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The Tao of Wow: Ancient wisdom. Modern success.

The Tao of Wow: Ancient wisdom. Modern success.

by Walt Goodridge
The Tao of Wow: Ancient wisdom. Modern success.

The Tao of Wow: Ancient wisdom. Modern success.

by Walt Goodridge

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The Tao of Wow is a compendium of truths which, when applied and practiced with the appropriate discipline, is believed to guarantee extraordinary success in any endeavor from business to romance. The Tao of Wow has existed in a cloak of secrecy since its first documented appearance in 3300 B.C. Although never available in complete form, various components of the Tao of Wow have been known by a variety of names throughout history. During the Middle Ages it was known as Conquest and Coercion. In the 1700s it was resurrected as Secret Concepts of Conquest Mastery, and Recognition. In the 1800s it resurfaced as Mastering the Minds of Men. (See Introduction for more). Wow has always existed. What we today refer to as the "Wow Response" is considered to be a basic spontaneous reaction unique to all living things. It is the almost reflexive reaction to an idea, object or person that precedes one's fascination with that idea, object or person. As the text entitled The Wow Factor clearly explains, a Wow is needed prior to any action undertaken by a human being. The Wow Reaction is a basic component of survival of the fittest. It is the spark of emotion that precedes change, invention, innovation, art and even procreation. In short, Wow is what makes the world go 'round. Control the world's Wow, and you control the world! The World Foundation of Cultural And Linguistic Research in association with the Passion Profit Company is pleased to present the only authorized edition of The Tao of Wow Trilogy, which includes The Wow Factor, Tao of Wow & The Art of Wow.

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Publisher: The Passion Profit Company
Publication date: 12/18/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 172
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About the Author

A Columbia University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering, Walt was, like many people, destined for a career in his profession of training. In fact, immediately after graduating, he accepted a job working in the Design Division of the Port Authority Engineering department on the 73rd floor of World Trade Center One. However, within the first fifteen minutes of this his first job in corporate America, Walt, frustrated by the monotony, restrictions of nine-to-five employment, realized beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he absolutely hated it! It was several years until he was able to grow his sideline business in the music industry--a personal passion--and walk away from his career to become a full-time "passionpreneur." He authored several books on the music industry, created a brand of inspiration called "Life Rhymes," and launched dozens of websites, and unique products. As he honed his experience and expertise in website development, internet marketing, creating the life of his dreams, and living true to himself, he developed a unique "Passion Profit Philosophy and Formula" and a coaching practice to help others do the same. In 1999, he published that formula in Turn Your Passion into Profit which, with yearly updates, has consistently sold in the top 50 in home-business books on Walt currently owns and operates over 50 websites, has written a total of 15 books, over 400 articles and almost 500 motivational poems.

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