The Teachings of Tempu: Practical Meditation for Daily Life

The Teachings of Tempu: Practical Meditation for Daily Life

by H. E. Davey


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The Teachings of Tempu: Practical Meditation for Daily Life details the life and meditation techniques of Nakamura Tempu (1876-1968). Mr. Nakamura taught Shin-shin-toitsu-do ("The Way of Mind and Body Unification") for over 50 years and authored bestselling books. He trained over 100,000 people, including members of the Japanese Imperial Family, government officials, business leaders, top athletes, celebrated actors, martial arts experts, and notable novelists.

The book begins with Mr. Nakamura's early years and a global quest to cure his tuberculosis. This search took him to the USA, where he studied medicine at Columbia University. Next, he traveled to Europe, where he lived with actress Sarah Bernhardt and researched psychology. In Egypt he encountered Kaliapa, an Indian mystic and yoga master, who brought him to India for a final attempt to save his life. After austere meditation in the Himalayas, Nakamura Tempu attained enlightenment, shook off the bonds of illness, and returned to Japan a changed man.

The Teachings of Tempu uses episodes from Mr. Nakamura's life to introduce his philosophy of mind and body unification, his forms of meditation, and how these skills can help you attain better health as well as deeper calmness, concentration, and willpower. It contains rare photos from Japan, which chronicle his long life. Also featured are extensive quotes from his books, the first time his writing has been offered in English.

The Teachings of Tempu presents experiments and exercises you can tryat home to understand mind and body unification-the essence of Mr.Nakamura's realization and the secret to unlocking human potential. Illustrations of these exercises and forms of meditation are provided, along with an Introduction by Sawai Atsuhiro, a leading teacher of Shin- shin-toitsu-do and a direct student of Mr. Nakamura. Dr. Robert Carter, author and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy for Canada's Trent University, wrote the Foreword.

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About the Author

H. E. Davey is the award-winning author of Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation, The Japanese Way of the Artist, and other works. He is the Director of the Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts, and he has studied with several advanced disciples of Nakamura Tempu. The Wakuwaku Honshin Juku in Osaka and the International Japanese Yoga Association of Kyoto have both given him their highest level of Shin-shin-toitsu-do teaching certification.

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