    She does not speak, yet is understood,
    Not promoting herself, people are
      drawn to her,
    Not seeking safety, she is secure,
    By serving others, is served by all,
    By being ordinary, rises to perfection.

    It is true:
    Live on the fine edge between light
      and shadow
    And infinite creation is yours.


    The cloud does not insist upon
      its form,
    The wave does not force its way over
      the ocean,
    So why should you clutch so tightly
    Your little map?

    Follow your heart
    And know joy in all things.
    The path of freedom
    Has no markers,
    Yet leads to fulfillment;
    The path of confusion
    Is crowded with signs,
    Pointing in all directions.
    The Great Way is a humble, solitary
    Leading home;
    Follow it closely and be guided.
    How do you know you are on the

    When your map no longer serves you.


    Try to stand above others
    And end up on your knees.
    Try to get ahead of others
    And fall behind yourself.
    Trying to prove yourself to others
    Means you don't know who you are.
    Present a facade to the world,
    And you'll live to see it crumble.
    Boasting of cures heals no one,
    While proclaiming special powers
    Will fool some and annoy others.

    Spiritual arrogance is a heavy burden
    It looks light, but is hard to bear.
    Being honest is much easier
    And less annoying.
    No matter how great you pretend to be,

    It is not as great as you truly are.


    If you rely on the power of another
    You weaken your own.
    If you seek to own the world
    You limit your abundance.

    The expert guide leads people forward
    By plopping them on their rumps,
    Dropping the contents of their minds
    Down to their bellies.
    Removing their goals
    Strengthens their intentions.

    With a clear mind
    They see the confusion desire creates.
    Be still and let it happen.


    The bird who learns to fly
    Must also learn to land.
    She flies far
    But never forgets her nesting place.

    She travels far
    Yet understands her boundaries.
    She appreciates external beauty
    But does not compare herself to it.

    The healer is like this.
    She channels great joy
    And avoids putting on airs;
    She visits distant realms
    And knows contentment's at home.
    One who flits about seeking peace
    Forgets to look in her own tree.


Excerpted from The Tao of Healing by Haven Trevino. Copyright © 1999 Haven Treviño. Excerpted by permission of New World Library.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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