The Teachings of Jesus and Muhammad

The Teachings of Jesus and Muhammad

by Mateen Elass


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The Teachings of Jesus and Muhammad by Mateen Elass

A unique title that compares the teaching of Jesus from the Bible with those of Mohammed from the Koran. Each spread will focus on a certain topic and compare the two perspectives with direct quotes from the Bible and the Koran along with commentary from Mateen Elass, raised in a Muslim family, who converted to Christianity and is perfectly qualified to explain the difference between the faiths.

Topic Samples:

  • Is God the Father of Jesus?
  • Are Human Beings Good or Evil by Nature?
  • Can One Know God’s Forgiveness Here and Now?
  • What Is God’s Vision of Marriage?
  • How Are We to Treat Our Enemies?
  • What Signs Point to the Imminent End of the World?
  • What Is The Unforgivable Sin?
  • How Should Believers Treat Those They Come In Contact With?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781618433107
Publisher: eChristian Books
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Pages: 180
Sales rank: 936,829
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Mateen Elass is a board member of the Institute on Religion and Democracy. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Edmond Oklahoma (PCUSA). Elass was raised in Saudi Arabia in a Muslim environment. He holds degrees from Stanford University (B.A. Psychology; Philosophy), Fuller Theological Seminary (M.Div., M.A. Biblical Studies), and a PhD (New Testament) from the University of Durham in England. He is the author of Understanding the Koran: A Quick Christian Guide to the Muslim Holy Book and The Holy Spirit.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

1 Is God the Father of Jesus? 8

2 How are Jesus and the Holy Spirit connected? 10

3 What revelation has the Spirit inspired? 12

4 What should be the central prayer of believers? 14

5 Who among the dead qualify to live forever? 16

6 How should we address God? 18

7 How does God view children? 20

8 Are human beings good or evil by nature? 22

9 Can one know God's forgiveness here and now? 24

10 What is God's vision for marriage? 26

11 Will there be marriages in heaven? 28

12 How does God feel about divorce? 30

13 May a man marry more than one woman? 32

14 How are we to treat our enemies? 34

15 How should adultery be punished? 36

16 Should we fast nowadays? If so, how? 38

17 Should we give alms? 40

18 Should we take oaths before God? 42

19 What signs point to the imminent end of the world? 44

20 Must we wash our bodies before we can rightly approach God? 46

21 Has God forbidden the eating of certain foods? 48

22 Is there any unforgivable sin? 50

23 How should believers treat those they meet? 52

24 What is the nature of the devil (Satan)? 54

25 What motivates Satan to action? 56

26 What is Satan's ultimate fate? 58

27 What role should the Law of God play in our lives? 60

28 Who is God's final messenger to the world? 62

29 What is primary among the responsibilities of believers? 64

30 How did Jesus and Muhammad refer to each other in their respective teachings? 66

31 How are we to share our faith with others? 68

32 Are we to use force to overcome those who oppose God? 70

33 How can we find peace with God? 72

34 What is heaven like? 74

35 What is hell like? 76

36 What was the purpose of Jesus' crucifixion? 78

37 How do angels serve God? 80

38 Does God permit retribution ("an eye for an eye")? 82

39 What should be our attitude to earthly power and glory? 84

40 How are we to treat those in need? 86

41 Why is idol worship so offensive to God? 88

42 How central is mercy to God and His nature? 90

43 What kind of sacrifice does God demand of us? 92

44 How did Jesus and Muhammad understand their calling from God? 94

45 What titles did Jesus and Muhammad accept for themselves? 96

46 Who or what is the fullest revelation of God? 98

47 Does God have a Son? 100

48 Who is the "Alpha and Omega," the First and Last"? 102

49 Are the Jews God's chosen people? 104

50 What does true worship of God entail? 106

51 What is God's central message to humanity? 108

52 Does God predestine people to heaven or hell? 110

53 Whom did God send to the world to guide believers after Jesus' ascension? 112

54 Was Jesus executed by crucifixion? 114

55 Was Jesus raised from the dead? 116

56 What constitutes blasphemy before God? 118

57 Why did God send all prior prophets into the world? 120

58 Is Jesus the Messiah? 122

59 Who has the power to resurrect the dead to eternal life? 124

60 Who will be the final judge of humanity? 126

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