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The Tenacious Trents Collection Vol. 2

The Tenacious Trents Collection Vol. 2

by Jane Charles
The Tenacious Trents Collection Vol. 2

The Tenacious Trents Collection Vol. 2

by Jane Charles

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Lady Revealed

Juliette Mirabelle knew one life and that was one as a ballerina. * The moment Drake Finton, Viscount Acker, saw the ballerina take the stage in Milan he knew he must have her. Yet, Juliette would not be his and when she disappeared he returned to his life in London. Now she was here and Drake intended to make her his. * A move to London brings Juliette face to face with Lord Acker again but will the secrets of her past destroy her dream of dancing and require Acker to see her in a different light.

Lady Disguised

Mr. Sebastian Stanwick never intended to marry. But the death of his good friend at the hand of the man's wife only solidifies Stanwick's decision to remain a bachelor. Women were simply unpredictable and unstable if not taken care of properly. * Hélène Mirabelle wants few things in life. One, is to perform on the stage, and the other, is to be out from under the roof of her overbearing new family: Lord Bentley and the Trent brothers. A husband could never fit into the plans because no decent man would take an actress as a wife. * One fateful night leaves Hélène questioning if being an actress is the only thing she wants, while Stanwick begins to wonder whether all women are truly prone to madness.

Lady Concealed

All Genviève Mirabelle wanted was to be out from under the watchful eyes of her step-brothers, and there was only one thing keeping her from seeking her freedom: her mother's missing items. Once found, she can live as she wishes, without a gentleman telling her what to do. * Mr. Jonathan Bridges owns one of the finest shipping lines in London. That is, he did until his secretary and a few employees disappeared, leaving a mess of things. Now several crates are missing and he has no explanation for the owners. The one most persistent in demanding answers, Miss Genviève Mirabelle. * Their search leads them from the docks and right into danger.

A Tenacious Trents Wedding ~ A Second Epilogue

Dearest Reader,

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Mr. Jonathan Bridges and Miss Genviève Mirabelle. The marriage is to take place at the Church of St. George, Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, on May 1, 1815 at two in the afternoon. I am fully aware that this is not a proper or appropriate time for a wedding. However, the church has been quite busy of late, sometimes with two and three weddings scheduled a day, and neither the bride nor groom were willing to wait weeks to be married before noon. Thus, they have expedited matters and obtained a Special License. This was mainly due to Mr. Bridges not willing to wait longer than necessary to make Miss Mirabella his bride.

A wedding breakfast shall follow at the home of Lord and Lady Bentley, and a ball to follow that evening. I do hope you'll join us for this most celebrated event. Besides the Trents, friends and acquaintances you might be familiar with will also be in attendance, but I don't dare give their names away. That would ruin the surprise.

The Right Honorable Countess of Bentley

Lady Admired

The one thing Rose Trent, Dowager Countess of Bentley, ever wanted was freedom. Now it's within her grasp. Or was, until she was kidnapped on the very first holiday she'd ever taken. What should have been traumatic has turned into the most adventurous time in her life, aided by a Scot named Aiden MacGregor. * Aiden MacGregor usually thinks through everything before taking action. But, one simple rash action hadthrown everything into disorder. Of course, he hadn't been the one to kidnap the delightful and beautiful Lady Bentley, but he'd be the one to pay the price. * With a word from her, or perhaps promise, his neck might be saved, but at what cost and was Rose willing to save him.

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About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Jane Charles is a prolific writer of over fifty historical and contemporary romance novels. Her love of research lends authenticity to her Regency romances, and her experience directing theatre productions helps her craft beautiful, touching stories that tug at the heartstrings. Jane is an upbeat and positive author dedicated to giving her characters happy-ever-afters and leaving the readers satisfied at the end of an emotional journey. Lifelong Cubs fan, world traveler and mother of three amazing children, Jane lives in Central Illinois with her husband, two dogs and a cat. She is currently writing her next book and planning her dream trip to England. Be sure to join Jane on Facebook @JaneCharlesAuthor.

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