The Termite Queen: Volume Two: The Wound That Has No Healing

The Termite Queen: Volume Two: The Wound That Has No Healing

by Lorinda J. Taylor


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In The Termite Queen: Volume One: The Speaking of the Dead, the death of a specimen of intelligent giant termite impels a team of scientists to mount a new expedition to the alien planet where the specimen was captured. During the voyage out, the linguistic anthropologist Kaitrin Oliva and the expedition's chief, the entomologist Griffen Gwidian, fall in love and form a union, after which Prf. Gwidian begins to exhibit some troubling changes of mood and behavior. Meanwhile, on the alien planet, civil discord is brewing among the termites; Mo'gri'ta'tu, the Queen's Chamberlain, hatches a plot to murder the Holy Seer Kwi'ga'ga'tei, a plot foiled only by the sudden reappearance of the Flying Monster.
In Volume Two, the team arrives at the planet to a combative reception, but, aided by Kaitrin's insights into the termites' unique language, the "Star-Beings" and the Shshi are soon communicating and learning to know each other. The Shshi accept Kaitrin as a friend and even come to revere her as the Mother of her people. Meanwhile, Griffen's inexplicable insecurities escalate, while the dastardly Mo'gri'ta'tu continues to foment conspiracies. Ultimately, the two plotlines intersect in an explosive climax, after which the team must return to Earth and try to come to terms with what they have experienced.

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ISBN-13: 9781475283990
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/12/2012
Pages: 596
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.21(d)

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The Termite Queen: Volume Two: the Wound That Has No Healing 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ChrisGraham More than 1 year ago
I found this to be a fascinating continuation of Book 1, covering much more than just the Science Fiction aspects.   Kaitrin has managed to interpret and understand enough of the Shshi language to make a return to the planet viable.   On the way there, her relationship with Entomologist Griffen Gwidian intensifies. Landing on the planet, making first contact properly with a recognised intelligent insectoid life form and even befriending their Shaman, who helps Kaitrin become even more proficient in the Shshi language, is all very plausible and could easily form the basis of how we Earthborn should approach future First Contact situations. The way the author describes the language interpretation method is exceptionally good and believably true regarding how it may be done. Like us humans, every non-Earth civilisation we are likely to meet, will probably have good and bad representatives, each of who may have their own agendas, leading to situations similar to those described in this story. But that is only the Science Fiction aspect. The author includes certain character flaws in both Human and Shshi, which are similar, but at the same time different. I regret not being able to describe things better, but I don't want to spoil anyone else's enjoyment of this great story. Yes, it is a long story, but I found it to be interesting and thought provoking all the way through. I also liked the way the next series of books were introduced near the end of this story - can't wait to get into those!