The Tear Collector

The Tear Collector

by Shawn Burgess

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Have you seen Margo Combs?
Contact Detective Holt  (918) 555-0155
You may choose to remain anonymous.

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The misdeeds of our ancestors are debts passed from generation to generation. They lurk, hidden in the shadows, waiting for the right time to be collected. For the residents of Harper Pass—their debt is due.

When a young autistic girl goes missing from a small Appalachian community, the residents of Harper Pass descend into chaos. Brooks Raker and his friends stumble across the police investigation, and as they dig deeper into the mysterious events, the boys realize the fate of their missing classmate pales in comparison with the evil lurking in the shadows of the quiet little town.

With four boys who believe something sinister is at work, and an ambitious reporter breathing down his neck, Detective Holt of the Harper Pass Police Department must confront his doubts and follow the evidence. A chain of disappearances and suspicious deaths, leads Holt to
the doorstep of the mysterious and reclusive Professor Wadlow who may know exactly what has come to collect in Harper Pass. 

Can the detective and the boys work together to unravel the dark secrets of Harper Pass before those secrets devour them all?

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ISBN-13: 9781949398083
Publisher: RhetAskew Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Sold by: StreetLib SRL
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 254,673
File size: 6 MB

About the Author

Shawn Burgess has a BA in English from the University of Florida, and he focused on literature for his postgraduate studies at the University of North Florida. His travels have taken him to most parts of the country, where he often drew inspiration for his stories through meeting interesting people and experiencing unique places. Beware! If you find yourself behaving curiously within the crosshairs of his vision you might end up on one of his pages.

In his spare time, Shawn enjoys travelling, attending concerts, reading, and playing golf. He typically makes year-round preparations for Halloween by building props and elaborate sets.
Shawn claims Jacksonville, Florida as his home, but he has lived all over the southeastern United States. Many of his stories are set in those towns he once called home, or in fictional places inspired by them. He says, "I enjoy building upon the natural mysteries surrounding those areas I've personally experienced."

