The Technological Elixir: Invoking Artificial Intelligence & Understanding the Arcana of Mysticism

The Technological Elixir: Invoking Artificial Intelligence & Understanding the Arcana of Mysticism

by Ryan D Gable


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The Technological Elixir: Invoking Artificial Intelligence & Understanding the Arcana of Mysticism by Ryan D Gable

The Technological Elixir takes the reader on a journey through philosophy and technology in an effort to attain that coveted medicine of the alchemists by the way of objectivity and reason. As the subtitle “Invoking Artificial Intelligence & Understanding the Arcanum of Mysticism” suggests, you will be taken through a world of balance in addressing the moral maturity of mankind in creating technologies such as AI or those that may indefinitely sustain life. But to sustain material life in the inferior sphere is to prolong spiritual death in the superior.

Allegories and myths relating to immortality are addressed with a non-polarizing argument intended to bring balance back to those understandings meant for the profane and those for initiates of the great arcanum. Just as with any information, technology is a a neutral tool and this book examines the benefits and consequences of its application through logic and reason as opposed to ego, arrogance, ignorance, superstition and fear.

Ryan uses theology, science and philosophy to explore the technological advancements leading to augment, virtual reality and artificial intelligences. Through the use of philosophical, objective analysis, while exploring the benefits of technology, Ryan explores the rapid advancement towards transhumanism and the singularity. With our technological Tower of Babel we are attempting to not only reach the heavens, but also conquer them when we arrive. The arrogance and ignorance of unbalanced ego and progression has allowed for our consciousness to be devoured by the beast of material desire.

What will happen to the human spirit/soul if our memories are uploaded into computers?

Is our reality a computer simulation? Is the Internet already a conscious AI?

Is there a black goo substance that is able to reprogram matter and if so what is it?

Who is the Rain Man?

In our quest to conquer material and become immortal will we ourselves be devoured and trapped by material essence never to experience true immortality of the divine?

If we lack purpose in life and squander our opportunities for artificial pleasures or conveniences what is the purpose of extending a physically destitute existence?

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ISBN-13: 9781635357394
Publisher: Neely Worldwide Publishing
Publication date: 04/03/2017
Pages: 534
Sales rank: 1,282,553
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 1.08(d)

About the Author

Ryan Gable is a film school graduate with a Bachelor's of Science degree in film and audio production. He is a veteran radio host, producer, and manager for his radio show The Secret Teachings radio broadcast, named after Manly P. Hall's greatest work The Secret Teachings of All
Ages. Ryan is also an author of three other books and has written for alternative health and paranormal magazines, although once the articles were complete, the magazine publishers refused to publish the work because of its content. Some attempt censorship, but this fails due to Ryan's strict adherence to telling things the way they are. His books include:
The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception
False Profits & the Lovers of Children
The Persistent Illusion
From the time he was young, he always had a fascination with how things worked and how he could better understand them. He also had a burning desire for uncovering what others try to keep hidden for selfish purposes. Ryan believes that 'truth' is found when all sides to a situation are weighed and not just one or the other; in other words, duality. He also believes that by choosing a side you automatically become subject to that party's praises and faults. Areas of his research include the Synchronicity of Alternative News, Health (including GMO & Organic), Alternative (Ancient) History, the Paranormal, Transhumanism, Alchemy, Artificial Intelligence, Astrotheology (Religion & Astronomy), Science, the Occult, Magic(k), Politics, Symbolism, Philosophy, the Esoteric, and the Secret Doctrine. What Ryan attempts to do is present as many sides to a situation as possible and allow for the listeners to create their individualized opinions on the information submitted. Ryan welcomes authors, researchers, speakers, activists, and others, to discuss current events and their work. No subject is off limits and because of this, the program has been removed from two separate networks for refusal to censor content.

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