The Theory of Love: And Selected Works

The Theory of Love: And Selected Works

by Ismael Casiano


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The "Theory of Love" is a prelude to the "Meditation of Love". The selections of prose poetry, short stories, and reflection preceding the major body of the work are in an uninterrupted chronological order of public creation and represent a form of "performance art" preceding the actual compilation of material for the final draft. This early material, along with other material not included though already in the public domain form a back bone for what is to become the "Theory of Love". In the body major of the work an unknown poet claims to have found the Unified Theory of Everything, a Theory unifying Einsteinian Physics with the Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty. The poet further explains that he has found the Theory unifying all aspects of Aristotelian Metaphysics with every aspect of Human Consciousness; thereby, effectively uniting the Worlds of Religion and Science through Philosophy. The poet indicates that as this Theory is a unification of all realms of consciousness and human thought, including every religion known, it will be expressed through an ongoing meditation called "the Meditation of Pure Love". As this "Meditation of Pure Love" will touch upon all aspects of known truth in the Universe the poet has chosen the Blessed Mother Mary as the focus of this meditation upon infinite learning and wisdom. Through a kind of "elenchus" which is developed by analogy the poet undertakes the long task of proving the "Theory of Everything that is Love". As the logical proof is a minor aspect of the actual "theory" the poet also begins the process, which he says will be unending, of teaching the "Meditation of Pure Love"-a form of meditation incorporating all forms of meditation, prayer, contemplation, reflection, and dream state. As the form of the "elenchus" takes on a challenge the poet begins by refuting other World philosophies and World religions as unifying principles of Everything. Through this form of "elenchus" the poet does not deny the validity of any

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