The Tear Collector is Shawn's debut novel, but he's currently working on a YA Fantasy novel, as well as The Tear Collector's sequel. He is active on social media, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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The Tear Collector 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I was sent this book to read for my honest review. I have not read a massive amount of horror but I have enjoyed Joe Hill, Steven King, and recently, Kealan Patrick Burke. I had no idea what to expect but I honestly blew through this book. I don't think of myself as someone who gets super scared but one night I found myself getting up to check all of the windows and doors to make sure they were locked! lol. I don't want to give away spoilers but if you like thrillers, horrors or murder mysteries, I highly recommend The Tear Collector. I hope there's going to be a sequel. It's hard to believe this was a debut novel!
KarenRhodes 4 months ago
After following Shawn Burgess on Twitter and reading extracts from his debut novel, I was extremely honoured to read an advanced copy of The Tear Collector, and found I couldn't put it down. The story kept me interested all the way through, with its fast pace, all action chapters and I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I loved the totally believable interaction between the younger characters and became fully immersed in their story. Looking forward to more suspense from the sequel, which I know won't disappoint
Anonymous 4 months ago
Definitely worth a read by this first time author! The way I tell that a book is for me is that when I am done with a chapter and ready to stop, I always find myself reading two or three more. Very easy, entertaining, and character forward book that makes you want to read more to see what will happen next. Recommended for all ages, especially those who are fans of the horror genre, or television shows like Stranger Things. Looking forward to the sequel!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Definitely worth a read by this first time author! The way I tell that a book is for me is that when I am done with a chapter and ready to stop, I always find myself reading two or three more. Very easy, entertaining, and character forward book that makes you want to read more to see what will happen next. Recommended for all ages, especially those who are fans of the horror genre, or television shows like Stranger Things. Looking forward to the sequel!
KMerchenkirch 4 months ago
I cannot wait for the sequel!! I was immediately hooked within the first pages. The scene is set with an experience that impacts all the characters’ lives in some way. Fast forward several years and they are caught up in a mystery they can’t understand. The Tear Collector is much like Stranger Things, full of mystery and a relatable group of kids that you could easily see being the friends you grew up with! The Tear Collector is written in such detail that you could really picture yourself there. Shawn Burgess keeps you guessing until the very end while giving you little nuggets of back story with a few twists along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My only dismay is that I have to wait so long for the sequel!
TJT86 4 months ago
I was fortunate enough to be asked to read an advance copy of The Tear Collector and while it isn't my usual choice of genre, the story sounded interesting and I jumped at the opportunity. I'm so glad I did! I spent just about every page thinking, what the hell is going on?! Then I'd turn to the next page. Read. Repeat. I could not put it down without finding out what was going on in Harper Pass. The end result... I read the book in a single sitting. If you're looking for an exciting read that will keep your heart pounding and your mind guessing, don't pass this one up. I look forward to reading more from this author in the (hopefully near) future.
Irrational Poet 4 months ago
The Tear Collector pulls you in immediately, piques your curiosity, and compels you to read on to see what happens next! The author tells a heart pounding story of survival where something not of this world is stalking children in their sleepy, little town and no one believes them. The tension is palpable as they have everything to lose and the seconds are running out. I found my anxiety increasing with every turn of the page. I loved the characters and personalities portrayed here and felt an immediate connection to the children and their families in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I cannot recommend this book enough! I know you will love it!
ShaunaMcGuiness 4 months ago
Shawn Burgess is an author to watch. If his next works are anything like his debut novel, The Tear Collector, he’ll be on a big time roll. I enjoyed the smart storytelling, and the ease at which Burgess was able to travel between narrator, adults, and the youth in the story. It felt much like Stephen King’s talent for voicing all ages. I appreciated the work Burgess put into defining characters. Each had a uniqueness, adding strength to the cast, as a whole. The story kept me from doing things I should have been doing, but I was glad I kept reading, all the way to the terrifying finish. Want some horror? Mystery? The paranormal? You can find it here. The Tear Collector whipped it all into a tasty thriller soufflé. I’ll be waiting for the sequel so I can take another bite!
Wittilea 4 months ago
A very compelling and contemporary thriller with well-drawn characters, including one with autism. I was sucked in and stayed up late to finish it. Just the right balance of description and suspense and some twists that kept it from being predictable, as many end up. I'm looking forward to reading more from him!
KathleenGauton 4 months ago
Shawn Burgess' debut novel "The Tear Collector" is a high stakes adventure about a band of friends thrown into the deep end of a supernatural conspiracy that challenges everything they thought they knew. The story was fast paced, gripping, and at times horrifically chilling. The characters are believable, likeable, and Burgess' deft use of description and dialogue draw you into the psychology of each and weaves an intricate web of their inner fears and hard fought courage. Any fan of Stranger Things or Stephen King's It will find "The Tear Collector" expertly hits that sweet spot of friendship, horror, and intrigue.
