The Theory of Creation: A Scientific and Translational Analysis of the Biblical Creation Story

The Theory of Creation: A Scientific and Translational Analysis of the Biblical Creation Story

by Jim Schicatano

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Can the Biblical account of creation be reconciled with current scientific beliefs?

For over a century, the Holy Bible’s story of creation has come under considerable scrutiny and derision by the scientific community. The length of creation days, the Biblical order of creation, and man’s origin have all been the subjects of heated debates — debates that cast further doubts on Biblical accuracy.

But is such derision warranted?

The Theory of Creation boldly answers that very question. Rather than denounce other theories or repudiate accepted scientific beliefs, this is a comprehensive and objective analysis of the first story of the Bible (Genesis 1:1 - 2:4). Each verse is carefully examined for its scientific meaning, the original Hebrew text is often referenced, popular theories are explored, and the purpose and implications of God’s actions are addressed. Finally, the Biblical account of creation is compared to the scientific record.

In this era of moral relativism, when Biblical values are condemned and the sanctity of the Holy Bible is often ridiculed, validation of the creation story would be a source of inspiration for believers everywhere. In The Theory of Creation, Jim Schicatano answers the enduring questions of science and resolves the Biblical Creation debate.

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ISBN-13: 9781462087204
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/05/2001
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 296
File size: 290 KB

Table of Contents

1The Origin of Genesis1
2In the Beginning, God Created4
3Formation of the Earth10
4Unformed and Void13
5Darkness Envelops the Earth15
6A Watery World18
7God Hovers Over the Waters21
9The Evening and the Morning32
10What is a Day?37
11The First Act of God45
12God Called the Expanse "Sky"50
13Land Emerges From the Sea54
14Vegetation--The First Life58
15The Lights in the Sky Above65
16Life Flourishes in the Sea and Air75
17The Convergence of Events with the Passage of Time87
18The Land Animals of the Sixth Day92
19The Creation of Man102
20In Our Image, In Our Likeness119
21Man's Dominion129
22The Green Plants for Food133
23A Day to Rest138
24Fulfillment of God's Commands and His Verdicts142
25According to Their Kinds157
26More Biblical Evidence for Long Creation Days163
27Science Supports Scripture170
28Natural Processes and Acts of God177
29Other Creationist Challenges188
30The Predictions of Creation198
31The Theory of Creation203
32The Meaning of Creation233

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