Anonymous 4 months ago
This story was fantastic. I grew up reading horror, devouring them in middle and high school but fell off reading them in college. The characters and stories no longer entertaining me, scaring me enough. I figured I outgrew them, my taste changing (which I'm sure is part of it). However, The Tear Collector reminded me of why I used to love the horror genre. Burgess's storytelling is great, this novel filled with creepy, spine-tingling fun, that set my heart racing and my dark imagination soaring. This debut novel is a must for horror fans.
Katelyn DiCristofano 4 months ago
The mystery of Grief Hallow consumes you from the very beginning and takes you on a chilling, suspenseful ride with Brooks and his friends as they try to figure out what is plaguing the quaint town of Harper Pass. This book is a must read for those who who enjoy mysteries and thrillers. Shawn Burgess' page-turner is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat, mind racing, and hoping it doesn’t end!
Kariane Combs 4 months ago
Tear collector is a book unlike no other. It is addicting and suspenseful as it evolves into a gripping story that won’t let you put the book down. This is a brilliant must read! Nice job Shawn Burgess, I would love to see this as a movie!
SarahReadsBooks 4 months ago
This was a terrific book to read. It was very suspenseful and a real page turner. I hope this author continues his talent writing books!
SkipSchmidt99 4 months ago
In a preface to Robert Burns' poem, "Tam O' Shanter," Gawin Douglas wrote: "Of Brownyis and of Bogillis full is this Buke." For his thrilling debut horror novel, The Tear Collector, Shawn Burgess brings forth a Bogeyman to end all Bogeymen - and does so in as exciting and well-crafted a manner as is possible. At the same time as a local autistic girl, Margo Combs, is discovered to have gone missing in the woods around the small town of Harper's Pass, her classmate, Brooks Raker, stumbles on a mysterious, terrifying presence in Grief Hollow, just after encountering "Mysterious Margo" in her nightgown, unaware that she's vanished from her home. Are the two things connected? As one of the townspeople turns up dead, horribly mutilated, local police begin to take Brooks' tale of an evil, shadowy Presence a bit more seriously. Burgess combines sharp, realistic dialogue with a finely-honed gift for storytelling to create a chilling, fast-paced thrill ride of a horror novel. For fans of adventure horror, The Tear Collector is a definite Must-Read! Every line of dialogue rings true, while every scene serves to move the story along at a brisk, exhilarating tempo, from Brooks' first encounter with Margo to the climactic, horrifying finish, a satisfying blend of resolution and just enough ambiguity to allow (we hope!) for the possibility of a sequel. To paraphrase Gawin Douglas, Of Bogeymen and brilliantly-executed terrors full is this book!
Cassondra Windwalker 4 months ago
Readers of Shawn Burgess's online work have been eagerly awaiting the release of The Tear Collector, and they will not be disappointed. Technically in the horror genre, The Tear Collector is much more than a tale of terror and gore - although I definitely recommend reading it in the daylight hours. Deft prose combined with thrilling, pell-mell action carry the reader page to page, wild anticipation stronger than the undeniable dread. A band of young boys, brought together by camaraderie in the face of small-town bullying, encounter an ancient evil only to discover that they are its true prey. But why? And how is this possible? Burgess weaves a complex tale of love and loss, betrayal and revenge, that will both terrify and haunt his readers. Although the characters are middle-school children, this is definitely a book for adult readers, who will find Burgess's work thoroughly engaging. "Love is strong as death, jealousy is cruel as the grave:" Can this love, this jealousy ever be buried?
Sevannah Storm 4 months ago
The first chapter is serene, kids out in the forest playing but soon, I'm drawn into deeper darker secrets that keep me on the edge of my seat. A Stranger Things feel coats this story yet it's unique, sometimes funny and often true to life. Mr Burgess is an author I'll definitely add to my following list. I liked his writing style, the ease with which he wove his tale and the beautiful descriptions of the surroundings. 5 thumbs up from me!
Anonymous 4 months ago
I had the privilege of reading an Advanced Reader Copy of Shawn Burgess' debut novel, The Tear Collector. This book had everything a reader could possibly want - an intriguing & well-developed cast of characters, evocative prose, a suspenseful plot, so many twists & turns, and loads of delightful creepiness. The story centers around the town of Harper Pass and talks about the mysterious happenings in the area, specifically Grief Hollow. Shawn's description is so on-point that most of the time I felt like I was walking through the woods and witnessing unsettling sights along with the characters. The Tear Collector is a page-turner and hard to put down that appeals to audiences who enjoy shows like Stranger Things, Goonies, or Stand by Me. I cannot wait to see how the journey continues and what spooky adventures lie in wait in the sequel. The Tear Collector is the first of many greats from this promising author.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Shawn Burgess' debut novel, The Tear Collector, is a fast paced and engaging tale about a group of young friends caught up in the strange happenings of Harper Pass. The characters are well developed and Shawn's skillful use of dialogue captures each person's personality. His story reminds me of two of my favorite authors, Stephen King and Dean Koontz! I'm looking forward to reading further creations from this talented author.